‘The Host’ premieres; Stephenie Meyer has the sequel in the works

March 20, 2013 | 8:10 a.m.
the host premiere ronan and kruger The Host premieres; Stephenie Meyer has the sequel in the works

Actresses Saoirse Ronan, left, and Diane Kruger at an after-party Tuesday for the premiere of "The Host." (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

the host premiere meyer in the middle The Host premieres; Stephenie Meyer has the sequel in the works

Actor Jake Abel (who plays Ian O'Shea in "The Host"), left, writer-producer Stephenie Meyer and actor Max Irons (Jared Howe). (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

the host premiere canterbury and meyer The Host premieres; Stephenie Meyer has the sequel in the works

Chandler Canterbury, who plays Jamie Stryder in "The Host," and Stephenie Meyer. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

the host poster1 The Host premieres; Stephenie Meyer has the sequel in the works

In “The Host,” the piercing blue eyes are a sign that the body snatchers have arrived.

“The Host” premiered Tuesday night at Hollywood’s Arclight theater, with novelist Stephenie Meyer on hand along with the film’s costars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Diane Kruger.

“The Host” is Meyer’s follow to her “Twilight” blockbuster, and it will be tough for her new series of sci-fi books-turned-films to top the success of that vampire phenomenon. The “Twilight” films have a domestic box office total of nearly $1.4 billion, according to Box Office Mojo.

Meyer’s latest is a sci-fi love tale. The novel, published in 2008, is aimed at more of an adult audience than the “Twilight” books and tells of a frightening future in which aliens take over the world — and our bodies. You can tell the body snatchers by their piercing blue eyes.

Over at Goodreads, reviews were mostly positive for the book, although some slammed it for “sappiness.” Meyer fans and detractors will have to see whether any sappiness slopped over to the big screen. Ronan plays the alien-occupied Melanie, and Irons plays Jared, who is among rebels fighting those trying to take over mankind. (That’s Bella and Edward, but is there a Jacob?) Kruger gets to play the villain in “The Host” as an alien who hunts humans.

For Meyer, good things come in threes, so she’s planned a “Host” trilogy, but the writer told Pop Blend recently that it’s taking a long time, what with her work on the film and her family commitments. Plus Meyer, along with the company Fickle Fish Films, is busy producing movies. The Los Angeles Times reported recently on her juicy new project, producing “Anna Dressed in Blood,” a young-adult ghost story from the author Kendare Blake.

So, Meyer’s at work on “The Host” sequel, but she said: “I have no idea when it will be done.”

“The Host” arrives in theaters March 29.

Watch the trailer, below.


24 Responses to ‘The Host’ premieres; Stephenie Meyer has the sequel in the works

  1. Ughhhh says:

    Oh goodie another flimsy teeniebop draw. Why does everyone in these things always have to look like they're from a crappy JCPenny catalog?

  2. chrisnva says:

    ok…..don't knock this movie, as the host book is completely & utterly awesome, and stephenie meyers is a genius to put a spin on the old cliche of body snatchers, except its nothing of such, yes they take over the world, but not to destroy but to heal the world, and theirs a love story that goes beyond the twilight series, this is a completely new spin on love and how it tears someone in 1/2 so b4 you go complain'ng about JCP & their catalog, watch the trailer, read the book & shut up!!! thank urr!!! I've read this book at least 30 x since it came out & it's amazing…..and this movie with the hot actors will be prob better than the book as the movies were for the twilight books………

  3. Ellerina says:

    I'm starting to get really worried about the movie. I LOVED the book, I can read it over and over again. But watching the trailer I feel like there will be a lot of scenes that are not in the book. It can be a good thing, of course, but most of the times it is only for worse. I hope I'm wrong. I really want the movie to be good since I'm waiting for it for almost two years now.

    • Vitaly says:

      I am actually never stopped to worry, since first heard about the coming movie. For such a belowed story chances to break down some charms are frighteninly great. Nevertherless my opinion as for trailers is rather favourable – they seemingly managed to keep with the spirit of the book. As for casting – I personally dont feel so comfortable. Especially with thin-built Ian (that young Skywalker type) as well as not so squatty Seeker – she's more resembling to me female-terminator 3.

