COMIC-CON 2010: Wonder Woman’s invisible jet for sale…not!

July 23, 2010 | 11:25 p.m.

Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

This is one collectible you’re going to want to keep mint-in-box.

Mattel’s Wonder Woman Invisible Jet isn’t just invisible, it’s nonexistent. The Hot Wheels packaging suggests that the jet is nestled within the cardboard and plastic molding (pictured on right).

Gullible buyers can be forgiven for thinking there’s a miniature jet in the box — Mattel’s designers had weights hidden inside to make it feel as if it actually contained a toy.

The joke continues on the back of the box, in the place  where Mattel usually provides quick facts about the vehicle inside, such as its make and model. Here’s an excerpt:

Designer: The Amazons

Birthplace: Paradise Island

Specialty: Created by Amazon engineering, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet can make transatlantic flights without refueling.

The idea was spawned April 1, when Mattel’s social marketing team came up with a prank post on Facebook that announced it would start selling the jet. Its artists mocked up a box and posted the picture. Most got the joke, but many didn’t. So many people asked the company where they could purchase the item that Mattel decided to make it a limited-edition collectible.

Mattel is selling the $5 non-toy as a Comic-Con International exclusive item on the show floor until Sunday, after which the invisible jet will disappear. For real.

— Alex Pham


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Photo: Mattel’s limited edition Hot Wheels version of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet. Credit: Alex Pham / Los Angeles Times.


One Response to COMIC-CON 2010: Wonder Woman’s invisible jet for sale…not!

  1. Ronders says:

    This toy is awesome! I wish I was at the show this year to pick this up for my mas company. She owns Invisible Jet Publishing, it would have been a great gift haha.


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