COMIC-CON 2010: Edward Scissorhands, Hellboy and Stan Lee on Con scene

July 22, 2010 | 7:52 p.m.

Some sights and sounds from the first few hours of Comic-Con International, Day One… 

Mignola hellboy

 BEST T-SHIRT: “Team Edward” but with a picture of  Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp old-school version of a brooding, cinematic heartthrob with blood splatter issues.

MOST UNEXPECTED REVELATION: John Stevenson, director of Kung Fu Panda,” stopped a panel discussion on imagination and creativity to launch into a long ode to Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy,” who looked both flattered and then a bit uncomfortable at the lengthy valentine. Stevenson said his office wall was adorned with “Hellboy” images during the making of “Panda,” each of them a reminder of artistic integrity and attention to craft. At the end of it all, the droll Mignola waited a beat and then muttered, “Well I’m glad the movie wasn’t bad then because I’d feel responsible.”

MOST DISAPPOINTED GROUP:Paparazzi who spent the muggy morning getting access to the venue and Hall H to get a shot of Brad Pitt on the “Megamind” panel. Despite the rumors, Angelina Jolie’s presence at the Con and some pretty strong hints from insiders on the DreamWorks animated film, Brad was nowhere to be seen.

BEST COMICS CROSSOVER: Neal Adams, the man who took Batman (sorry, TheBatman) from 1960s television camp character to 1970s dark-knight detective, is the guest of honor this year at Comic-Con and, as he chugged some tomato juice at breakfast at the Mariott Marina, who should walk in but Stan Lee, the most famous name in comics. It wasn’t “clash of the titans” so much as it was “brunch of the legends.”



— Geoff Boucher


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ART: Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics. Photo: Stan Lee in his office last year. Credit: Liz O. Baylen/Los Angeles Times

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