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December 24, 2011

‘Tintin’ star Jamie Bell: Hero is ‘a beacon of excellence for children’

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Captain Haddock, left, played by Andy Serkis, and Tintin (Jamie Bell) in "The Adventures of Tintin." (Paramount Pictures / Columbia Pictures)

Tintin is the right kind of role model for kids, “The Adventures of Tintin” star Jamie Bell told a packed theater after a free screening of the film.

“There’s a spirit about him that is great,” said Bell, who played Hergé’s widely beloved comic strip character in the Steven Spielberg film, which opened in U.S. theaters this week. “I consider Tintin to be very much a beacon of excellence for children. His moral compass is definitely pointing the right way. And what makes him great is that he relies on nothing other than being who he is. He doesn’t have a super power. He doesn’t have technology that makes him amazing. He just has this fantastic natural heroic instinct…”

“– and a gun,” Nick Frost added, drawing big laughs from the audience at the Hero Complex event earlier this month.

During the on-stage Q&A, hosted by Hero Complex writer Geoff Boucher, Bell also talked about how he found Tintin’s voice, and Frost described his ongoing working relationship with Simon Pegg. Watch the first video, in which the actors talk about working with motion-capture technology, right here.

– Noelene Clark


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