‘Adventure Time Encyclopaedia’ first look, book trailer, launch party

July 26, 2013 | 3:39 p.m.

“The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia,” purportedly penned by the cartoon’s Lord of Evil Hunson Abadeer, begins with a warning.

“Only bona fide demons from the Nightosphere, heroes with extreme charisma, wizards with abominable powers, and awesome kingly or queenly individuals may read further,” reads a page of large, capital letters. “All unqualified readers — including humans, mutants, monsters, talking beasts, house people, gnomes and goblins, mountain men, lumps, witches, ninjas, hoboes, ghosts, scofflaws, insolent children, boring schoolteachers, nosy parents, and other unqualified beings — will be punished by the Spell of Carnak invoked upon this book.”

(Abrams Books)

(Abrams Books)

We won’t go into the details on the Spell of Carnak, other than to say that one of the side effects is death in a “cocoon of aetheric phlegm.”

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The book, $19.95 and out this week from Abrams, is “translated” by Martin Olson (who voices Abadeer in the hit Cartoon Network series) from the Scrolls of Ooo, the twisted candyland inhabited by the oddball characters of “Adventure Time.”

Olson, an Emmy-nominated TV writer, producer, composer and comedian, writes for Disney’s popular animated series “Phineas and Ferb” in addition to voicing the ruler of the Nightosphere. “The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia” is not Olson’s first foray into the realm of demonic literature; he is also co-author of “Encyclopaedia of Hell: An Invasion Manual for Demons Concerning the Planet Earth and the Human Race Which Infests It.”

Comic-Con International attendees got a preview of “The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia” in San Diego last weekend, as well as a sneak peek at its live-action trailer, which Hero Complex is debuting online. Don’t let the live action fool you — it’s every bit as zany as the cartoon. Check it out in the video above.

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The 160-page hardcover “Encyclopaedia” will appeal to “Adventure Time” fans who want to delve deeper into the show’s mysterious back story and bizarre details. The book features gorgeous original illustrations by “Adventure Time” cartoonists Renee French, Tony Millionaire, Celeste Moreno, Aisleen Romano and Mahendra Singh, as well as doodles and notes by heroes Finn and Jake and their pal Marceline the Vampire Queen, the Lord of Evil’s daughter voiced in the show by Olson’s real-life daughter, Olivia Olson.

The book includes a preface by Hunson Abadeer introducing himself to his “Demon Readers whose Souls have not yet been sucked out”; a rundown of the “Adventure Time” protagonists in a chapter titled “Worthless Inhabitants of the Land of Ooo: Whose Souls I Shall Refrain from Sucking Out in Deference to my Daughter”; and a section devoted to the Ice King’s fan fiction, featuring crayon-drawn trading cards of Finn and Jake’s alter egos Fionna and Cake, as well as their gender-bending pals.

(Abrams Books)

(Abrams Books)

Those curious about the geography of the fantastical Land of Ooo will be happy to know the book’s interior front cover features a map, annotated by Jake, and travel guides by Princess Bubblegum (to the Candy Kingdom, Lumpy Space, the Breakfast Kingdom and more) and by Marceline (to the Beneathaverse, the Goblin Kingdom, the Nightosphere and more).

Other sections purport to be original documents plucked from the Land of Ooo, such as an instruction manual for BMO, Finn’s adorable and sentient video game console of ambiguous gender and origin, and excerpts from the Enchiridion (the book that, in the series, serves as an instruction manual for heroes like Finn), among them “Avoiding Pitfalls and Traps” and “How to Kiss a Princess.”

Not surprisingly, the final chapter is titled, “If You Read This Chapter You Will Die.”

So it is from the grave that we inform you of the book’s open-to-the-public launch party, to be held Aug. 3 at Wacko/The Soap Factory in Hollywood. In addition to drinks and snacks, there will be signings and giveaways for the fans. Martin and Olivia Olson will be in attendance, along with Tony Millionaire and “Adventure Time” creator Pendleton Ward.

whoswho Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

Who's who in the Land of Ooo? Click through this gallery to meet some of the zany characters in "Adventure Time." (Cartoon Network)

finn Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

Finn, a human boy who was found in the wild and adopted by a dog family, is passionate about being a hero. He spends his time rescuing princesses and battling evil monsters and wizards. As far as we know, Finn is the only human in the Land of Ooo. (Cartoon Network)

jake Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

Jake, a dog with magical stretching powers, is Finn's adopted older brother, best friend and adventuring buddy in "Adventure Time." (Cartoon Network)

ice king Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

The Ice King is Finn's nemesis. He lives in an ice castle with penguins, who are his pets and henchmen. He uses his magical crown to shoot icy lightning bolts at anyone who stands in his way of finding a princess to marry. Upon closer inspection, though, it would appear the seemingly evil Ice King may just be a victim of circumstance. (Cartoon Network)

bubblegum Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

Princess Bubblegum is a scientist, turtle farmer and ruler of the Candy Kingdom. She's good friends with Finn and Jake, and they've helped each other out of a series of pickles. Finn has fostered a lifelong crush on PB, but except for a few short episodes in which the princess is reverted to age 13, she hasn't reciprocated. (Cartoon Network)

marceline Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

Marceline is a mischievous prankster, rocker girl and fearless vampire queen who feasts on the color red. She gives Jake and Finn a hard time, but isn't as bad as she'd like people to think. Marceline is more than 1,000 years old, and her dad is the Lord of Evil and ruler of the Nightosphere. (Cartoon Network)

lsp Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

Lumpy Space Princess, voiced by Pendleton Ward, is the Land of Ooo's resident drama queen. LSP comes from the cloud-like kingdom of Lumpy Space and is friends with the other princesses as well as Finn and Jake. She loves to be the center of attention and spends a lot of time gossiping and complaining on her phone. (Cartoon Network)

bmo Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

BMO is Finn and Jake's roommate, loyal and protective friend, camera, alarm clock and video game system. BMO is genderless, speaks with an East Asian accent and pretends to be human when nobody else is around. (Cartoon Network)

flameprincess Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

Flame Princess is the hotheaded daughter of the Fire Kingdom's Flame King and Finn's girlfriend (though he gets burned if they hold hands or kiss). Her fiery powers are tied to her emotions, and she's a formidable force of nature when she's angry. (Cartoon Network)

rainicorn Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

Lady Rainicorn is Princess Bubblegum's loyal and majestic pet and primary means of transportation. Rainicorn, who speaks Korean, is also Jake's girlfriend and the pair share a love of music. The couple are expecting puppies. (Cartoon Network)

princesses Adventure Time Encyclopaedia first look, book trailer, launch party

The Land of Ooo is home to a host of princesses, each the ruler of her own dominion. Among the princesses are Lumpy Space Princess, Wildberry Princess, Slime Princess, Hot Dog Princess, Breakfast Princess, Ghost Princess, Embryo Princess, Muscle Princess and many more. They're all targets for Ice King's unwanted advances. (Cartoon Network)

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