Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Feb. 24, 2013 | 6:51 a.m.
razzies4 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Kristen Stewart in a scene from "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2." The actress, and the film, were dubbed the worst of the year at the 33rd Razzie Awards. (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

razzies3 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy were dubbed the worst couple of the year at the 33rd Razzie Awards. (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

razzies1 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and other cast members of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2," a.k.a. the worst movie of the year, according to the 33rd Razzie Awards. (Credit: Associated Press)

kristen stewart Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Kristen Stewart and actress Mackenzie Foy in a scene from "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2." The finale to the blockbuster supernatural romance dominated the 33rd Razzie Awards, with seven "honors" including worst actress for Stewart. (Credit: Associated Press)

razzies7 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

A scene from "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2," dubbed the worst film of the year at the 33rd Razzie Awards. (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

razzies8 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone star in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2," dubbed the worst film of the year at the 33rd Razzie Awards. (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

razzies5 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2," a.k.a. the worst movie of the year, according to the 33rd Razzie Awards. (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

razzies6 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Kellan Lutz and Kristen Stewart in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2." (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

razzies2 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Foy and Robert Pattinson in a scene from "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2." (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

razzies9 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

Not even this bucolic setting for Edward's and Bella's cottage was enough to sway the Razzie Awards. (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were the big “winners” — and the big losers — at the 33rd Razzie Awards as the final installment of the “Twilight” saga was deemed the worst movie of the year.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2” won seven awards in all at the Razzies, which mock Hollywood’s self-important awards season by recognizing what it deems as the worst movies and performances of the year.

The “Twilight” film won the dis-“honors” for worst picture of the year, worst actress for Stewart, worst supporting actor for Taylor Lautner, worst screen couple for Lautner and 12 year-old Mackenzie Foy, worst screen ensemble, worst remake/rip-off or sequel, and worst director for Bill Condon.

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The honors make the “Twilight” film “2012’s most-RAZZed movie.”

But it could have been worse. Last year, Adam Sandler’s “Jack & Jill” had the dubious distinction of winning all 10 Razzie categories.

Sandler did not end the night empty-handed, however.  He won a worst actor Razzie for “That’s My Boy.” That film also “won” a Razzie for worst screenplay.

The final honor of the night — worst supporting actress — went to Rihanna for “Battleship.”

In keeping with the spirit of the awards, the honors were announced at a news conference at the Holiday Inn Express Hollywood Walk of Fame Hotel.

— Rene Lynch


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96 Responses to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slammed at Razzie Awards

  1. Chris says:

    Aww, Rihanna wasn't bad at all. And I qualify this as someone who is usually annoyed with stunt casting.

  2. brenda says:

    i loved the movie twilights you guys are just plain losers the worst movie was beautiful creatures dumb movie ever

    • Hannah says:

      beautiful creatures is not dumb, it has meaning… unlike twilight!

      • Danna says:

        Both Beautiful Creatures and The Twilight Series are both good movies and whoever thinks that these movies are bad then they are dumb

      • That Girl says:

        Yes, because terrible acting, terrible directing, and atrocious source material are a winning combination for a movie. But what can you expect given Stephenie Meyer's creatively stinted and childish prose and her equally mentally stinted audience.

      • Jordan says:

        please people, when making arguments don't just say that if someone doesn't agree with you it's because they're dumb. It makes it look like you can't come up with an actual reason. which may be the case here.

      • John W. says:

        Again, another person with no grammatical skills calling someone else "dumb."

      • becca says:

        says the boy whos correcting grammar for a movie clearly targeted towards teenage girls.

    • becca says:

      twilight is awful. stupid fan boys. if you stopped watching shite movies then maybe you could have a valid opinion on whats good and not. didnt see twilight win any oscars last night.

  3. FredZilch says:

    Kristen Stewart … worst actress? Naw!

  4. ted says:

    THE MEDIA NEEDS TO BE "SLAMMED" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. donna Strickland says:

    They definitely were not the worst- but it doesn't matter what they say- it only matters if you bring the money in and how many go to see your movies- The people who give out some of the awards are bias and only pick what appeals to them. I love the Twilight movies and so do millions of more people.

