Anne Rice leaves Christianity after ‘a kind of confusion, a toxic anger’

Aug. 09, 2010 | 12:22 p.m.

Los Angeles Times staff writer Mitchell Landsberg had an interview with the vampire writer — namely Anne Rice, who has stirred up a great deal of debate and emotion with her recent public expressions regarding faith and religion. Here’s an excerpt from the article that ran this weekend…

Anne Rice

The author Anne Rice, best known for her vampire novels, made waves last week when she declared on her Facebook page that she had “quit being a Christian.” Twelve years after her return to Catholicism, Rice said she still believed in God, but that, “In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life.”

Rice spoke to The Times by phone this week from her home in Rancho Mirage.

Q) You were raised Catholic, became an atheist, then returned to Catholicism in 1998. Why are you quitting now? It’s not as if the church has suddenly changed.

A) Well, I’ve been living with this now for 12 years, and I’ve come to the conclusion from my experience with organized religion that I have to leave, that I have to, in the name of Christ, step away from this. It’s a matter of rejecting what I’ve discovered about the persecution of gays, the persecution and oppression of women and the actions of the churches on many different levels. I’ve also found that I can’t find a basis in Scripture for a lot of the positions that churches and denominations take today, and I can’t find any basis at all for an anointed, hierarchical priesthood. So all of this finally created a pressure in me, a kind of confusion, a toxic anger at times, and I felt I had to step aside. And that’s what I’ve done…

Anne Rice

Q) Two days before you announced on your Facebook page that you were quitting Christianity, you praised the Lutheran Church for welcoming gay pastors. So why not become a Lutheran, or a member of some other church that shares your views?

A) I feel much more morally comfortable walking away from organized religion. I respect that there are all kinds of denominations and all kinds of churches, but it’s the entire controversy, the entire conversation that I need to walk away from right now.

Q) The United Church of Christ even started a Facebook campaign to get you to join. How can you say no to that?

A) I respect completely people who want to find a church that’s more in accord with what they can morally accept. But for me, walking away is the thing right now. In the name of Christ, in the name of God.

Anne Rice

Q) I wanted to ask you about that, because you have said that you quit Christianity “in the name of Christ.” From a practical standpoint, what does that mean, how do you follow Christ without a church? Are there rituals that you intend to maintain?

A) I think the basic ritual is simply prayer. It’s talking to God, putting things in the hands of God, trusting that you’re living in God’s world and praying for God’s guidance. And being absolutely faithful to the core principles of Jesus’ teachings.

Q) You’ve said that there are rituals of the Catholic Church that you’ll miss.

A) Well, I will. I’ll very much miss going to Mass, and I’ll very much miss Holy Communion, the Eucharist. But it’s a communal meal…and I don’t feel that I’m part of the community anymore, and I don’t feel that I can go to a Catholic church and partake.

Q) You’ve written before about your love of churches, even during the time you were an atheist. Do you see yourself going back in a church?

A) Oh yeah, I would certainly go to a church to pray in private…


— Mitchell Landsberg


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Photo: Anne Rice at home in La Jolla, Calif., with some of her Christian icons in December 2005. Credit: Los Angeles Times


58 Responses to Anne Rice leaves Christianity after ‘a kind of confusion, a toxic anger’

  1. Heidi Morgan says:

    I suppose if you go to the most narrow minded Catholic church, all those listed items can be true, but I am a Catholic and MY church embraces a completely different agenda then the vampire lady's. The one she touts sounds like she made it up in her own mind, like her vampire stories.

    • Gabriel says:

      Im glad your church respects everybody, but i have seen a lot of examples of what Ms. Rice is talking about on the news. Especially when it comes to gay rights, I've seen so much slander from religious groups on this topic that it makes me sick.

      P.S. I am a straight athiest man, that was raised Catholic.

    • Svelta says:

      I seriously do not seek religious advice from a woman who writes pedophilic literature. o.o (Belina). Another ravin' liberal lunatic denouncing God.

