COMIC-CON 2010: Stabbing disrupts Hall H activity — but only briefly

July 25, 2010 | 3:18 a.m.
The normally loud and celebratory crowd in Comic-Con’s Hall H was thrown into a state of rustling confusion before Universal’s panel for the science-fiction comedy “Paul” on Saturday after an alleged stabbing incident.

As attendees waited for Seth Rogen and other panelists to take the stage, security officials stormed up one aisle in the cavernous space with a stretcher. A commotion ensued as hundreds of attendees strained to get a better look (and a hundred cell-phone cameras flashed). A few minutes later, a man with a cut on his face was wheeled out on the stretcher.

A few minutes after that, a man appearing to be in his late 20s or early 30s wearing a white “Harry Potter T-shirt was led out in restraints (prompting more than a few quips from attendees that he may still be irate after the film franchise’s lackluster event earlier in the day).

There were anecdotal reports from those sitting near the incident that two attendees had been fighting over a seat, and that one of the men stabbed the other with what was said to be a pen. But there was no immediate official word from Comic-Con.

The “Paul” panel was delayed about half an hour as a loop of trailers was shown. Then the panel started, and attendees went back to whooping and hollering.

— Steve Zeitchik

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8 Responses to COMIC-CON 2010: Stabbing disrupts Hall H activity — but only briefly

  1. Ken says:

    Hope it wasnt a geek on geek crime

  2. Michael says:

    It wasn't a stabbing… it was a scratched cornea. It's too easy to blow things out of proportion when your source is the ever-reliable and trustworthy internets.

  3. MiHi says:

    I'm only surprised that this hasn't happened sooner. The creeps who run Comic Con have sold out to Hollywood and treat the fans like cattle . With that many people confined to that relative small size of a space being whipped into a frenzy of "be there RIGHT NOW or you LOSE!", and sooner or later someone is gonna snap.
    And the CC sellouts will naturally ignore themselves as the cause and simply make things even more authoritarian and abuse the fans even more, starting at next year's con.

  4. The Bell says:

    It's things like the null word "attendee" that mean anyone is likely to get stabbed, anywhere. That's what the world has come to.

  5. aamnesia says:

    Mihi is completely off base. Comic con is run entirely by fans as a not for profit organization. They bring the entertainment that people clearly want to see, as they keep showing up. How is comic-con responsible for 2 people (who reportedly know each other) out of 150,000 acting like complete children? How are fans being abused by creating traffic and line patterns that provide thebest access to events for the most people possible? Personal responsibility- check it out.

  6. Why is this news? says:

    Who cares if some smelly Virgin stabs a loser WOW player. We have more important matters at hand like the Oil Spill and the Economy.

  7. Chrissypoo says:

    "The creeps who run Comic Con have sold out to Hollywood and treat the fans like cattle . "
    Comic-Con has always had hollywood there. Hell in 1976, a film company called LucasFilm was promoting a film called Star Wars.
    However, this stabbing is another reason why Comic-Con should be seriously considering moving out of San Diego to a larger convention center.
    The fight as I understand it was over some saved seats. A bigger convention center could accomodate more people and make people less cranky.
    And yes, CCI has always treated people like cattle.

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