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July 26, 2014

Comic-Con: IDW announces ‘Star Trek to the Planet of the Apes,’ more

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Capt. Kirk, meet Col. Taylor.

IDW Publishing is boldly going there, with “Star Trek to the Planet of the Apes,” an intercompany crossover with Boom Studios. It’s landing in January, IDW announced Friday afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego during its “Rock This Town” panel.

“It’s a madhouse! It seems like David and I get the fun phone calls,” Scott Tipton said of himself and his writing partner brother, who have teamed on “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who” titles at the company, adding that they worked to find a space within the “Planet of the Apes” movies’ chronology to work in a visit from the Starship Enterprise. He made clear that the cosmically weird crossover will be based on the franchises’ original casts: “Classic ‘Apes’ to me means Heston,” he said. The art will be by Rachel Stott.

The San Diego-based comics publisher, celebrating its 15th anniversary, and which would later Friday win an industry-pack-leading six Eisner Awards, also announced a “Garbage Pail Kids” series, the new original “Joe Frankenstein” by Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, an ongoing series continuing editor-in-chief Chris Ryall and Ash Wood’s “Zombies vs. Robots” (with a yet-to-be-announced new creative team), a new “Galaxy Quest” comic, and an adaptation of the Ray Bradbury tribute book “Shadow Show,” featuring stories by Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Harlan Ellison, Joe Hill and more.

"Garbage Pail Kids." (Peter Bagge / IDW Publishing)

“Garbage Pail Kids.” (Peter Bagge / IDW Publishing)

“Garbage Pail Kids” will be a playpen for a number of creators, Ryall said, starting with Peter Bagge.

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“It’s that kind of thing where you hide from your parents because it’s a little bit on the risque side,” said editor Sarah Gaydos (who noted she isn’t the one handling the series) about the 1980s grotesque trading cards parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids, adding that the series will feature a number of alternative comics artists and is “nailing the feeling of, ‘Oh, I’m going to get into trouble for having this!’ ”

Nolan (“The Phantom,” “Detective Comics”), who received one of Comic-Con’s Inkpot Awards earlier in the day, was on hand to discuss “Joe Frankenstein,” which he co-created with Dixon, whom he worked with on Batman stories in the 1990s at DC. The series is about a Buffalo, N.Y., boy, Joe Pratt, who doesn’t know he’s the last of the Frankenstein line.

Joe has been secretly protected for years by Frankenstein’s monster, and the monster’s bride is after the boy because “within his DNA is the coding to unlock the secret to eternal life,” Nolan said.

Ryall, talking about turning over “Zombies vs. Robots” to new talent in a “ro-boot” (earning groans), said “it’s an attempt to make a bit more sense of this property,” which he noted he and Wood had used to defy storytelling conventions.

“Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues,” written by Erik Burnham with art by Nacho Arranz, is set for January 2015 and takes place a couple of seasons into the show that the characters started at the end of the sly sci-fi comedy.

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Gaydos discussed IDW’s “Edward Scissorhands” continuation comics, written by Kate Leth and drawn by Drew Rausch and set for an October debut. The editor said it’s not a sequel, but “stories set in that world.”

"Orphan Black." (IDW Publishing)

“Orphan Black.” (IDW Publishing)

IDW had earlier announced a comics adaptation of the hit BBC America show “Orphan Black.”

“I think we all had that collective groan that the Emmys don’t recognize what’s going on with the show the way the fans do,” Ryall said during the panel, referring to the lack of nominations for the Tatiana Maslany-starring clones story.

IDW’s “Orphan Black” series is set for next year; a creative team has yet to be announced.

Ryall also announced that a writer-artist is now set for a long-in-the-works adaptation of Hunter S. Thompsons’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” It’s Troy Little, who, it was noted, is fresh off “Powerpuff Girls” (“There’s a crossover, right?” Gaydos joked). The comic is scheduled for release next year.

Jonathan Maberry, who recently launched his “V-Wars” series at IDW, said his novel series character Joe Ledger (recently optioned for television) would appear in that story of global vampire conflict in Issues 6, 7 and 8. He’s also telling new comics stories set in the world of his “Rot & Ruin” young-adult novels (published by Simon & Schuster), about kids in a post-zombie-apocalypse world. The comics, starting in September with art by Tony Vargas, are set between the second and third books, he said, noting that this is his first Comic-Con.

“There’s no better job than being a professional geek,” Maberry said. “I love it.”

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