    • Ale says:

      Made up her mind? Well, I was once catholic and I heard priests who talked about going against Gays, and even a priest who was completely racist toward Latinos. It wasn't one specific church but several churches. You shouldn't be so quick to judge her just because YOUR church doesn't embrace those topics. Join different churches and pay attention to what they have to say. Open your mind and give a fair judgement.

  2. Anne Rice is typical of the confusion brought on by the modern church of Christianity. What I believe she is confusing are works over faith. She is hearing too much of how people should act by preachers, priest and clergy and not enough of why Christ died for our sins. He was crucified, died and rose in order for us to have a home in heaven. This can only be attained by faith in Jesus Christ and what he did and not any works by man no matter how great they are. Anne needs to find a church that does not preach on the ills of the world but on the joy, love and hope that Jesus has opened for us. I hope she finds a church and a church family that will fulfill her emptiness.

    • Mary Jones says:

      Actually, John, I think jesus was crucified, died, and resurrected not just so that we would go to heaven when we die but so that God would be King on earth. Jesus talked a lot more about the Kingdom than the atonement. It's all connected, of course, but if the Kingdom of God is here and now and not just elsewhere and later, the result is a different kind of Christian and a different kind of Church. That said, I suspect we have much more in common than what would divide us and I wish you a blessed day.

  3. Humanism has taken over the church and has restated the word of God. What we as Christians and as a people need to do is concentrate on the scriptures and not the rhetoric by our religious leaders.
    As for homosexuality being wrong from the bibles perspective that is written but its there for a reason, because God through his prophets knew if such behavior becomes rampant, it will lead to the breakdown of the family and hence many lonely souls searching for lost love. Jesus’ number one complaint against man was divorce because he, God knew what divorce would bring. That is many unwanted and unloved children perpetuating that conscience of feeling unloved and hopelessness. What gay people need to do is stop the partner jumping and find one person to share their life with. This will not change the word of God but will help in healing the soul from its longing.

    • Andrew H. Smith says:

      But you Christians don't want gay people to get married, you silly thing! Your stupidity and that of your fellow-travelers is so repugnant that you are hardly worth the waste of a few typed words. However, since I've gone this far: Homosexuality would appear to ignorant people to work against the production of the maximum number of babies. (Maximum child production was important in a world where half or more didn't survive pas t age five.) Not realizing that homosexuality is a natural variation and one that exists in most species, including homo sapiens, it was prohibited by most primitive peoples whose tribes needed as many births as possible for military and food production, etc. You religious intellectual dwarves would rather adhere to the commands of ignorant ancients than exercise even a modicum of reason. Pierile lunatics!

  4. Reader says:

    Anne, if you are truely confused about what you believe, or are searching earnestly for answers about Christ and your faith, do not work them out in the public view – that is not seeking truth, that is promoting an agenda. Or else, state what you believe and call it your agenda – do not call it seeking truth. The only thing that will come out of your public displays are more confusions for the lost and falsely laiden doubts for those already of faith. Work your problems out on your own in private. Do it with the help of a good group of Catholic scholars who are faithful to the Magesterium – I am sure you can gain access considering your fame. Stop trying to self interpret the bible – it requires mastery of hebrew, latin, greek, all the dialects and surrounding culture of the times in which it was written, mastery of all the passed down knowledge of 2000 years, the spiritual authority to do so, and much more – you have none of this. You are without knowledge, spending much time creating fantasy surrounding the occult, and making that fantasy your legacy. You are putting your agenda in public as a search for truth – which it is not. Find your way in private, seek true authentic Catholic teaching, and learn about the truth from those who follow the truth. Do not appoint yourself a voice of those seeking truth, as you have fallen much farther than you even realize.

