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December 14, 2010

‘Spider-Man’ stars, ‘Inception’ and ‘Walking Dead’ get Golden Globe love

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spideyduo Spider Man stars, Inception and Walking Dead get Golden Globe love

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. (Los Angeles Times, Associated Press)

The nominations for the 68th Golden Globe Awards were announced Tuesday morning, and for fans of sci-fi, horror and animation, there is plenty to be excited about — especially for fans of the dream worlds of “Inception” and the nightmare visions of “The Walking Dead.” You can get a full report over at The Envelope, the awards-specialist site here at the Los Angeles Times, and up-to-the minute updates and reaction at Awards Tracker, our great sister blog that monitors the trophy pursuits of Tinseltown. A few of the tidbits you’ll find there are excerpted below with a Hero Complex emphasis on fanboy favorites:

christopher nolan hero complex film festival 2010 Spider Man stars, Inception and Walking Dead get Golden Globe love

Christopher Nolan at the 2010 Hero Complex Film Festival. (Los Angeles Times0

SPIDER-SENSE TINGLING: The two lead actors in the upcoming “Spider-Man” franchise reboot were each nominated, with Andrew Garfield (who will portray the bug-bitten Peter Parker) getting a supporting actor nod for his work in “The Social Network” and Emma Stone (who will play Gwen Stacy) receiving a best actress nomination for “Easy A.” Stone spoke with Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman: “Hands down, 2010 has been the best year of my life so far. And this is like the giant, giant cherry on top of it. Since I have a big disaster mentality, it makes me a little nervous. But to have this top off the year is the most amazing gift.” Stone also said she was looking forward to getting back to work on Spidey: “It should be a good day on set, since [Garfield] was also nominated.” READ THE REST

DREAM ON: Christopher Nolan was nominated for best director of   “Inception,” a best picture nominee that also earned a screenplay nod. “Inception” producer Emma Thomas, who is married to Nolan, spoke to L.A. Times reporter and Hero Complex writer Rebecca Keegan and said that she had phoned her husband to deliver the good news. (Nolan is out of the country scouting locations for “The Dark Knight Rises,” the third “Batman” film.)  “I called and woke him up. He’s not feeling very well. He went right back to bed, but he was very pleased. He’s out of L.A. and worrying about the next film. I think he had forgotten what was happening today.” Thomas added: “I’m most excited for Chris getting the director nod. He’s been thinking about this film for a really long time. It’s been 10 years since he started writing. It’s a very personal film for him and a really long journey to making it.” And what of Oscar hopes? “We’re gonna take this one day at a time. That’s one of the nice things about having another film to worry about.”

"The Walking Dead"

"The Walking Dead." (AMC)

ZOMBIE FEVER: No one is more surprised to see “The Walking Dead” among the nominees for best TV drama than Robert Kirkman, the writer of the comic book series that yielded the AMC show. He told Times television reporter Scott Collins: “It’s always good drama to see real human characters responding to absolutely horrible situations. There is no more horrible situation than the end of the world. And zombies are just cool. … I never in a million years thought this comic book would get made into television. Zombies eat people. You don’t see that on television every day.”  Collins wrote the piece with colleague Maria Elena Fernandez, who interviewed producer Gale Anne Hurd as well. READ THE REST

“BIG BANG” BREAKTHROUGH: Big Bang Theory” is the first television show in history where the stars routinely wear “Star Wars” and Green Lantern T-shirts, and no surprise, that hasn’t earned it much awards respect. This year, though, the show got its first Globes nomination when Jim Parsons‘ name was called out in the category of best actor (TV comedy or musical). He told Awards Tracker: “It’s been a slow climb. Maybe having us on a new night is showing us to different eyeballs. But I think it’s also that the writers have always remained honest to the characters, and those characters are getting deeper.” READ THE REST

THE X-FACTOR: Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for best actress in a dramatic film and told Awards Tracker she got the news while preparing for a scene on the set of “X-Men: First Class,” in which she plays Raven Darkholme. “I’m on the ‘X-Men’ set. I was getting painted blue and texting my brother, and he told me,” Lawrence said. “I had no idea that they were even doing nominations today. I was more shocked than anything and started jumping up and down and screaming.” READ THE REST

— Geoff Boucher and Rebecca Keegan


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