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May 03, 2012

The Lizard makes an ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ trailer appearance

Posted in: Movies

A new trailer for Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” is out, finally offering a good look at the film’s supervillain — the Lizard.

In the comics, gifted scientist Dr. Curt Connors becomes the reptilian monster after injecting himself with lizard DNA in a limb regeneration experiment. As the Lizard, he longs for all humans to be transformed into super-reptiles.

Connors (Rhys Ifans) might be after the same thing in the film, asking someone, presumably Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), “Are you ready to play God?” The trailer then shows the Lizard releasing billows of green gas into the air as a news announcer says, “There’s been a biological attack on New York City.”

The trailer also gives fans a glimpse of some sweet Spidey gadgets. A quick scene reveals inventive Peter Parker’s trial-and-error process building the web-shooters. And a fancy gadget on his wrist (in the screen grab below) has some fans wondering if the spider-tracer — Spider-Man’s self-made tracking device — is making its big-screen debut.

spidermantrailer The Lizard makes an Amazing Spider Man trailer appearance

A screen grab from “The Amazing Spider-Man” trailer.

The trailer also promises plenty of action and heroics. At one point, the spry superhero saves a burning SUV from plunging off a bridge, a string of other cars hanging from webs in the background. There’s also a fun chase scene with law enforcement after Spider-Man, a sweet skateboard trick and, in true Marc Webb fashion, a dramatic (though not upside-down) kiss with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

The film is slated for a July 3 release. Let us know what you think of the new trailer in the comments.

— Noelene Clark


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