    • Cristina Rojo says:

      Christ rebelled against the Pharisees. In many ways, the hierarchy are like the Pharisees. Why shouldn't she self-interpret the Bible, even if she knows no other languages. Wasn't Saint Therese the Little Flower simple. She was also masochistic, I might add. You sound blatantly mysoginistic, and we won't have it. Who appointed you holder of the truth?

  5. Bernardo Gomez says:

    A story about a an individual escaping the bad, bad Catholic Church! Headline! I am waiting for the LA Times to write stories of the many who have converted to Catholicism from across the globe, and there are plenty! Note: Mother Theresa accepted, believed and practiced all that the Church taught, thus all that Ms. Rice disagrees with. As to who is right? I would have to side with Mother Theresa without hesitation. My prayers go out to her.

  6. Tunji Oba says:

    I do not know what this is all about. She said she is a follower of Christ but does not want to belong to fellowship of the Catholics. She may not know it but she is still a Christian. Christians are followers of Christ.She is only taking a break from the Catholic church. She might and might not find another fellowship in the future. That would be upto her. The danger though, is being prescriptive as to what you what Christ to represent. A good part of the time, what Christ represents could be uncomfortable. To the extent you pick and chose the doctines you want to follow, to that extent you are not committed to the Head of the Church, which is Christ, not The Pope. Review and find other fellowship if you must but hardly on the basis of the a la' carte determined by the finite you for the infinite Christ.

  7. kravguy says:

    Yes, you are confused Ms. Rice.

  8. Jim says:

    Ms. Rice is an author, an independent thinking women who has amassed a fortune working within the capitalistic free market system of the greatest Judeo-Christian country ever established. I commend her for the success she has attained, however, she has no understanding of Christianity and the life of Christ. The fact is Christianity is not a religion, there is no orthodoxy or structure to it, there is no building on this earth which contains any trace or antique espousing the establishment of the Christian Church. The Catholic Church has hood-winked the world into believing Christianity runs through the foundation of it's formation but this is not truth. Catholicism, Socialism, Communism, and Marxisms are isms which have led millions and millions to their death.
    The fact is you cannot quit Christianity and still profess a belief in Christ, not THE Christ, the intercessor and forgiver of sins. You could confess the christ of the Bible who curses the intercessor and one day will sit on the throne and profess he is god. To profess your quitting Christianity is only of the devil and to that there is no forgiveness. If she is quitting the Catholic RELIGION then so be it, but, do not believe for a minute she is quitting Christianity and professing a love of Christ.

  9. Skeptic says:

    Father please forgive us all for falling short of your glory and forgetting your most important commandment. The one you said summed up the whole of your law: To "Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." John 13:34.We realize judging Ms. Rice means breaking this commandment, for we would never speak about ourselves this way. Please forgive us and help Ms. Rice find her way to you. We will now read Matthew chapter 7 and seek your opinion rather than our own. We put her in your hands and trust that you will take care of her, because you are powerful. You created heaven and earth, so we know guiding Ms. Rice through her life towards you is not impossible. We trust you. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

  10. Paul in NM says:

    Good for her! She is totally correct!

  11. Apocalypse now says:

    You seem confused. You seem to know the words, but you have no clue as to the music. The Catholic Church teaches TRUTH, even though other "churches" may not. Witness the Episcopal church's struggle with homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sickness and gravely morally disordered. Feminism is ultimately destructive of women, denying their God-given femininity, Artificial birth control is evil, turning children and the procreative act into a commodity, eliminating responsibility for one's actions and leading to the crime of abortion, which is state-sanctioned murder of the unborn. The Catholic Church is the only Church that has maintained an unwavering stand against these evils that have crept into our society, while others have remained silent. Jesus Christ Himself inquired of His Apostles "Will you now also leave me?" He presented difficult teachings and the majority could not accept them, and so left. The Catholic Church presents difficult teaching and those who cannot follow Christ in the Church that He founded also leave.

  12. Cassie says:

    I think she is saying that Catholicism is evil.

