Aquaman’s 70th birthday celebration surfaces at the Shrine

Sept. 25, 2011 | 2:37 p.m.
Aquaman #1 (DC Comics)

Aquaman No. 1 (DC Comics)

Aquaman may be the King of the Seven Seas, but he’s often been one of the most underappreciated heroes in the Justice League, and even in the DC Universe. Someone appreciates him, though, and in fact, is throwing him a 70th birthday party Sunday.

The Shrine Auditorium is the host of the shindig, thrown fittingly by the Aquaman Shrine — a site dedicated to all things Aquaman. Attendees are said to include Dan Abnett, Tony Bedard, Kurt Busiek, Nick Cardy, J.M. DeMatteis, Ramona Fradon, Pat Gleason, Dan Jurgens, Paul Levitz and Joe Prado.

The marine telepathic hero will receive his relaunch — part of the New 52 initiative — on Wednesday.

Justice League #4 (DC Comics)

Justice League No. 4 (DC Comics)

Sunday is not Arthur’s actual birthday, which according to the DC Comics calendar, is Jan. 29.  This is the day that his first appearance hit stands, in “More Fun Comics” No. 73, even if he failed to make it on the coverMany creators and fans wished him happy birthday on the site, most expressing the same type of reverence that writer and former DC Comics Publisher Paul Levitz did:

“Congratulations, Aquaman — despite all the tragic tales, you’ve been one of comics’ most consistent heroes over all these decades, swimming against the tides. And thanks for being the very first super-hero I got to write, over half your career ago!”

Another example of the sentimentality is this partial quote from longtime writer of Aquaman and Adventure Comics Paul Kupperberg, a staunch defender of the hero who knows firsthand about the second-class citizen status the sea king was saddled with for so long:

“Whatever it is about the King of the Seven Seas that saved him from the cancellations suffered by the majority of the 1940s heroes (including such luminaries as the Flash, Green Lantern and the Atom), Aquaman’s maintained it for seven incredible decades, still King of the Seven Seas, and now a major player in the DCU. Laugh that off!”

— Jevon Phillips


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3 Responses to Aquaman’s 70th birthday celebration surfaces at the Shrine

  1. Joe Slab says:

    Semper Aqua!

    Can't wait for Geoff Johns AQUAMAN on Wednesday!!! DC Comics & the New 52!

  2. Ryan says:

    Great Neptune, cool column on the Aquaman Shrine!!! FYI- Geoff Johns is doing a signing of AQUAMAN #1 on Wednesday at 5 PM at BeachBall Comics in Anaheim CA!

  3. Mike says:

    Geoff Johns is writing Aquaman? Which character does he kill off, maim or do hideous things to?

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