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October 05, 2011

Evangeline Lilly: ‘Real Steel’ gave me goosebumps and tears [video]

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Bailey Tallet (Evangeline Lilly) tells Max (Dakota Goyo) about his father Charlie Kenton's days as a top boxing contender in a scene from "Real Steel." (Melissa Moseley/DreamWorks)

The billboards and posters for “Real Steel” may focus on the robot boxers, but the film’s director, Shawn Levy, and actress Evangeline Lilly say the movie’s real mettle has less to do with robots than with the relationship between a father and son.

“If it was going to be unique, if you’re going to make a robot movie in 2011… it had to be different, and it had to be about more than its machines and more than its action. I always felt that this thing was gonna sink or swim on the basis of its heart,” Levy told the audience at Monday night’s free IMAX screening of the film, hosted by Hero Complex’s Geoff Boucher.

Lilly, who stars opposite Hugh Jackman in the film, which hits theaters Friday, said that she was at first skeptical when she read the script.

“By the time I got to the last page, I had goosebumps,” Lilly said at the screening Monday. “I had tears in my eyes. I felt like I had just watched a movie that I would have watched when I was a kid, before things got cynical.”

Find out more about Levy’s attempt to make “Real Steel” a film with “Amblin feeling” in the video above.

– Noelene Clark


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