  13. Good for you, Anne!
    I fully agree with your comments on the pope and his public statements – when I heard of the condom comment, my first thought was "You evil, evil, man. Do you realize you probably just killed several hundred thousand people, personally – you, you just killed them, with a mere flick of your tongue." I have always seen organized religion to be full of confusion, never really seeing what they are doing, never really understanding how they are impacting those around them, never really allowing themselves to simply be human beings without an agenda.
    I pretty much understand that the world will end, and that religion will almost certainly be the method that achieves that end.
    It really is too simple for most church goers to understand that gods will is whatever we as a people choose to do – at this point, as a species, we are basically choosing to die.
    There are goals worth working for – the best being to get off the planet in a huge way. Instead we spend our money killing each other and putting down the competition, and arguing our belief systems till the end of time, which in the end simply means death for us all.
    The only way to learn about god by reading the bible is to remove all references to god being a him, remove all references to god having emotions, goals or any other human attributes. god is a thing, it doesn't know it exists, other than through our consiousness, and it is totally comfortable having galaxies collide, meteors impact planets, suns explode, and other cosmic events, which we are definitely not excluded from experiencing ourselves. Will we be ready – It doesn't look that way from where I'm standing.
    Rodney Barbati

  14. zorbee says:

    Message to Anne Rice,
    If you are still confused about what you believe, I have a bible study that is open for you to attend. I can help sort out the details.
    call me. :P

  15. Nnoke Ibe says:

    Seems to me that Anne's problem is not with Christianity but with the Churchs' position on certian global issues. Apparently she still believes in Jesus Christ, and that makes her a Christian! Our Christian faith rest more on eternal essence than political and ideological divisions, so Anne could well maintain her views and hold on to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. No one will turn her out of the Church for that. She does not need to 'quit Christianity.'

  16. Carlos Vidal says:

    Ann Rice left the Catholic Church with the following statement:
    “In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life.''
    Does she mean the following?
    “In the name of Christ, I refuse to be antigay” –-Does she want Jesus Christ to sanctify and bless homosexuality?
    “In the name of Christ, I refuse to be antifeminist” –-Does she want Jesus Christ to authorize the Catholic Church to ordain women to the priesthood, as bishops, and pope?
    “In the name of Christ I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control” –-Does she want Jesus Christ to introduce a dysfunction into the body with steroids (birth control pills) and the priest pass out condoms as part of the program of marriage preparation.
    “In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-secular humanism” –-Does She want Jesus Christ to erase any trace of God from our USA history and founding documents?
    “In the name of Christ I refuse to be anti-science” –-Does She wants the Catholic Church to promote research with embryos and embryonic stem cells.
    “In the name of Christ I refuse to be anti-life” –-How is the Catholic Church anti-life?
    “In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-democrat” –-does she want the Catholic Church to become a Democracy?
    Her proclamation “in the name of Christ” comes across as blasphemy. Great many have joined the church for the same reasons she left.
    Carlos Vidal

    • Guest says:

      Why shouldn't homosexuality be "sanctified and blessed"? There are plenty of gays wandering around. A lot of them are great people who would be a credit to their church, if the church wasn't so keen on persecuting them.

      Why shouldn't women be ordained as priests, bishops and the pope? They're probably more capable and qualified than men.

      Birth control, especially when the world is as overpopulated as it is, is simply NOT a negative thing, it's a responsible thing.

      Removing any trace of God from our founding documents (which there is very little anyway) may in fact be a damned good idea. You don't need God to have common sense and knowledge of right and wrong.

      The Catholic Church doesn't have to promote research with embryos and embryonic stem cells, they need to shut up about it. While scientists are trying to find cures for horrible conditions afflicting people who are suffering, the Catholic church is worried about small collections of cells which will NEVER BECOME HUMAN BEINGS!

