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April 20, 2013

‘Oblivion’: Tom Cruise, Joseph Kosinski on partnership, Morgan Freeman

Posted in: Science,Video

Tom Cruise is expected to win the weekend at the box office with his new sci-fi outing “Oblivion,” which has garnered some notably warm reviews. The Times’ Kenneth Turan, for example, described the movie as a “throwback to the days when on-screen science fiction was about speculative ideas rather than selling toys to tots.”

After an early IMAX screening of the Universal film in New York this week, Cruise and “Oblivion” director Joseph Kosinski (“Tron: Legacy”) talked about their on-set collaboration as one of the secrets to the movie’s creative success.

“I don’t know how you wouldn’t collaborate with your actors,” Kosinski told Hero Complex contributor Rebecca Keegan during an interactive Q&A in which people nationwide were invited to participate via Twitter. “They are telling your story for you. It’s so important that the director and the actors are all on the same page.”

Set in a near-future Earth that has been decimated by an alien invasion, “Oblivion” sees Cruise play Jack Harper, officially known as Technician 49, a repairman of sorts who’s scheduled to be rotated off of the planet.

The actor had particularly kind words for another of the film’s stars, Morgan Freeman, who portrays an insurgency leader, Beech.

“Right from the beginning, Joe and I were like, ‘There’s only one person who can play this character, and that’s Morgan,’ ” he said.

To hear more of what Cruise and Kosinski had to say, watch the clip above, and check out other highlights from the discussion here and here.

— Gina McIntyre and Rebecca Keegan

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