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October 11, 2014

‘Amazing X-Men’ 15: Christopher Yost explores power of the Juggernaut

Posted in: Comics

Cover of Amazing X-Men #15. (Marvel Comics)

Cover of “Amazing X-Men” No 15. (Marvel Comics)

The power of the Juggernaut has been a thorn in the X-Men’s side since its introduction in “X-Men” No. 12 (July 1965). Marvel Comics is bringing that power back into the spotlight with “Amazing X-Men” No. 15.

Cain Marko — step-brother of Professor Charles Xavier — has been the longest tenured person to possess the power, which is given to individuals through the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. The being, Cyttorak, also corrupts the possessor — which Colossus discovered in a recent story line.

The gem will be appearing on Earth again, but a new danger could rise as the call to claim the power goes to many different people — many of them villains — throughout the Marvel Universe.

The book will be written by Christopher Yost, and Hero Complex caught up to the writer to get some of the details of the story line, and the possible creation of a new Juggernaut.

Hero Complex: Though this is (possibly?) a new Juggernaut, are you going to delve into Cain Marko and his relationship with Cyttorak and his own inner demons?

Christopher Yost: Absolutely. This story has two leads, Colossus and Cain Marko, two very different men that have possessed the power of the Juggernaut before, and who have both suffered for it. When we catch up with Cain, he’s still big and somewhat strong, but nowhere near to what he was with the Juggernaut’s power. But he’s turned his back on the supervillain — it’s brought him nothing but trouble. He’s found peace. And that’s when the Gem comes back of course.

HC: The power affected Colossus to his core …

CY: The real story with Colossus is about trust, him trusting himself, the X-Men trusting him … or not trusting him, as the case may be. Once they realize that the Gem is back, they ground Peter. They don’t want him near it, because they’re not sure what he’ll do. But Peter can’t stay away from it. He has a lot of baggage from the past, and a lot to prove to people that he’s hurt and betrayed — his friends.

HC: We don’t seem to know much about Cyttorak. Dr. Strange uses the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak (or used to) often, and the Juggernaut is his avatar, but will readers learn more about the being who rules the dimension?

CY: While Cyttorak isn’t a main character in the story, he’s the start of it all. He puts the gem back on Earth for very specific reasons, none of which are good for our heroes. Cyttorak wants an avatar on Earth. The people he sends out the call to are not people the X-Men want having all that power.

HC: Was there any kind of directive to change or reinvent who or what Juggernaut represents?

CY: No. For me, this was a chance to write the next chapter in the Juggernaut’s story, a chance to reintroduce him and show off why he’s been such an enduring character for the X-Men, no matter who has the power.

HC: Among those who may covet Cyttorak’s power, were there any characters that were especially surprising?

CY: One sprung to mind immediately. For me, the fun of it was what’s worst-case scenario here? “Amazing X-Men” is about the big, fun adventure … so putting the X-Men up against the Juggernaut isn’t enough. I think I’ve found a pretty fun twist that satisfies our mission statement.

– Jevon Phillips | @storiz@LATherocomplex


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