  6. Zieneb says:

    The twilight films are special, they connect very deeply into the spirit of wo/man. Discrediting them is of futile use. People, young and old, love these films. They are predominantly about love and life struggles. I think Kristen and Robert did an incredible job and they should be so credited. You two are a wonderful couple. thank you for sharing your love with all of us.


    • Guest24 says:

      They are terrible films, all of them. Many bad films connect with people somehow. That doesn't mean they aren't horrible as cinema.

    • John W. says:

      This is a joke, right, Zieneb. Either that, or you're about 13 and still haven't developed into a fully-formed person with any sense or experience at all.

    • doc tari says:

      You need to get out in the fresh air more if you thought those movies were somehow 'spiritual'

    • setha2z says:

      Au contraire, Rob and Kristen have WITHHELD as much as possible about THEIR love from us. Only the love between Bella and Edward was shared with us at all, via film. If you don't see the difference, you may benefit from a little counseling. I say this in a friendly way.

  7. For those of you who keep commenting to us NON-fans because ‘Stephenie Meyer is laughing all the way to the bank… The only reason THAT happened is because YOU all allowed her to force this incredibly dysfunctional story down our throats like this AFTER we were SCREAMING our issues about it.

    • Pendie says:

      Have you ever read the stories or seen the movies? If not, then you aren't even qualified to have an opinion….why do people keep trying to make everything bigger then it is. It's a fictional story for pity's sake, a love triangle….it's just that the players happen to be a human, a werewolf and a vampire. No one forced anything down your throat sweetie, and to have this vile of a reaction …well I think you need to get a life auntie….chill babe.

    • guest says:

      FORCEd down our throats?? what a silly idea. People love a love story – & there aren't enough.
      Hollywood psychos like Tarantino get the most money, backing, attention & awards to produce truly dysfunctional films.
      But you're 'screaming about issues' in Twilight movies??? LOL – what irony!

  8. awkward says:

    that kinda sucks

  9. Anne says:

    How do you figure Rob Pattinson was a big loser, he did not win one of these stupid awards. Oh by the way the movie only made about $825 million dollars. The Razzie people are just a little dim, like this is going to stop people from loving the movie. By the way, you shouldn't even have mentioned Robert Pattinson, should have been Taylor Lautner was the big loser.

    • Bob says:

      Box Office gross (Popularity) doesn't equate quality. That's like saying "Because Adolf Hitler won an election he was automatically a great leader"

  10. tina says:

    For being the worse….sure made more money then any movie out there! I loved it! Kinda stupid they can win such a loser award when the movie out done any other movie financially and Kristen Stewart is one of the highest paid actresses out there.

    • Lisa says:

      Kristen Stewarts acting has gotten better over the years, but I really don’t see her 20yrs from now doing much of anything except attending celebrity rehab if its still around!!

  11. J Jenkins says:

    Very disappointed to read that Breaking Dawn 2 received even 1 Razzie award !!! Maybe you didn't like the "twist" at the end as it was different from the book. However, the characters grew in each movie, and I see no reason why any of the stars merited this "dis-honor". I am a fan!

  12. Burnie424 says:

    There's quite a few actors and actresses that have been raked over the coals and received Razzie Awards that are great! Julia Roberts was one. Just like there are plenty of actors and actresses whose performances some believe warrant Oscars and they aren't even nominated, there are some that believe others should be trashed. I'm sure Kristen and Rob couldn't't care less about this. At the end of the day, they're still doing what they love and making a lot of money doing it. Whether you like it or not!

  13. eve says:

    Robert Pattinson didn't get a razzie, however Taylor Lautner did for supporting actor! So your title is a lie! Are you Hollywood Life now? Are you being paid by Lautner's PR people? Lautner will get it again next year since he is in a movie with Sandler, a team made in hell…

    • doc tari says:

      Isn't your reply like picking through garbage too find more garbage?

    • Guest says:

      They are doing this for purpose,TLAT is Stewart friendly outlet.The best proof is how Rob was potrayted by their journalists after this scandal broke,this was pathetic.The headline of this article sounds like if he won Razzie together with Kristen,but this is a lie.Those journalists should watch Bel Ami ,this a movie about them and manipulative journalism.

