Geoff Johns is ending super successful ‘Green Lantern’ run

Feb. 11, 2013 | 3:50 p.m.
green lantern issue 20 Geoff Johns is ending super successful Green Lantern run

The illustration for the cover of "Green Lantern" No. 20, due out in May. It is the last issue written by Geoff Johns. (DC Entertainment)

blackest night Geoff Johns is ending super successful Green Lantern run

"Blackest Night" by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert and Joe Prado. (DC Comics)

diane nelson and geoff johns Geoff Johns is ending super successful Green Lantern run

Geoff Johns, with DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, was named DC's chief creative officer in 2010. (DC Comics)

Geoff Johns, whose work on “Green Lantern” brought the character out of relative obscurity to the top tier of DC Comics’ slate of superheroes, announced Monday that his run would end in May with Green Lantern issue No. 20.

Johns’ tenure at the helm of “Green Lantern” began in 2004 with the six-issue “Rebirth” series, which brought longtime Green Lantern Hal Jordan back into the corps, reinstated much of the Green Lantern’s earlier elements (including Guardians of the Universe and archenemy Sinestro) and set the stage for Johns’ ever-expanding suite of characters.

Johns announced his decision in a post at DC’s the Source, in which he spoke of his contributions to the Green Lantern mythos.

“It’s hard to imagine a Green Lantern universe without characters like Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Saint Walker, the Indigo Tribe or the rest of the gang anymore,” he said, briefly touching upon the characters created during his run, largely due to the introduction of the emotional spectrum, which sparked the highly successful “Sinestro Corps War,” and “Blackest Night” story lines.

Showing the people behind the masks has long been a priority with Johns.  The star DC writer spoke to Hero Complex in 2011 as DC was introducing an all-new origin story for the Justice League.

“One of the lines I used in my script is, ‘They’re not gods, they’re the Justice League,’” he said. “So what are the people like behind the masks, and how do they interact. Really the three words I use for what we’re trying to do are heart, humor and heroics.”

Since “Rebirth,” Johns’ work on “Green Lantern” has been largely responsible for taking a series of declining relevance and turning it into one of DC’s flagship comics. It currently is the 16th-highest-selling comic in America, with three spinoffs.

The “Green Lantern” film, which Johns worked on as co-producer and creative consultant, was met with middling reviews. But the fact that a hero whose main weakness was the color yellow ended up with a major-motion-picture adaptation says something about Green Lantern’s rise in status.

Johns also thanked the artists with whom he worked during his “Green Lantern” run, among them “mad genius” Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and “superstar” Doug Mahnke.

Although Johns will be leaving the flagship Lantern title, it’s certain he’ll be revisiting the characters, at least to some degree. Johns, chief creative officer at DC Entertainment, has a number of other titles, including the upcoming “Justice League of America,” which, conveniently, includes Green Lantern Simon Baz.

As for issue No. 20, Johns did little to temper expectations for his grand finale.

Green Lantern No. 20 will bring “the bizarre return of Hal Jordan, the final fate of Sinestro, the revelation of the First Lantern,” Johns said, “and an ending I hope pays off everything we’ve ever done and ever created with Green Lantern.”

— Morgan Little

Twitter: @mlittledc


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3 Responses to Geoff Johns is ending super successful ‘Green Lantern’ run

  1. Mike says:

    I wish Johns was more consistent. He has good ideas but sometimes his characterization and dialogue fall flat. His violence is also unnecessarily over the top. In Infinite Crisis we see Phantom Lady skewered for no good reason and the Human Bomb beaten to death for shock value. When I see his name on a book I always wonder which character will meet some grisly end.

  2. Chak says:

    Is Misognist (hater of women)? Cause he has no problem whacking many lantern ladies. Why not rename Green Lantern into Green Whacker? Then we know for sure what the book is about. Stupid ass deaths of KT21 and Jeryll of Glirell——-plus many others.

    I have tuned comics out of my life because of too much cheap death and stupid retcons. Hell even Iron Mans girl friend got a cheap ass death. Too many misognist writers think they write good comics when all they really do is tick off many readers.

    Did someone shove McFarlanes Spawn up Geoff Johns rear when he was a 20-something fanboy in the 1990s? Way over the top in the death stuff of GLs

    If I was in charge of DC comics, I would kill Flash and Robin again and retcon Superman to his Pre-crisis self. And Redeem Superboy-prime. Basically deconstruct all the deaths Geoff Jons has done. Every death undone!!!!

    My daughter accidenlty read Infinite Crisis and was shocked by all the Superboy violence. She said the author is too kill crazy

    Just because something sells and makes money——–does not mean its good!!!!

  3. Chak says:

    Lttle too kill crazy like some retro Image comics fanboy. Writes like Mcfarlane. Just because something sells well, it does not mean the comic is good. Johns is way over rated

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