DC Entertainment to revisit licensing deals following T-shirt uproar

Oct. 01, 2014 | 5:44 p.m.

The “Training to be Batman’s wife” T-shirt was among the garments to generate ire from comics fans. (Walmart/DC)

DC Entertainment will reevaluate licensing agreements after the comics giant was criticized for lending its name to perceived sexist T-shirts for children, the company said Wednesday.

Upset parents and other fans recently took to social media to hammer away at the company after shirts for children were found on store shelves with what they called sexist messages.

One shirt in particular for girls that drew ire read, “Training to be Batman’s Wife.”

Other shirts for children have various but related slogans and sayings, including pajamas for girls saying: “I Only Date Superheroes.”

A shirt for boys has a picture of Superman kissing Wonder Woman saying: “Superman does it again” and “Score!”

DC Entertainment agreed with its critics.

“All our fans are incredibly important to us, and we understand that the messages on certain T-shirts are offensive. We agree,” the company said in a statement emailed to The Times.

“Our company is committed to empowering boys and girls, men and women, through our characters and stories. Accordingly, we are taking a look at our licensing and product design process to ensure that all our consumer products reflect our core values and philosophy.”

It is unclear if the current products will be pulled from shelves in the wake of the criticism.

— Ryan Parker


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3 Responses to DC Entertainment to revisit licensing deals following T-shirt uproar

  1. What a humorless world we live in now

    • websnap says:

      Humor has nothing to do with it. I'd rather my daughter aspire to be a hero herself rather than a Hero's groupie. You don't see boys shirts that say "Training to be Batgirl's Boyfriend". And before you say "it's just a T-shirt", if some kid wore a shirt that had a marijuana leaf on it, you would judge them based on it – as if that is who they are. How is this any different?

    • John says:

      There's humor, then there's this. But by all means, starvingdog, see if you can find yourself a time machine that will allow you to travel back to a time in which you'll be more at home. You know, when it was socially acceptable practice to denigrate women.

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