  14. Kristen McClelland says:

    Kristen Stewart is the best actress BDp2 was the best movie I watched it 35 time while in theatre

  15. jaimie Mcloughlin says:

    As if twilights a bad movie and robert pattinson is drop dead shmokinnnnnn hot !!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxx :-) :-):-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    • chicklette70 says:

      He may look good,but his scheming mind,to keep every thing a secret about them being paid to be together,so they could make even more money,let a lot of people down,that is not the action of a nice person,they are the action of a greedy selfish person.He may live to reget that,it lost the show a lot of fans.He never once in all the time they were together did her call her his girlfriend.If he is so great,how come she looked to someone else. There 2 sides to the story and we havent heard any thing that is true.They have lied to their fans for 5 years,they made LOTS of money and the fans very let down.

  16. Mary says:

    Let them laugh all the way to the bank!!!!! They are great! Press =$. I love them.

  17. Julia says:

    im actually laughing so hard considering theyre the best actors and kristen is on of the best actress ever.

  18. didi says:

    i love robsten in BD part 1,,


    get married,, please,,

  19. nicole cullen says:

    omg omg omg omg omg . i are you freaking kidding i am applaused like how is the ending of the GREATEST Movie ever gonna get worst film. omg im heartbroken !!!!

  20. Cindy says:

    Just thinking they are crying all the way to the bank.The movies are made for the Fans, and I am sure they were quite satisfied..Didn't hear not one demanding their money back. Bill Condon did an excellent job filming two movies at once…like I said,they are crying all the way to the bank…

  21. anna says:

    I think Rob and Kristen are great. Twilight BD2 in my opinion was great and they were as always a hit. I would love it if they pair up to do something else. Not sure if they are together or not but I support them in thier relationship and careers. Go guys.

  22. VLF says:

    Robert Pattinson was not slammed big time as the title says. Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy, Kristen, and Taylor individually "won" the awards.

  23. Allvampedout says:

    The razzies me its all set up by haters, Twilight did not deserve worst movie…while the surprise at the end didnt appeal to me, it was overall a good movie and a great way to end the saga…as far as the actors, they were very good, Kristen got better but still not the best ive seen, and Rob, well being a method actor he really gets into the character he portrays and does it great…i think he has a great future ahead of him and maybe some golden globes and Oscar gold

  24. Arielle says:

    That is the most absurd thing I've ever heard, twilight wasn't nearly the worst movie I and a lot of people have seen. I love the twilight saga it has meaning and it is passionate. They are fantastic movies. The characters are perfect, I love them ALL!

  25. Kris says:

    Good God! Just the spelling (really, I mean the lack thereof) in the posts by people who like "Twilight" says it all.

  26. setha2z says:

    Wasn't Kristen the highest-paid actress last year? I guess all her fans are suckers, accordingly to the Razzies. Maybe the Razzies should get the award for "worst ratings service".

  27. J Loves Twilight says:

    The movie was great, all of them. It was a sweet

    love story between two different people that you

    thought would never or couldn’t work, but it did

    and it was beautiful!!! I loved every second of all

    the movies.And I also love all the Twilight actors,

    Kristen your gown tonight was gorgeous!!

    Sorry about your foot LOVE YA J

  28. anitashah says:

    iloveu kristen and robert

  29. anitashah says:

    iloveu robret

  30. Dianne says:

    Really odd that Silver Linings gets tons of praise and after all these weeks it still has not come close in box office that BD2 made on opening weekend. Everyone to their own opinion.

  31. kmjc says:

    Kristen is laughing all the way to the bank as rob is also those who dont like twilight sure know a lot about it huh!!! true fans… just hiding it hehehehe. who cares what u at razzes say ,truth is it has impacted the world weather you like it or not so there take that!!!!

  32. Court says:

    LOL @ all the Twilight fans on the defense. I truly hope that all of those saying that Breaking Dawn is one of the BEST FILMS EVER are under the age of 14. If not, kill yourself. Try drowning in a pool as shallow as your personality.

  33. bjsmith says:

    This article is just crazy. The Twilight series was awesome. Robert wasnt a Razzie winner.It was Taylor and Kristen. I admit that some of Kristens potrayal of Bella was a little confusing.Because some of her reactions were none like the book. Taylor overacted sometimes. But still these two people are definitely not the worst actors. I remain a loyal fan of the Twilight Books and Movies.