      How is the Church anti-life? Well, they won't let you have a life of your own, 'cause if you do, YOU'RE GOING TO HELLLLLLLLLL!!!!! That, and supporting wars. Wars aren't pro-life, that's for sure.

      Why shouldn't the Church be a democracy? They could all vote for the next Pope!

      If people have joined the church for the reasons she left, they are sad, sad people who need a life.

  17. T.Scott says:

    In reading the comments to this story – I wonder,can you blame Anne Rice for leaving christianity? These comments are hate filled, judgemental and discrimatory, obviously from people with hypocritical points of view. I thought Christ was about love and only that,and it was others that added the rules to the bible as it changed into different hands over the centuries. Save your own souls and allow Anne Rice, me and others to choose what we believe as you have chosen your beliefs.

  18. N.A says:

    If Anne Rice can not find her answers in Christianity ,then she will find them indeed in Islam ,read the holly Quran.

  19. Sabrina Messenger says:

    Do you know what I don't understand? WHY is the L.A. Times giving Anne Rice getting so much publicity for a highly personal decision that MILLIONS of people make every day? Since when has she become some sort of "moral authority?" I won't go so far to say that she was "never" a Christian, but it's clear to me that Anne Rice did not count the cost, as the Scriptures instruct us to do. The Christian way is not, and never has been the "easy" way. Throughout the centuries, people who took this faith seriously lived their lives on the edge: they knew that acknowledging and believing in Jesus Christ meant social ostracism, persecution, and in some cases even dying for the faith! They also knew people would not necessarily understand nor appreciate it, either. Yet, because their love and passion for Christ and his teachings was so strong, they stayed the course. People, PLEASE, do not confuse what real Christianity is with what is shown in the popular media. The religion that Jesus Christ started is not and NEVER WAS the "cool kids" club, and no, it isn't always politically correct. ..nor should it have to be. Best to stick with Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and ignore these opportunists like Ms. Rice who run at the slightest bit of tension or disagreement.

  20. Felcia G. says:

    The headline is misleading ("Anne Rice leaves Christianity"). It should state "Anne Rice Leaves Church" or a sentence along those lines. She still believes in God and in his Son, so she remains a Christian. Leaving her church does not mean she is leaving Christianity, since church is only a part of Christianity.
    I do pray Anne Rice will be okay, in body and soul, and will find the right path for her to go on and stay on it.
    It sounds like she had difficulties with the different people and their different, often vocal, views that you will find in any organization. Plus she didn't agree with her church's views to begin with. I do wonder though that if, as a whole, her church believed the things she says they did, or if she's picking up on a few member's personal views and think that they represent what the majority believe in.
    I hope she continues studying the Bible, praying and believing. And writing, of course :) I also hope she'll continue hanging out with fellow Christians and continue to grow in spirit.

  21. Axios Estin says:

    If Anne Rice wants to go back to the purest expression of what Jesus taught, then I would sincerely recommend that she consider the Eastern Orthodox church. It is the one path in Christianity that has stayed true to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church…without taking from or adding to. I'm in the process of converting and I thank the Lord every day I found this beautiful path. It is indeed the truth faith, and the true light.

  22. Nathan Almodovar says:

    In a way, this is for publicity. Why, you may ask? Simply because not everyone is familiar with her work. Now that she has denounced her faith, now she's known for doing just that, and writing vampire books. It's very unfortunate, on how Humanism is slowly trying to take control over the Church. But some of the things that she said trouble me. Anti-life? Anti-Science? Anti-Feminist? What does she possibly mean? She doesn't seem to be educated with the early Church, as Christians have stood against abortion (Just look at Russia and see why) Women have contributed greatly to the church and still do, and many catholic priests contributed to the field of science, and as well many believers do today.

