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September 02, 2011

DC Comics relaunch: Green Arrow #1 and ‘New 52’ midnight madness

Posted in: Comics

Images from DC’s relaunch of Justice League #1 (along with those of other heroes) have been circulating for weeks, but here’s a look at another hero who is getting a face-lift: Green Arrow #1.  The panels above are from pages 1 through 5 of the book, which hits stores Sept. 7.

The excitement over DC’s “New 52” relaunch was palpable at midnight store openings across the nation earlier this week for the release of Justice League #1. That comic and Flashpoint #5 were the big offerings, and House of Secrets in Burbank was one of the shops that opened its doors.

House of Secrets recently celebrated its 20th year of selling books — having started as Acme Comics (1991-1995), then morphed to House of Mystery (1995-1997) before getting its current name — but store owner Paul Grimshaw said he had never seen a turnout at a midnight event like this.

As for the comics, Grimshaw said, “I am on the fence until I read these books. I will be very happy if they’re entertaining and fun.”

There were mixed feelings about the relaunch from many of Grimshaw’s patrons, though obviously those who arrived at midnight Tuesday were at least going to give it a chance. Adam Villalpando, a 12-year-old Burbank resident wakened up by his dad to be on time, was more a fan of the Flashpoint miniseries but said he was optimistic about the new direction.

“I was researching the ‘New 52’ and I couldn’t wait for it to come out,” said Adam, who’s been reading comics for five years. He’s not worried that the new books will be different from what he’s come to like about comics. “It might change a little … but for the better.”

—  Jevon Phillips


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