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Sept. 30, 2008 | 5:49 p.m.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … a sneaker?

Chris Lee writes about Hollywood and pop culture for the Los Angeles Times and, through the years, he has spent a ludicrous amount of money on sneakers. He just sent over this post on some heroic new shoes. It was as inevitable as the Hulk and Iron Man winding up in a Marvel Studios-produced movie together: that comic book geeks and athletic footwear fetishists known as “sneakerheads” would one day bond over shared cultural arcana. This week marks the release of a trio of limited edition DC Super Hero Shoes, available at Limited Soles courtesy of sneaker purveyor ACI International. The cost: $110 a pop, each shoe’s look copped from the chunky-soled styling of Nike’s iconic Air Force 1 basketball shoe. Respectively commemorating Batman, the Joker and Superman, the collectors’ edition kicks are a vibrantly-hued, small batch affair you’re not […]
Sept. 30, 2008 | 4:51 p.m.

‘Dexter’ and ‘Sarah Connor,’ up close

David Strick’s Hollywood Backlot has some great new galleries featuring shots from the set of “Dexter” and “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” If you haven’t checked out Strick’s impressive archive of stars and filmmakers photographed as they work, it’s well worth a visit. — Geoff Boucher
Sept. 29, 2008 | 9:45 p.m.

Can Kenneth Branagh pick up Thor’s hammer?

Thor is a Norse god, so I always liked to imagine that he talked like a big, bellowing version of the Swedish Chef, but in Marvel Comics, of course, the God of Thunder has always sounded more like a Shakespearean actor portraying one of the brawnier members of the Danish court from “Hamlet.” Maybe that turned out to be a selling point; Marvel Studios is now trying to lock in (or, according to some sources, already has locked in) Kenneth Branagh to direct a film adaptation of Thor’s comics tale. Variety has a story about “negoitations” being underway but I doubt that Marvel Studios, still a very young and reputation-sensitive enterprise, would let this news out to circulate unless it was close to inking the deal. I think it’s a great choice if does happen. I think “Dead Again,” “Hamlet” […]
Sept. 29, 2008 | 5:55 p.m.

Stephen Colbert is a swinger for Marvel

Plenty of television comedy stars have hung with Spider-Man, but Stephen Colbert may be the first to swing with him. Colbert, the master parodist of Comedy Central, shares an eight-page adventure with the world-famous web-slinger in issue No. 573 of "The Amazing Spider-Man," on sale Oct. 15. The folks at Marvel sent over a page from the story and while I can’t quite tell what’s going on, it’s pretty clear that Colbert actually takes to the rooftops of Manhattan with the arachnid hero. Colbert and his name have been popping up a lot in Marvel pages lately (perhaps too much, actually), following the January announcement by the company’s editor-in-chief Joe Quesada that Colbert’s faux campaign for president in our world would be mirrored by a genuine bid for the White House within the Marvel universe. The references have been scattered […]
Sept. 26, 2008 | 11:07 p.m.

Hero Complex live chat: Jon Favreau will take your questions here next Wednesday

Here’s your chance to get the latest scoop on the “Iron Man” sequel straight from director Jon Favreau or, if you prefer, this is a golden opportunity to spook him with your encyclopedic knowledge of his screen work in “Swingers” and “Rudy.” Either way, the filmmaker who brought you the summer’s most fun super-hero movie (as well as the sublime “Elf” and the grieviously underrated “Zathura“) will join us here for a live chat on Wednesday (Oct. 1), the day after the release of “Iron Man” on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment. The chat will start at 11 a.m. local time here in Los Angeles. If you can’t join us Tuesday, feel free to post a question here in the comments section and we’ll try to ask some from there as well. — Geoff Boucher April 2008 photo of Jon […]
Sept. 26, 2008 | 10:59 p.m.