  23. Bill Fox says:

    Amen sister! Amen . Isn't God about grace, mercy, forgiveness? When Jesus said on the cross " it is finished."were we not saved? Those who call on the lord and know that Jesus is the way the truth and life. God forgive us all and help the sick poor . Isn't this the new commandment that you love God and love each other? Let's simplify it, love God Love others it's that easy. When Paul gave the churches warnings, I give them notice also! Gods word is clear and no one can position what God has said or to know what God means.silly humans I love us all!

  24. Kim Ketola says:

    It is not possible to follow Jesus and leave the church. He ordained it as His bride and placed us an individuals within His body of believers. St. Paul’s great summation on this doctrine states, “The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you.” The head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you.”” (1 Corinthians 12:21)
    I interviewed Rice on my program for the Faith Radio network ( several years ago when she announced her reversion to the church. She was a gracious guest and surprised me by being extremely accessible with her personal contact information though she is a bestselling author. There was no entourage and she is no diva. I was impressed by her humility and her wish to learn background for her historical novels on the life of Christ. She reported that she owns over two hundred translations of the Bible and she had read Josephus and the other historical sources that are often brought up to refute the roots of our faith. I was most impressed, though, when a listener called in to ask about the vampire books. Rice emphatically steered the caller away from her early work.
    In that same interview she was asked by another listener caller about her son’s homosexual lifestyle which had been reported in World magazine just in advance of the interview. I don’t have the transcript, but I recall a simple answer that reflected her love for her son. Again, good for her.
    While I don’t want to speculate about her heart and her decisions, and I am in prayer for her and all who have rejected His bride, I wonder what the deal-breaker really was. I say deal-breaker because that is the pattern I see in people close to me who have walked away from the church. They believed, professed faith publicly, but then when a difficult doctrine or teaching offended it was over.
    The church is not anti-gay, Anne. The church is pro-truth.
    Oswald Chambers’ daily devotion from My Utmost for His Highest for today is so apt. He wrote, “It is easy to blacken God”s character because He never answers back. He never vindicates Himself.” Chambers was warning against sympathy toward the suffering saint, proposing instead that as we observe others ‘suffering for the will of God’ that we trust the Lord for His holy purpose. This is a deep meditation for me because it helps me understand why Jesus said we are to hate even our closest loved ones if our love for them hinders following and obeying Him.
    In this same reading Chambers interprets Matthew 16:23 as Jesus saying self-pity is of the devil. How often do we defend ourselves or a loved one when God is trying to chasten? Chambers further warns, “No saint dare interfere with the discipline of suffering in another saint.”
    Hating that which hinders our faith does not rule out empathy for the suffering of those close to us who may be challenged to obey God’s will seemingly to the breaking point. Our role as Christians is to suffer with them as they suffer for the will of God, knowing that when God breaks us it is always and only for our good. It’s not our job to remove the holy Hand of correction in the life of another and I pray that this is not what is occurring in Ms. Rice’s family and faith.
    She mentions her son in passing in this article and states her affinity for those in a homosexual lifestyle, but her stated deal breaker of the problem of abortion is a judgment on her part of the wisdom of the church. I pray that she gains the compassion for the unborn that marks the heart of the One whose Name she claims.

  25. Mary says:

    Nobody ever said believing in God was easy.

    • seemee says:

      Um. I think Jesus said it was. Didn't he say to take His yoke upon him? Didn't he then say that his burden was easy and light?

  26. MARK11 says:

    Thank God, Jesus, Yaweh, Allah, Confuscious, Buddah, Mohammad and
    Santa Clause…and Frodo for good measure, for: MS. ANNE RICE.
    Couldn't agree with her more on her stance and opinions about leaving
    organized religion.
    I feel the same way and did likewise about 8 years back.
    God is everywhere and everyone.
    In every moment and epoch, and before and after.
    Why organized, religious zealots who truly believe they and only they are speaking directly from God — from the Pope to Sarah Palin, the Tea baggers
    and every Islamic terrorist and any terrorist for that matter,
    under the sun…is beyond me anymore.
    And I've also been in that anger Ms. Rice mentions.
    Easy place to get to.
    But then I'm going down that same path these others have set up
    their RVs at.
    And I don't want that.
    Better to keep it simple…pray and ritual in my own way…and keep it close and
    personal between me and a God of my own understanding.
    Work on being part of a better and more compassionate world.
    I've paid off Karma in this life from other lives.
    Why start new crap up again?
    Write on, right on.

