Philip K. Dick, the voice and visions of an outsider

Dec. 16, 2010 | 6:12 p.m.
philip k dick with cat Philip K. Dick, the voice and visions of an outsider

Philip K. Dick (The Philip K. Dick Family Trust)

It was 72  years ago today that Philip K. Dick was born and though he died in 1982,  his work has never been more alive in pop culture than it is now. To mark the day, we’re revisiting Scott Timberg’s amazing series on the author’s last years, which were spent in Orange County — a place where Dick was like a subversive agent living behind enemy lines in a cultural war only he could completely define. Thanks again to Timberg for his extraordinary work on this project, and be sure to check out his other musings and manias at The Misread City blog.

PART 1: Philip K. Dick in O.C., a stranger in a strange land

PART 2: Philip K. Dick at work in John Birch territory

PART 3: Philip K. Dick, an uneasy spy in ’70s suburbia

PART 4: Philip K. Dick finds God and madness on the doorstep

PART 5: Philip K. Dick scans the darkness of O.C.

PART 6: Philip K. Dick and the maze of death


2 Responses to Philip K. Dick, the voice and visions of an outsider

  1. shane says:

    Watch out for pink beams of gnosis from Sirius if you spend any time in Santa Ana. Seriously.

  2. SmokeBassett says:

    Philip K. Dick may have once been an "outsider," but for the last decade or so he's been the pop fad of every conformist trendster in Hollywood. Whatever appeal he has to such people I suspect has more to do with his libertine qualities than any profundity in his work. Science fiction was great back in Dick's day, and it sucks today.

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