    • Zach R. says:

      your fears were justified. Alas, that is always the risk you run when someone wants to make a good book into a movie. Movie was poorly done, i felt.

  4. Casey says:

    Read this book about 2 years ago as well, and have been very excited for the movie to come out! I was fortunate enough to watch a pre-screen last night, and was not disappointed. I was just amazed at how many of the visuals they had in the movie were EXACTLY as I had imagined it when I read the book. Some parts were even better than I had imagined. Yes, there are parts that they had to cut out for time (the movie is already 2 hours long), but the general concept is still there, and they stayed very true to the book in my opinion. Very well done!

  5. heather says:

    Saw this film twice in the past week! Really enjoyed it. It respects the book but also changes things because of time constraints and the amount of detail the book actually holds. It has some sappy parts but I think thats what gives it the charm of being a love story. It has action, suspense, fighting, hitting, knives… an AMAZING Chrome Lotus (that I actually got to sit in, very cool.) and other chromed out items. Overall I'd say give it a chance, guys will like it more than they think they will and girls will love Jake and Max and their awesome chemistry with Saoirse. If you're thinking "this is another Twilight" you're sadly mistaken, I think its done a lot better than Twilight. I'm a big Twilight fan and yet even I can see the differences. The lines aren't cheesy, the acting is wonderful overall and it has a more adult feel to it. Check it out.

  6. Anonymous A says:

    I'm a Meyer fan, and I have been since the the sparkling vamps came to Forks. I'm only in eight grade, but I read the Host. I feel it wasn't too much on an adult book. I still loved it, and am dying inside at the hottie playing the super awesome Jared Howe. Some of the scenes in the trailers worry me because they aren't in the books. I hope Meyer pulled it together. Who knows? Maybe she added a super surprise twist like at the end of the Twilight Saga. I cannot wait to see it at eight on thursday, and am team Howe all the way.

  7. alexia says:

    movie was crap if you have read the book none of the characters matched up by it self without the book it would have great thought it was a let down but i will read the sequels when they come out and probably buy the movie anyways

  8. Krista says:

    I would love to see a new Meyer novel. Meyer's first novels were pretty bad, but it's been awhile and I would love to see how she's grown.

    • lol yeah. says:

      She has never been bad. She's always been a very talented writer and I cannot wait until the sequel comes out. I've been waiting for only a couple months and I'm already crazy from waiting.

  9. Lacey says:

    I just got done watching the movie, "The Host"…not trying to knock anyone, but what a disappointment!!! I LOVED the book and have read it numerous times. I thought maybe I was being too critical of the movie, so I tried to keep an open mind..still didn't like it. NOTHING compared to the book. Not to say it was all bad acting (it probably has more to do with the directing), because there were a few good moments, but it just felt…all wrong. Not enough heart. One good thing, not to be shallow, but at least It had some nice eye candy. lol. REMAKE!! I thought the Twilight movies were good, but Stephenie..you should stick to what your good at..forget the movies and get a move on with the sequels please!! I hate it when a sequel comes out like 10-15 years later, not cool.

  10. Cassie Vigil says:

    I am a huge fan of the book and although the movie left out a few scenes (which was necessary for not making the movie way too long) it doesn't really matter because in the end the movie FELT the same as the book and that's all one could hope for when a book is transferred to a movie. I personally love the story and I was skeptical at first about the actress playing Melanie but I think she did a better job than expected. This just isn't a very comedic movie and that's what'll stop people from liking it. I love Ian, love the book and the movie was an acceptable portrayal. Needless to say, I am in dire need for the sequel regardless if it's in movie or book form. I am just glad to know that it's definitely going to happen cause I wasn't sure so there's only one more thing left to say: Hurry the heck up, Stephenie!

  11. hey says:

    I read the book after I had already watched the movie, and I thought both were really good. The book was obviously more detailed and better than the movie, but I didn't think it cut out too much from the book. I really hope Stephenie Meyers comes out with a sequel soon!

  12. Sam says:

    I think the host would have worked so much better as a TV series. There's no sense of time in the film. Everything felt so rushed. I would really have loved to have seen some scenes showing the various different worlds that wanderer had lived on inside her previous hosts. Not saying that I totally disliked it but I definitely made a mistake in watching the film within days of finishing the book. It just made it seem like a quick and in many parts inaccurate summery of the story.

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