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February 04, 2013

Super Bowl commercials 2013: Clean up those zombies. Now.

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Time Warner saluted “The Walking Dead” — coming back on Sunday — with a Super Bowl commercial that showed the zombie apocalypse might not be so bad. Except for the mess.

Norman Reedus appears in the commercial as cross-bow-wielding redneck Daryl. The busy, disgusted mom in the Time Warner spot sternly tells her husband — busy on his tablet — and Daryl to clean up that pile of walkers.

It was an ad sure to tickle the funny bones of “Walking Dead” fans everywhere. But there was more to ogle. Hollywood trotted out potential summer blockbusters, including Brad Pitt’s zombie feature, “World War Z,” just before kickoff.

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In the first half of the game, promos aired for “Star Trek Into Darkness” and the “Oz: The Great and Powerful.” After the lights flickered out in the Superdome, there was an ad for the third “Iron Man” film.

“The cost per minute is enormous, but studios obviously feel they are going to get the biggest bang for their buck,” Hollywood.com box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian told the Associated Press.

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Indeed.  As the Los Angeles Times reported Monday morning, advertising for the 2013 Super Bowl cost as much as $133,000 per second.  The Times’ TV critic Mary McNamara, in a review of this year’s Super Bowl commercials, said, all in all, they were lame:

“That was the problem, overall — it was just a bunch of ads we’ve already seen before. Ray Lewis may be overexposed, but not like those giant M&Ms with their Mickey Mouse hands or, heaven help us, PSY and his Gangnam style, here shilling for pistachios. … Though it’s admirable to learn that Mike Trout has kept those pesky 245 pounds off for 15 years, I think we have moved past the idea of Subway as a weight-reduction system.”

All lame, she said, with one exception:  Time Warner’s “Walking Dead” commercial.


— Amy Hubbard


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