‘Futures End’: Motion covers tease DC Universe flash-forward event

May 17, 2014 | 2:08 p.m.

The New 52 is heading into the future.

In September, each of the titles in the DC Universe will jump ahead to the time seen in the “Futures End” weekly series, which is set five years into a possible future for the New 52 universe, for a one-issue look at where their characters are in that major story line.

This week, DC shared the upcoming 3-D motion covers of the titles that will mark the  first week of participation in the event. Each offers a clue as to where the heroes might find themselves in the five-year flash forward, from the ominous Oliver Queen tombstone in “Green Arrow: Futures End” No. 1 to the sneaky appearance of the Riddler on the cover of “Detective Comics: Futures End” No. 1.

Comic fans are used to big September events from DC. In 2011, the publisher launched the New 52 universe, which restarted each of its titles at issue No. 1. September 2012 saw “Zero Month,” where all of the titles ran an issue No. 0, with stories of the characters set earlier in the continuity.

After last year’s “Villains Month,” which saw familiar rogues taking over all the titles, this year leaps forward in time, allowing each of the characters to participate in the ongoing story line of “Futures End,” which debuted with issue No. 0 on Free Comic Book Day.

First starting 35 years into the future of the New 52 universe, No. 0 followed Bruce Wayne’s successor, Terry McGinnis, first seen in the 1999-2001 animated series “Batman Beyond.” McGinnis has traveled back in time to stop the onset of a ghastly technological  future ruled by the mechanical Brother Eye, created by Mr. Terrific, in hopes of saving his mentor’s life. The only problem? Because of a glitch, he arrived five years later than he intended. “Futures End” No. 1 picked up there. And in September, the New 52 universe will be jumping forward to join him.

“Futures End” will then continue through next March.

You can check out a full list of the artists and writers participating in “Futures End” and the second week covers here.

– Justin Sullivan | @LATHeroComplex


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