Amazon launches comics imprint, featuring George R.R. Martin

July 09, 2013 | 11:34 a.m.
symposiumfinalcoverarthires Amazon launches comics imprint, featuring George R.R. Martin

The cover for "Symposium" No. 1, the first comic released by Amazon's new comics imprint. (Jet City Comics / Amazon)

meathousemancoverarthi res Amazon launches comics imprint, featuring George R.R. Martin

The cover for "Meathouse Man," a graphic novel based on a short story by George R. R. Martin. (Jet City Comics / Amazon)

woolcomiccoverarthi res Amazon launches comics imprint, featuring George R.R. Martin

The cover for the first issue of "Wool," a comic series based on the dystopian novel by Hugh Howey. (Jet City Comics / Amazon)

Amazon is launching its own comics publishing imprint and is already lining up a star roster. Jet City Comics, which Amazon announced Tuesday, is slated to include the likes of George R.R. Martin, Hugh Howey and Neal Stephenson.

Jet City’s titles — which so far appear to be already-published stories repackaged as graphic novels and comics — will be published on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, with print editions available at and other comics retailers.

“Comics and graphic novels, especially in digital format, represent a unique area for innovation,” said Jeff Belle, vice president of Amazon Publishing, in a news release. “Our focus will be on adapting great books for this medium as a means of expanding the audience for our authors, pushing boundaries with new ideas that combine visual and narrative storytelling, and creating compelling new experiences for readers.”

The imprint launches Tuesday with the publication of “Symposium” No. 1, the first of six original comics from the “Foreworld” series created by speculative fiction author Stephenson (“Snow Crash,” “The Diamond Age”) as well as Greg Bear, Mark Teppo, Nicole Galland, Erik Bear, Joseph Brassey and Cooper Moo. The “Foreworld” series was originally published by Amazon imprint 47North. The first comic installment, set in ancient Greece, is written by Christian Cameron with art by Dmitry Bondarenko. New installments will be released monthly.

Jet City will also release a comic adaptation of “Meathouse Man,” a short story by Martin, author of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series on which HBO’s swords-and-sex hit “Game of Thrones” is based. The comic, which Martin calls one of his “strangest, darkest and most twisted short stories,” is illustrated by Raya Golden and slated for an October release. Additionally, the out-of-print “A Song of Ice and Fire” prequel “The Hedge Knight,” by Ben Avery and Mark S. Miller, will be re-released in both print and digital formats in November, followed by its sequel “The Sworn Sword” early next year.

Amazon will also release a graphic novel adaptation of Howey’s best-selling science fiction novel “Wool,” by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art by Jimmy Broxton. The dystopian story follows the remnants of humanity living in an underground silo, hundreds of stories below the surface of Earth’s toxic landscape. The six-issue comic series will be released beginning in October.

Click through the gallery above for a peek at the comics.

– Noelene Clark | @NoeleneClark | Google+


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