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February 04, 2013

‘Warm Bodies’ has hot weekend: $20 million

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Teresa Palmer and John Malkovich star in "Warm Bodies." (Jonathan Wenk / Summit Entertainment)

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Nicholas Hoult, left, Rob Corddry and Teresa Palmer in "Warm Bodies," which led the weekend box office. (Jonathan Wenk / Summit Entertainment)

“Warm Bodies” defied box office expectations and staggered to a $20-million box office haul.

The box office prospects for the zom-rom-com were unclear heading into the weekend. (A romantic film starring zombies?!? Would you want to kiss someone who ate brains for a living?) And, of course, it was Super Bowl weekend.

Turns out not everyone was fixated on football, beer and chicken wings this weekend.

Super Bowl Sunday: ‘Clean up those zombies. Now.’

IMDB’s Keith Simanton told Hero Complex that he had predicted “Warm Bodies” would win the weekend box office with a $17.4-million draw. He was right — the film won the weekend — but with a few extra millions to spare.

“Warm Bodies” distributor Summit Entertainment told the Los Angeles Times the movie cleared $20 million, a number that could potentially shift higher once Sunday afternoon and evening ticket sales are tallied.

As for any concern about a zombie as a romantic lead, that was likely a media-made myth. A quick scan of Twitter turned up all the evidence needed to prove that women (especially those in the biz) would like to get busy with a zombie.

Singer Rydel Lynch tweeted, “Warm bodies is seriously amazing! I’m marrying a zombie.” Performer Alyssa Bernal tweeted, “Warm bodies was the cutest. Makes me want a zombie boyfriend. Glad I’m dating an actor. Haha”

Probably didn’t hurt that the zombie was Nicholas Hoult.

Did you see “Warm Bodies”? Thoughts?

— Rene Lynch



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