  27. Pepe Smith says:

    publicity stunt!

  28. Kcarnes says:

    I wonder what is wrong with this picture. Anne has a son who is confused. He believes that men should be with men. This is against Gods plan for marriage. Marriage is between one woman and one man.That is what it says in His word. Choosing the gay lifestyle is a sin. Just as murder, lieing and steelilng is a sin. Should there be laws saying its ok to Kill Steel and Destroy. People are now making up their own rules. So are we to submit to Gods will or all confused homosexual people (who by the way have chosen to go against the will of God) So she is upset that the church is against sin, Homosexuality is sin. Has she even read her bible. Yes compassion for people but not for sin. It is wrong to sin but we are all sinners. So is anne. But we are not to legalize sin. Legalizing gay marriage makes her quit christianity. Morality based on Gods standards From His Word is the only way. How do you choose Christ and then Not because of the gays not being able to marry legally. Why doesnt she throw herself down on the floor and screem and kick. What a baby. Gods Word is the only standard. Being a Christian is believing that Jesus Christ died for our sins. He freed us from the penility of sin. We are to belileve that he did die and was raised from the grave so that the price has been paid for by Him. What a beautiful gift. So is anne saying she is giving the gift of salvation back because the world isnt conforming to her desire that gay marriage be legal. Has she even read her bible. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that who soever believes in him would not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16. I thought she read her bible!!!!!

  29. Joe says:

    What a pretentious, silly woman, standing there in her eighteenth century duds! It doesn't matter in the slightest whether or not she 'leaves Christianity.' Faith isn't something that you exploit to sell books unless you are a spiritual (or not so spiritual) whore.
    When is the last time Anne Rice wrote a good book? It's been ages!

  30. Lisa Cerda says:

    She reflects my own attitude toward the Church. It has let us down for centuries. The message is more clearly hate than love. I have ran into my fair share of judgmental Christians who spew hatred. I have tried so many religions, so many churches, and have come to the conclusion that religion is the reflection of the Biblical authors, who have been edited and translated by flawed individuals with their own belief systems. Translated again by clergy with flawed concepts. Either the Word is meant to be literal, and we should all leave the church, or its meant to figurative. How can you trust the church when they give you half of the information. Where is the non canonical portions? Let us decide for ourselves it's importance. Church is like the government, political, often corrupted by self serving interest, and neglects the needs of the congregation at best.

  31. Marcia Halligan says:

    I am disappointed that you excel at instilling humanity into vampires, draw a real Jesus that brings thousands closer to him, then deny fallibility to a very human Christianity, a human-designed religion. This Church can withstand your stepping away and the headlines have a short shelf-life but your declaration based on your past observations questions your creditability.

  32. leonnguyen84 says:

    can you see the future ? if you can not see the future how you know there is a heaven waiting for you ? why you can not have happiness right here in your mind ? don't wait ,because if you wait you already have sadness like two couple are waitting together.

  33. Matt says:

    Christianity took a wrong turn way back in the Constantine times, when the king accepted christianity as the religion of the society. People with money were made high officials and not men of good faith. They led the people in believing in the government and not the bible itself. Most Christian churches of this day pass out conservative propaganda to its members. Check out the Christian Coalition of America, the advocacy group that supports this whole manipulated teaching. You cant put man before the word of God, because you cant follow man god and money…..and thats all the conservative party cares for….more money, and less human rights. we ve got to unite! and think more like this wonder woman they call anne rice! spirituality all the way! let gods word into your heart and express it with love, kindness and unity.
    thats all ive got, sorry i hope i dont offend anyone.

