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September 19, 2014

‘Doctor Who’: Nick Frost, Michael Troughton to guest star in Christmas special

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Nick Frost, left, will be guest starring in the 2014 "Doctor Who" Christmas special. (Los Angeles Times; BBC America)

Nick Frost, left, will be guest-starring in the next “Doctor Who” Christmas special. (Los Angeles Times; BBC America)

“Shaun of the Dead” actor Nick Frost will guest star in this year’s “Doctor Who” Christmas episode, the BBC announced Friday.

“I’m so thrilled to have been asked,” Frost said in a BBC America news release. “I’m such a fan of the show.”

Frost will be joined by Michael Troughton (“Breathless,” “The New Statesman”), the son of Patrick Troughton, who portrayed the second incarnation of the Doctor in the late 1960s.

Also guest-starring are Nathan McMullen (“Misfits”), Faye Marsay (“The White Queen”) and Natalie Gumede (“Coronation Street”). They will of course be accompanied by Peter Capaldi, the Doctor, and Jenna Coleman, his companion Clara.

The Christmas special, to be shot in Cardiff at BBC Wales Roath Lock Studios, is directed by Paul Wilmshurst (“Strike Back”), who also directed this season’s seventh and eighth episodes “Kill the Moon” and “Mummy on the Orient Express.” The special is written by “Doctor Who” lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, who decided to “lure” Frost after working with him on 2011’s “The Adventures of Tintin.”

“The read-through was very difficult for me,” Frost said in the release. “I wanted to keep stuffing my fingers into my ears and scream ‘No spoilers!’ Every day on set I’ve had to silence my internal fan boy squeals!”

The special will air Dec. 25.

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