Comic-Con: ‘Ender’s Game’ producer says movie is about tolerance

July 18, 2013 | 7:26 p.m.
endersgame1 Comic Con: Enders Game producer says movie is about tolerance

Hailee Steinfeld, left, and Asa Butterfield in a scene from "Ender's Game." (Summit Entertainment)

endersgame Comic Con: Enders Game producer says movie is about tolerance

Harrison Ford, center, and Asa Butterfield, right, in a scene from "Ender's Game." (Richard Foreman Jr. / Summit Entertainment)

Addressing the controversy that has erupted over the upcoming film “Ender’s Game,” producer Bob Orci used the Hall H stage at Comic-Con International to offer his impassioned support of LGBT rights. He said the movie does not represent the anti-gay views that have been expressed by author Orson Scott Card, on whose novel the 1985 project is based.

“I would hate to see the efforts of all the people who made this movie thwarted for the less than 1% of the people behind the movie, particularly because the message of the book and the movie is tolerance, compassion and empathy,” Orci said.

“Ender’s Game” shared the Hall H spotlight with the anticipated film “Divergent,” a dystopian adventure set in postapocalyptic Chicago and starring Shailene Woodley. Not all of the discussion centered on Card.

Harrison Ford, who plays Col. Graff in the film and was seated alongside castmates Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld, in addition to Orci and director Gavin Hood, spent a portion of the panel addressing fan questions — even though it seemed to pain him to do so.

Ford delivered a thoughtful answer about why he wanted to participate in such a film — primarily, he said, because the warfare Card imagined when he wrote the book in 1985 is echoed today in drone warfare — and he engaged with audience members eager to ask him about his iconic characters, only rolling his eyes sporadically at questions like, “If Indiana Jones and Han Solo met, what would be the first thing they said to each other?”

Answer: “Hi, How are you?”

Yet when one asked him how Han Solo would fare in the army from “Ender’s Game,” Ford played along, replying: “I don’t think Han Solo would be good in anyone’s army. I think he’s what they now call an independent contractor.”

It was “Divergent” that opened the Summit panel presentation, bringing its young stars — including Woodley — and the first footage from the movie, set for release in March.

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The “Divergent” panel was sweet and earnest, with a lot of wide-eyed responses from the young cast. Woodley seemed genuinely overwhelmed. “There are so many of you guys out there,” she said when asked a generic question.

Her co-star Theo James seemed much more willing to fool around, joking that he’s become so overprotective of Woodley that he doesn’t let her go to the bathroom alone. “It’s kind of awkward, but I stand outside the door.”

But it was Miles Teller, who plays villain Peter in the film and is co-starring with Woodley in the soon-to-be-released indie “The Spectacular Now,” who stole the show from the rest of his young cast, which includes Zoe Kravitz and Christian Madsen.

Defending his character as misunderstood, he answered how he and Peter are alike: “We both like classical music and brushing our teeth in the shower.”

– Nicole Sperling | @LATHeroComplex


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