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October 02, 2012

‘Frankenweenie’: Martin Landau praises Burton, Hitchcock, ‘goofy’ directors

Posted in: Movies

“Frankenweenie” doesn’t open until Friday, but some Hero Complex readers got to see it last week thanks to the Hero Complex IMAX Screening Series. During a Q&A with Hero Complex contributor Rebecca Keegan, Martin Landau, who supplies the voice of the movie’s science teacher, Mr. Rzykruski, discussed his unique relationship with director Tim Burton.

“Frankenweenie” is the third Burton film Landau has acted in — he won an Oscar for his performance as Bela Lugosi in 1994’s “Ed Wood” and delivered a cameo in “Sleepy Hollow” in 1999. The secret to Burton and Landau’s collaboration, the actor said, is a kind of nonverbal connection. “Tim and I don’t finish a sentence,” Landau said. “There’s something oddly kinesthetic about it. We kind of understand each other.”

Take a look at the video above to learn more about Burton and Landau’s creative partnership, as well as the actor’s history with another eccentric director, Alfred Hitchcock. Landau, who played a menacing henchman in Hitchcock’s 1959 thriller “North by Northwest,” delivers a spot-on impression of Hitch in the video, and confesses, “I’m usually cast by people who are oddly goofy.”


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