Vote for Bill Murray as Mayor of “Ember”

Bill Murray has been a groundskeeper, a businessman in Tokyo, and a ghostbuster (and will be one again), but now he’s campaigning for a new role: mayor. In "City of Ember," Bill plays the mayor of an underground city, a character who’s funny and out for himself. The Oscar nominee has been out promoting the film and recently made a surprise visit to the the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, to the delight of fans. The marketing folks behind "City of Ember" earlier transported some of the press to Comic-Con on a train, actually the Tioga Pass, a 1950s former Canadian National "presidents car" and the Overland Trail, a 1940s former Southern Pacific club lounge car (with barbershop — thanks Conductor Bill).  It was very cool.  This time, they’ve hatched a site and video touting the ex-‘SNL’er as the right […]
Sept. 25, 2008 | 7:11 p.m.

Who will Johnny Depp call Kemo Sabe?

Johnny Depp will play Tonto in a Disney revisitation of the Lone Ranger, but who will be the masked man? The Hero Complex is officially supporting Viggo Mortensen for the role of mystery man of the Old West because, after seeing “Hidalgo” and the trailer for “Appaloosa,” we just think he does the dusty-trail adventure thing with a nice flair. George Clooney would also give Disney a powerhouse tandem at the top of this hoped-for franchise, as well as some major opportunity for the type of winking humor that gave “Pirates of the Caribbean” its box-office flair. Clooney may be too old, but we still think he has enough silver bullets in his ammo belt. Depp, meanwhile, may be just five years shy of 50 but still approaches his acting career like a kid rummaging through a trunk of dress-up […]
Sept. 24, 2008 | 1:23 p.m.

Virgin Comics gives it up, Liquid Comics hopes for a splash

Virgin Comics is dead and gone, and a new venture called Liquid Comics is picking up the pieces. If you go to the Virgin Comics website, you will see that the new name is already up and running. This is the news that Virgin editor-in-chief Gotham Chopra was hinting at when I spoke to him a few weeks ago. Virgin arrived on the scene in 2006 and stirred things up with some big ideas (looking to Asia and India specifically for concepts and audience and also tapping Hollywood talent to create comics that could be used as instant templates for film projects) and big names (Sir Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra on the corporate masthead, and Guy Ritchie, John Woo, Ed Burns and Nicolas Cage among its film-world creators, along with comics-industry notables such as Garth Ennis, Alex Ross and […]
Sept. 23, 2008 | 12:50 p.m.

Will ‘Force Unleashed’ be the next ‘Star Wars’ film?

Haden Blackman, the project leader on “The Force Unleashed” video game, has a daydream: He strolls into the movie theater, buys some popcorn and then sits down and watches his game’s tale of Darth Vader and his secret apprentice flicker to life as cinema. “Oh, that would be incredible,” said Blackman. “And it’s not impossible. Never say never. George [Lucas] has looked to tell new ‘Star Wars’ stories through the games and with the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe, and then he has also shown a willingness to let the characters come into the films. Look at Aayla Secura, a creation in the [Dark Horse] comic books who became part of the theatrical films.” More than that, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” released in August, began as a television animated series (and still will be, with tie-in episodes premiering Oct. […]
Sept. 22, 2008 | 11:36 p.m.

Hari Puttar outduels Harry Potter

In a serious David vs. Goliath win for the little guy, Mirchi Movies, the makers of the Bollywood film "Hari Puttar," stood up to Warner Bros. and, in what turns out to be a last-second ruling, will be allowed to release the film this Friday (Sept. 26) in India. The studio had claimed that the title sounded too similar to the boy wizard and J.K. Rowling money tree that is "Harry Potter," but the Delhi High Court threw out the case, basically saying that anyone who’d read Harry Potter would be able to distinguish the two films/titles.  Wand, meet gavel. Attorney Pratibha Singh told the AFP: "The case has been dismissed. The court said that Warner Bros had known the title of the film since 2005 and had delayed bringing the case to court until the last moment." The case […]
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