  34. nanci says:

    Razzie – really slipped up this year with their "always meaningless" awards. It was their last chance to down the Twilight series, so they just dumped on BD-2.IDIOTS AND NITWITS ALL!!!

    The movie is AWESOME – The fight scene alone is one hundred times better than the final Harry Potter and the moive was amazing.

  35. mari says:

    They are going after Kristen because of her little affair. Not fair.

  36. Denise says:

    Hmm. Really? Pretty sure the ticket sales say it all, folks. I find it amusing that these "awards" are announced at The Holiday Inn Express. Perhaps next year they will be announced at a Motel 8. Enough said.

  37. For those of you who keep insisting to us NON-fans because ‘Stephenie Meyer is laughing all the way to the bank… The only reason THAT happened is because YOU all allowed her to force this incredibly dysfunctional story down our throats like this AFTER we were SCREAMING our issues about it.

    Basically, the way they filmed BDp1 AND BDp2 is a great big huge FLIP OFF to MANY of her FORMER FANS – not to mention the ENTIRE WORLDWIDE VAMPIRE FANDOM (those of us who weren’t obsessed with Twilight's not-even-SORT-of ‘Vamps”, anyway.

    SMeyer could have written ANY ‘ol ending in Breaking Dawn – and that’s obviously what she did. The fans she ‘accidentally’ got addicted to her story because of the irresponsible way she wrote it would have LAPPED UP whatever P*SS she wrote like honey (and you did).

    This entire ‘blockbuster saga’ was built off of DEBATES, not good storytelling!! If you would like the COMPLETE explanation that officially DEBUNKS the Twilight Saga storyline, so a search for ‘explain twilight breaking dawn ending on blogspot’ – you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to know and ALOT more than you EVER wanted, LoL!

  38. Simona says:

    I've seen all the saga movies, as I had been quite entertained by the books (not everything needs to be as good as the Divine Comedy to be enjoyed).
    I did not like the movies, and I can clearly see why they get this kind of rating. Let's face it.
    Anyway, this does not mean anyone has the right to offend the ones who liked them. Thank God we live in freedom, and are entitled to enjoy – or dislike – whatever we want.

    • nparker says:

      Agreed- people should not be able to spoil the enjoyment of others for not having the same opinion. I don't like it when people who don't like something insult people who do, so you're comment 's a welcome breath of fresh air.

  39. RollingMyEyes says:

    Awwww! See you went and upset all the teenage girls with your article.

  40. mehvish says:

    robsten are the best u know…. and whoever is saying that twilight saga was not good movie then please get ur eyes checked…….. and as far as breaking dawn 2 is concerned it was the best end to a movie like twilight……. and for those guys who says kristen robert or taylor was worst actors then for them i have a good news that twilight fans are dying to see the extended part of braking dawn 1 an d those freaking worst actors are however the most wanted actors in the whole world to be huged ………………. ya watever to the RAZZIES



  42. alexia says:

    i love twilight and people who say robert pattinson and kristen stwart are bad actors are mean and the breaking dawn part 2 movie is so awesome it rocks gonna get the movie

  43. shadowrunner says:

    You know, if the script is poor, the actors can´t prove more. Their act was plain because of the script. All of them included Robert Pattinson. None of them would be so bad if the script was better (all Twilight movies). Hope that Kristen will show her possible success in future. (Robert Pattinson has already done in another movies). Cross my fingers for them plus Lautner (nice body:))

  44. Gloria says:

    I think Kristen is a very good actress and I love her movies and think Robert and kristen did great in the Twilight movies and especialy the Breaking Dawn 2 they wee great in it.
    Just leave Kristen alone. And I also you need to leave Robert and Kristen alone as well, they are fantastic couple and also make a great couple as well, and yes they are still together so ha!ha!ha!.

  45. Youarekillingart says:

    Best responses EVER. Not really sure what ticket sales have to do with the quality of the movie. Do you people talking about "lauging all the way to bank" realize you are acknowledging how terrible this material is? Should all awards be based on how much money it made? Wait, don't answer that..

