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July 13, 2011

Comic-Con: Walt Simonson’s ‘The Mighty Thor’ is thunderous exclusive

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If you’re one of the lucky 120,000 mortals who will cross the rainbow bridge to enter the doors of Comic-Con International this year you’re going to want to bring home some treasures to prove you were there. Here’s one that you should pick up if you are worthy (and if you can spare $100 in Midgard money): “Walter Simonson’s The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition” from IDW Publishing and Marvel.

This is a pretty fantastic book that collects up seven issues from Simonson’s landmark 1980s run on Marvel’s thunder god — but instead of reprinting the familiar panels from the published issues this 12-inch-by-17-inch hardcover edition presents the stories as scans of the original black-and-white art. There are two versions of the 176-page edition, one with Beta-Ray Bill on the cover, which can be ordered for home delivery or pickup at Comic-Con, and a second variant version (limited to only 300 copies) with Thor and Beta-Ray on the cover that can only be picked up at the San Diego show.

I’ve seen the book and, like IDW’s award-winning edition featuring Dave Steven’sThe Rocketeer,” it’s amazing to sit and study. Simonson’s art is grace in action on the page and his run on Thor is his signature work in my mind. The artist himself will be on hand at the IDW booth in San Diego to sign copies, too. Check the schedule for times.

— Geoff Boucher


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