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October 16, 2012

‘Carrie’ trailer: Chloe Grace Moretz ready for bloody revenge

Posted in: Movies

It was one of the early roles that launched Sissy Spacek’s Hollywood career — now Chloe Grace Moretz appears ready to deliver an incendiary performance of her own in the upcoming remake of “Carrie.”

After premiering at New York Comic Con, a very brief teaser trailer for the 2013 film is making the rounds online. The clip is long on fiery atmosphere and short on specifics: a camera swoops over burning buildings as various voices are heard talking about some kind of possibly supernatural incident, the final line pointing out that Carrie “wasn’t some monster — she was just a girl” — one, of course, who happened to live with a disturbed fanatic of a mother and who took lethal revenge on bullying classmates.

“Carrie” is the first feature from director Kimberly Peirce since 2008’s “Stop-Loss,” though Peirce might perhaps remain best known for her breakthrough indie film “Boys Don’t Cry.” The real-life tale of transgender teen Brandon Teena, the drama starred actress Hilary Swank in an Oscar-winning turn.

Peirce should bring an interesting perspective to Stephen King’s tale of an abused girl with telekinetic powers — she seems a solid choice to unpack the complicated power dynamics of the mother/daughter conflict central to the story, especially with  Oscar-nominated actress Julianne Moore playing Margaret White, the role originated on screen by Piper Laurie in Brian De Palma’s 1976 film. (Spacek and Laurie each received an Academy Award nomination for their work.)

Moretz hasn’t yet managed an Oscar nomination, but she  is building quite the reputation thanks to a wide range of roles, including more genre-centric turns. The young actress made a winning Hit-Girl in the comic-book action romp “Kick-Ass” and brought a cool sensitivity to Matt Reeves’ underrated vampire remake “Let Me In,” a retelling of the Swedish movie “Let the Right One In.”

Earlier this year, Moretz played one member of the oddball Collins clan in Tim Burton’s big-screen adaptation of the cult TV series “Dark Shadows.”

“Carrie” is set to arrive in theaters March 15.

— Gina McIntyre

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