  34. Eudora says:

    We are filthy, ugly, undeserving, judging, selfish, slandering, back biting people.

    We as a people have really got to stop trying to make God into our image…

    He is God and we are dirt. Just accept it! We should all repent for the way we have treated each other.

    Religion STINKS… Relationship is the spirit of His heart!

  35. Eudora says:

    One more thing I would like to add and that is that ‘we’ as believers must remember a very important thing. We read in our Bibles that homosexuality is an abomination to to God. We are not God and we are not holy, only He is holy.

    We can not take on ‘His’ attitude and look at homosexuality as an abomination to us because we are not holy. When He looks at us, do you think He sees us any different? We are all filthy as dirty rags and not anyone of us are any better than the other.

    What makes anyone one of us think that we can even call homosexuality a sin or make a judgment about anyone who practices homosexuality. We are not holy.

    Let God be God and let us remember who we are and let the Holy Spirit do His work, and stop trying to do it for Him. We are called to love, to help the poor, to be merciful and we are called to tell everyone else about His love and what He did for us. We need to stop trying to place ourselves in His position. we need to be a doer of the word that He has called us to live by.

    FACE IT FOLKS, WE ARE NO ONE BETTER THAN THE OTHER. There is none that doeth good, no, not one. So we need to all stop trying to pretend that we are. Only He is worthy.

  36. Eudora says:

    We are filthy, ugly, undeserving, judging, selfish, slandering, back biting people. We as a people have really got to stop trying to make God into our image… He is God and we are dirt. Just accept it! We should all repent for the way we have treated each other. Religion STINKS… Relationship is the spirit of His heart! …

  37. […] author Anne Rice, best known for her vampire novels, made waves last week when she declared on her Facebook page […]

  38. Myself says:

    I think she’s being immature about all of this. And for one, Catholic and Christian aren’t the same thing. Two, religion is a man-made thing. God didn’t create it. He wants a RELATIONSHIP with us.

  39. Duane says:

    The development of many dogmas and doctrines of various denominations are not spiritual and not biblical . . . Ms. Rice has pushed away from organized christianity for the same reasons that many refuse to be part of it . . . a weak argument is to compare the church to family . . .the family structure itself has never been warm and loving . . . that is a myth . . .(a) who would call the murder of Abel by Cain great family dynamics, (b) Abram was called to leave his family and go to a place God would direct, without ever seeing his family again . . . (c) the disobedience of Lot's wife causing her to turn to a pillar of salt, (d) the dysfunctional relationships between Joseph and his brothers, (e) do I really need to go on . . . even in other world religions the toxic relationships between individuals and families taint the perception of spiritual wholeness and communion between peopl based upon the spirit . . . the church is within, the fellowship of believers does not require a club/church/synagogue/mosque/temple . . . if we really believe then we must live what we believe

  40. Tore says:

    There is no god and she probably understands why. Believe in humanity and in science, not use your life on this "test life" and await a second. You only live once.

  41. […] Anne Rice, to whose face I usually want to staple things, made the point in Interview with The Vampire that a […]

  42. Xavi says:

    The Catholic church (Vatican) is quite liberal/moderate on economic issues. Conservative Republicans should not feel so comfortable being catholic.

  43. Anna says:

    Catholicism is not the same as Christianity!

  44. cathybreese says:

    oh wow I just began reading Anne's book on "Called Out of Darkness" oh I am now sad.

  45. Chuck Messenger says:

    I hope that Anne Rice understands that all of the things she is walking away from are in fact commanded by the Bible. These are not modern-day interpretations. The Bible mandates stoning for homosexuals; declares women to be the property of men; makes a mockery of our modern-day understanding of the world; commands the killing of heathens, adulterers, blasphemers, apostates, as well as wholesale slaughter of entire populations – genocide.
    Is she sure she's ready to turn her back on the Holy Bible?

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