‘Before Watchmen’ in spotlight at L.A. Times Festival of Books

March 30, 2012 | 7:45 a.m.
watchmen Before Watchmen in spotlight at L.A. Times Festival of Books

Zack Snyder's 2009 film adaptation of "Watchmen" will screen at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. (Warner Bros.)

The landmark legacy of “Watchmen” and the intriguing future of  “Before Watchmen” will be center stage at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, with an on-stage Q&A featuring DC Entertainment co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio as well as a rare big-screen presentation of the director’s cut of Zack Snyder’s 2009 film “Watchmen.”

before watchmen cover 510 Before Watchmen in spotlight at L.A. Times Festival of Books

One of the "Before Watchmen" prequel titles. (DC Comics)

“Watchmen” was the 12-issue series (1986-1987) by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons that arguably redefined the ambitions and literary stature of the American comic book. DC is returning to that universe with the “Before Watchmen” project, which will launch a series of separate, multi-issue prequels – a bold move considering that Moore has publicly criticized the concept and will not be participating.

Hero Complex lead writer Geoff Boucher will moderate the discussion with Lee and DiDio. The discussion is set for 1 p.m. on April 21 in USC’s School for Cinematic Arts building, and the screening of Snyder’s “Watchmen” is scheduled to start there at 2 p.m.

Hero Complex will also have a booth at the festival, where attendees can get a limited quantity of messenger bags with free comic books, along with information about the lineup and ticketing for the Hero Complex Film Festival, which runs May 18-20. Book merchants and publishers in the comics, sci-fi and fantasy sectors will be set up in the Hero Complex area. Check back for more updates about programming.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which is to kick off April 21 at the USC campus, is the largest and most prestigious book festival in the country, attracting more than 140,000 book lovers to roam 300 exhibitor booths and enjoy to a full slate of panels and performances. Tickets for indoor panels cost $1, and complete ticketing information is available on the festival’s official website.

— Emily Rome


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7 Responses to ‘Before Watchmen’ in spotlight at L.A. Times Festival of Books

  1. alekezam says:

    DC should’ve had the courage to do a proper sequel and set it after the end of the original work instead of mining what little there is that wasn’t covered by the original. This is going to be safe, and very likely boring, standard superhero fare, turning something unique and thought-provoking into your standard men in tights beat em ups.

    Or, more accurately, a comic closer to the movie.

  2. Before Watchen suggests something akin to Before the Enlightenment. Did they think this through at all?

  3. TheB says:

    Will Jim Lee be doing any signings at this event or after the panel.

  4. Teegar McGrowlerson says:

    The LA Times Festival of Books is usually an event that celebrates Authors and their works, but this Q/A about work created against the will and wishes of Creator Alan Moore is the anti thesis of celebrating an author.

    D.C.'s treatment of Alan Moore is the most reprehensible tale in the world of fiction, and to have an event at your book fair that celebrates this desecration, it really cheapens a book fair that I have often respected.

  5. Comic Fan says:

    What will Jim Lee be doing after he wrecks DC Comics? His New 52 concept is laughable (will it last more than the 13 months the exact same Lee concept — Heroes Reborn — lasted over at Marvel? I doubt it). Lee was for a brief moment in time, an interesting comic book artist. He now survives as a second-rate hack. There's truly no reason to attend this panel except to let Lee know how lame his comics are.

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