Archie Comics announces beloved redhead to die in July issue

April 08, 2014 | 11:43 a.m.
Cover of "Life with Archie" no. 36, in which Archie Andrews dies. (Archie Comics)

Cover of “Life With Archie” No. 36, in which Archie Andrews dies. (Archie Comics)

Archie fans might want to brace themselves: The beloved character will die this July.

Archie Comics announced Tuesday that the lovable redhead Archie Andrews will bite the proverbial dust, to cap the recent “Life With Archie” series.

“We’ve been building up to this moment since we launched ‘Life With Archie’ five years ago, and knew that any book that was telling the story of Archie’s life as an adult had to also show his final moment,” said Archie Comics Publisher/Co-CEO Jon Goldwater in a statement.


While details of the character’s impending death are scant, it has been revealed that Archie will go out saving the life of a friend in “Life With Archie” No. 36, in which the two potential future timelines of the series finally will mesh.

LifeWithArchie_36_Magazine (2)Comic readers will have no shortage of formats in which to watch their hero perish. Archie Comics will be publishing an extra-large magazine-size “Life With Archie” No. 36, two comic-sized issues, “Life with Archie” Nos. 36 and 37, and a trade paperback collecting the entire story written by regular “Life With Archie” writer Paul Kupperberg, with art by Pat & Tim Kennedy and Fernando Ruiz.

Also, a murderer’s row of artists, including Francesco Francavilla, Fiona Staples, Ramon Perez, Walt Simonson, Jill Thompson, Mike Allred, Cliff Chiang, Adam Hughes, Tommy Lee Edwards and Alex Ross, will design their own covers for the landmark comic event.

Francavilla is best known around Riverdale for illustrating the zombie-themed series “Afterlife With Archie” and talked to Hero Complex about the project last year.

As is often the case when it comes to comics, Archie will live on in other ways. Because the “Life With Archie” series is a set in the future, Andrews will remain an active part of the titles set in present day.

— Justin Sullivan | @LATHeroComplex


"Afterlife With Archie" No. 1, by writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist Francesco Francavilla, features a cover by Francavilla. (Archie Comics)Afterlife With Archie: Francesco Francavilla cover, movie details

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6 Responses to Archie Comics announces beloved redhead to die in July issue

  1. heinlein says:

    I'm not sure why anyone over 13 years old would comment.

  2. Nance says:

    what? why the violence? I guess I am not understanding a time line here… "We have been building up to this moment when we launched Life with Archie 5 years ago…." I was reading Life With Archie way back in the early 70's… I laugh now when I remember Archie being able to put 12 cents worth of gas in his car… sad, to think this comic book icon has to be shot down… oh sugar sugar… : (

  3. dawn says:

    OMG NO!!! You can't kill Archie. I've been going to bed with him every night for over 40 years!! (yes, "heinlein" I am over 13 and still read Archie books!) Archie & the gang's antics have been my bedtime "routine" for years. If I'm upset or mad about work or my mind just won't shut off and let me sleep, a few Archie stories gets my brain to relax and off to la la land I can peacefully go! PULLLLEEEZZZ DON'T KILL ARCHIE!!!!

  4. marty says:

    These people are twisted.

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