  46. janice peters says:

    Kristen has the personality of a rock

  47. J Jenkins says:

    Sorry–didn't mean to hit "reply"…

  48. pandarie says:

    I am not a teenager and I love the twilight movies. Breaking Dawn 2 was my favorite. It's not often that you see a movie where morals are stressed and people actually wait until they are married to have sex. A good message for our youth. I wonder how many creative endeavors the critics and the haters have to their credit. And the statement that "they are laughing all the way to the bank" does not reflect on the quality of the material but rather the fact that haters love to criticize. Speaking of which, to the haters and the critics: "When is your next movie coming out ?"

  49. Hannah says:

    It is funny, but my friends tried to watch Silver Linings Playbook for two times and theny could not watch it, because it was so boring. And the actress winns Oscar? On the other side BD2 is very popular and I have not heard anybody leaving the cinema of not beeing able to see it until the end. So what is this all about?

    • JustTry says:

      That's really sad to hear. I watched Silver Linings Playbook with my parents whom are avid fans of the Hunger Games and the Divergent series. We all enjoyed the movie a lot for its story line and quirky romance. Sometimes the movie was hard to understand but that is because of the maturity in the story itself. Cheating, bipolarism, death of loved one (real death w/o necrophilia). Yet I loved the ending for its romance and humor. There were real struggles and true love triangles that sadly make the strange triangle of Twilight into something of the Twilight Zone and not in a good way. The love triangles of Silver Linings Playbook made you feel for the characters and understand their motives. The part where Tiffany (Lawrence) character didn't take off her wedding ring even after her husband's death, I think sends out a message as strong as Bella's seclusion from life ever did.
      I hope you and your friends do try again, if nothing else just to say you were able to and back it up later with why you didn't like it. Maybe after watching the movie you will see why Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar for it… because I think she did a great job in making a character that is quirky, very different, and complex in character into someone others can relate to and likable, despite all that she had done!

      • Jazz says:

        Don't understand how Jennifer won the best actress category. It should have been Anne Hathaway receiving the best actress and Jennifer the supporting actress.

  50. Tsk Tsk says:

    Get real folks….The Razzies have been itching to give the award to Twilight since 2008. Twilight = publicity for the Razzies. This was their last chance so don't take it so personally. I think the Razzies are as much of a political joke as the Oscars are. Everything is political now in this day and age, and the Razzies are not what they started out to be. Publicity publicity publicity.

  51. Mikimii says:

    I don't think Twilight should have gotten a Razzie. It appeals to the masses. Now whether the masses have good taste. I don't know. I have read all the books. I have skimmed the movies….all I could tolerate. Just to see their appeal. I know why people love Twilight. I know why people don't like Twilight. Lol. I am however amazed at the marketing of this franchise. Its almost like brainwash and frankly its genius.

  52. setha2z says:

    I guess I have to cop to being an older Twihard. I enjoyed the first and fifth films the most. I've read and enjoyed all the books, even though the story is basically a high school romance with vampire and spirit wolves. It doesn't stretch or even touch teenage boundaries. Within those constaints, all the actors have given mediocere performances driven by five different directors. Hopefully they will give better work on other films. The Razzies are only a joke and not to be taken seriously.

  53. sneha n justin says:

    this is the stupidest comment i ever heard……. guys we love u!!!!!!!!!!!! all d movies wr soooooooo gd`~~“ it hs seriously touchd our hearts;);):*

  54. Barbiera Johnson says:

    I am a middle-aged woman that has read all of the Twilight books & seen all of the movies many
    times. All of them are great…I love Rob and Kristen and wish she had not made the mistake that
    everyone knows about, but she is young and will learn. It's not like almost all of the other actors
    have been saints by far. Your acting has nothing to do with your personal life, she and Rob and
    Taylor are truly gifted. I wish them much success in all they do. The Razzie awards are stupid.
    I would love nothing more than to see "Edward marry Bella" in real life and be at that wedding..

  55. ROSIE says:


  56. Maggie says:

    About time SOMEONE finally sees KS can’t act and her disrespectful attitude and awful appearance at the Oscars seals it!! She CAN’T act! I enjoyed all the Twilight movies but had a hard time with KS portraying Bella. If you read the books you would agree. She hasn’t and isn’t working on a movie. Wonder why! LOL. Rob’s career is jammin’. Why? He can act!

