Original Guardians of the Galaxy back in Dan Abnett’s ‘Guardians 3000’

June 25, 2014 | 3:47 p.m.
"Guardians 3000" No. 1, from writer Dan Abnett and artist Gerardo Sandoval, will land in October. (Gerardo Sandoval / Marvel)

“Guardians 3000” No. 1, from writer Dan Abnett and artist Gerardo Sandoval, will land in October.  The team, clockwise from back, is Charlie-27, Yondu, Vance Astro, Martinex and Starhawk. (Gerardo Sandoval / Marvel)

Marvel is launching the first Guardians of the Galaxy team back into comics with a new series this October.

“Guardians 3000,” from popular cosmic writer Dan Abnett and artist Gerardo Sandoval (“Wolverine,” “Cable and X-Force”), stars the founding foursome and a familiar fifth hero and pits them against their first foes: the merciless alien invaders known as the Badoon.

For the unfamiliar, these Guardians look nothing like the lineup of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon and Groot from the buzz-generating Marvel cosmic adventure film set to hit theaters in August.

The original Guardians of the Galaxy arrived long before (or depending on how you look at it, long after) the Blue Swede-grooving outcasts now familiar from movie trailers and posters.

In a 31st century AD-set tale published in 1969, psychokinetic Earth astronaut Vance Astro (a.k.a. Major Victory), blue-skinned, red-mohawked archer-mystic Yondu, crystalline, heat-and-cold-projecting Pluto native Martinex and mega-muscled Jupiter soldier Charlie-27 came together to battle the Badoon, who were working to conquer our solar system and had apparently annihilated the rest of the members’ species.

They will be joined by flying, light-manipulating later member Starhawk in the new series.

Abnett has a rich cosmic history with Marvel, co-writing with Andy Lanning the 2008 “Guardians of the Galaxy” series that inspired the film’s lineup, a “Nova” run and the event miniseries “Annihilation: Conquest” and “The Thanos Imperative.”

“Readers have been begging for the return of the original Guardians team for a long time,” Marvel Executive Editor Mike Marts said in a statement released Wednesday, “and we’re happy to debut this series right in the midst of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie excitement!”

Popping up only occasionally in comics for decades, the original Guardians did have an ongoing series in the 1990s that ran for more than 60 issues. They also guest-starred alongside the newer team in Abnett and Lanning’s recent series.

And one of them will appear in the upcoming film: Yondu will be played by Michael Rooker.

– Blake Hennon | Google+ | @LATHeroComplex


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