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January 02, 2010

Neil Gaiman’s ‘Statuesque’ is a model effort

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If you made a short list of the most important comic book writers of the last two decades, one of the names right near the top of that list would have to be Neil Gaiman, whose 75-issue run on “The Sandman” (1989-1996) stands as a towering achievement in graceful storytelling and genre ambition. He’s gone on to plenty of other great successes (“Coraline” and “The Graveyard Book” may actually live up to the overused and always suspicious term “instant classic”), and today we bring you a project that pulled him away from his familiar perch behind the writing desk. The whimsical short film “Statuesque” was written and directed by Gaiman and stars Bill Nighy and Amanda Palmer.


Fun. Happy New Year everyone.

— Geoff Boucher  


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