‘Batman Eternal’ 2 preview: Jim Gordon in shackles, Gotham reacts

April 11, 2014 | 12:32 p.m.

Jim Gordon in jail? Say it ain’t so.

Unfortunately, that’s precisely where Gotham’s police commissioner finds himself after the dramatic events of “Batman Eternal” No. 1.

In that issue, writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV introduced Detroit cop Jason Bard to the GCPD and put Gordon on a side of the law that readers had never seen before.

Now with issue No. 2 they’re looking to explore the fallout inside the city as Gordon stands accused of causing a train wreck that killed an untold number of Gotham citizens.

Particularly heartbreaking is the response of daughter Barbara, in Batgirl costume at the time, whose shock is exquisitely rendered by artist Jason Fabok.

But who is that shadowy figure showing up at Mayor Sebastian Hady’s door?

Answers will arrive with the issue’s release next week. But for now, Hero Complex readers can take an early exclusive look at the cover and the first three pages of issue No. 2 in the gallery above or in larger versions by clicking on the links below.

‘BATMAN ETERNAL’ No. 2: Cover | Page 1 | Pages 2-3 | Pages 4-5

In a recent Hero Complex interview, Snyder discussed his plans for the “Eternal” series, which will introduce Stephanie Brown — a.k.a. Spoiler — to the New 52 universe.

“She has the opportunity to play a huge part in the giant plot of ‘Eternal,'” Snyder said. “The reason that she’s perfect for the role is because we needed someone that trafficked in secrets, someone that was almost completely overwhelmed by the terrible truths that she has found out about what was coming and the plot that was going to unfold in Gotham.”

– Justin Sullivan | @LATHeroComplex


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2 Responses to ‘Batman Eternal’ 2 preview: Jim Gordon in shackles, Gotham reacts

  1. konkrypton says:

    Barbara Gordon is BatGIRL. Batwoman is Kate Kane. You're welcome.

  2. Sea Dilemma says:

    I hope to see Dick Grayson in this series soon!

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