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March 21, 2011

‘Wonder Woman’ producer David E. Kelley: ‘It’s way out of my comfort zone’

Posted in: TV

David E. Kelley is taking a twirl with “Wonder Woman” and he talked about the show a bit with Joe Flint, who has a Los Angeles Times Calender cover story today on the surprising success of Kelley’s  “Harry’s Law” series.

David E. Kelley (Kelly Falkenberg / For The Times)

Although he has created one of the most memorable female characters in television with “Ally McBeal,” writer David E. Kelley was taken aback when Warner Bros. approached him about making a new version of “Wonder Woman” for NBC.

“It’s way out of my comfort zone,” said Kelley, who is accustomed to writing quirky characters who use their humor and intelligence to beat their enemies. “I’ve got a character who fights with clenched fists.”

Kelley and Warner Bros., which is making the pilot, are trying to keep the lid on the show but they are letting a few details slip out. Last week, the studio released a photo of Wonder Woman’s outfit, which leaves little to the imagination. But Kelley, no surprise, is more interested in the shape of Wonder Woman’s heart and the contours of her character. He decided to say yes to the show because he got curious about what it is like to be an Amazon after hours.

“I thought about the emotional journey and started to get drawn to the character itself,” Kelley said. “Not so much her super powers but what it’s like to go home at the end of the day. It’s very scary to do, hopefully we’re going to pull it off.”

–  Joe Flint


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