Ray Bradbury: Playboy and UCLA gave spark to ‘Fahrenheit 451’

Aug. 20, 2010 | 5:43 p.m.

On Tuesday (Aug. 24) I’ll be interviewing Ray Bradbury and Hugh Hefner on stage at the WGA Theater (135 S. Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills) right before a screening of François Truffaut’sFahrenheit 451.”  The two icons have a strong mutual admiration society and Bradbury recently told Elizabeth Kivowitz Boatright-Simon of UCLA about the role of Playboy in the classic novel’s arrival in the public consciousness.

Bradbury’s 90th birthday is Monday and there’s a wide range of events in Los Angeles to mark the milestone. UCLA has set up a wonderful online tribute to the famed author with more videos like the one above, writings by Bradbury, a “Fahrenheit” time line and trivia too. There’s even a spot where you can leave a birthday greeting for Bradbury. I hope to chat with some Hero Complex readers at the Aug. 24 event, be sure to say hello. For RSVP information, go to the Ray Bradbury Week page on Facebook.

— Geoff Boucher


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4 Responses to Ray Bradbury: Playboy and UCLA gave spark to ‘Fahrenheit 451’

  1. Robert says:

    Ray Bradbury is a fantastic writer and icon. Thanks so much for recognizing his 90th birthday. I have met him several times over the years and he is every bit the gentleman one would expect through the power and emotion of his memorable storytelling.

  2. DJ says:

    Hef and Bradbury can have their mutual admiration society for all I care-one's a womanizing pornographer and the other wrote juvenile fantasy stories that are popular with adolescents and who claims he can "remember being born"! Sure Ray, and I remember being conceived!

  3. emm305 says:

    Happy Big 9-0, Mr. Bradbury.
    I read "I Sing the Body Electric" in primary/elementary school in the late 50s/early 60's. Thee Twilight Zone version of the early 60's made a vivid impression on me and I have seen several versions since. It is the dearest story and one reason I love it must be because I had such a wonderful granny who died in the early 60s, too.
    To this day, I love all things robot/android from Data to AI to Robin Williams in Bicentennial, Blade Runner, etc and so on.
    Thank you, thank you for creating something that has been so powerful in me since I was a small child, nearly 50 years ago. PS, I also love 451 and Martian Chronicles.

  4. AGLA says:

    Bradbury was sitting at the head of a table in a restaraunt in West LA. I didn't know it was him, but his conversation drew the attention of nearby diners. Story after story rolled out as nearby diners reacted like people in the old EF Hutton ad, falling silent and leaning to listen to him. I even told the person with me that I wanted to listen to him not her. She replied she was already listening to him and for me to "shhh". As we left, I stopped by his table and told him that he must be the most sought after dinner guest on the West coast. He laughed and introduced himself. It took me a second since I hadn't read his books since college. Happy birthday Mr. Bradbury.

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