  57. Jazz says:

    If you like the movie or not, Summit thanks all those support the movie by bring in 800 plus millions of dollars. That is the envy of a lot of producer. Twilight and its series will go down the history, people will remember this movie and the stars involved.

  58. lulu collazo says:

    I do care and I am concern about Kristen. She is not family or friend, just a human being to me. She's gone all out trying to make amends not only with Robert but with those who keep judging her for a mistake she's paid enough. Are you going to vilified a 22 year old who has done everything in her power to make things right? Bunch of hypocrites! I bet hollywood is full of "cheaters" who do have the malice to hide it well and never have the decency of saying I AM SORRY! to name a few… Ashton Kutcher, Steven Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Julia Roberts, Heidi Klum, to say a few, cause the Oscars was full of them. Give Kristen Stewart a chance, for the love of God. She's been bullied all this time and you know, there's so much a human being can take before really making a mistake. Self esteem is something you can lose and then tragedy comes along. AND TO ROBERT, I hope at least, if not romance, you can give her a shoulder and support she sorely needs, so in the future, you can be look back at peace with your actions and never regret not being there for a friend. As for the comments of hate, Kristen, just ignore them! You are such a beautiful and talented girl, your time will definitely come. Keep it up and remember Ben Affleck's words, it's not important to fall, what is great is to go on, fight and rise again!

  59. Caedge says:

    Are you surprised? I saw these sour grapes coming a mile away… Twilight fans number in the millions and the series has banked billions, so who the hell cares what some snooty Hollywood a-holes think?! It's all such horse-shite any way. Razzie awards are as irrelevant as the Academy awards, which are just a Hollywood circle jerk. In fact, lord save me from the depressing, dysfunctional, amoral crap that tends to win the "prestigious" awards.

  60. guest says:

    just sour grapes for these Razzies
    just jealous over the incredible success of all things twilight.
    I'm a much older, very new fan of the movies because of the underlying love story – true love forever.
    Without ideals, & the desire to attain or emulate them, we might just be a bunch of crass, crude, cynical, nasty low-lifes – like Rob's character in Bel Ami.
    I am sorry actors feel compelled to be in edgy, scum roles for "serious" consideration.
    There are too many violent, hopeless & awful movies garnering Hollywood awards –
    I prefer watching Rob as Edward, portraying his sincere love for Bella.

  61. Lisa says:

    I didn't see the movie so I can't comment but I can say I wouldn't be surprised if Kristen got a Razzie for the first Twilight movie. She was horrible in that. Maybe she's better at acting now? I've read the books but she put me off from watching the other movies.

  62. Gouest says:

    Rene Lynch you're manipulative journalist.

  63. guest says:

    A new name for movies that won at the Academy Awards; POLITICS !!!!! The razzies should have gone to Les miserable or whatever. The was awful and the movie worse. Also the hunger games, Jennifer Lawrence as best actress??? You are kidding right?? Jennifer Lawrence over Sally Fields??
    I think we should repeat this awards ceremony and please get it right. No one has yet told me why Flight didn't win something and Cosmopolis either. GO TWILIGHT!!!!!!

  64. ananthi says:

    letz start the new game robert and stewart

  65. Yocheved Cook says:

    I do not understand this. The Twilight Sagas won at The Peoples Choice Awards, but at the academy awards received razzies?? Has Hollywood gone political?? These Sagas also brought in some $300,000,000 dollars from around the world?? Are we all in outer space or who is voting here. Come on people, think about this. Kris re-read your post before you critize others.

  66. YES! Twilight deserves all the RAZZIES they can get. All of the Twilight movies, the cast, the crew, everything, should earn all Razzie awards, and be slammed really hard by movie critics and the media.YES! Twilight deserves all the RAZZIES they can get. All of the Twilight movies, the cast, the crew, everything, should earn all Razzie awards, and be slammed really hard by movie critics and the media.

    KStew, Tay Tay, RPatz are the worst of the worst. And anyone who disagrees with me has bad taste in movies. May the Twilight films (and books) burn in the flames where they belong.

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