‘Romeo and Juliet: The War’: Stan Lee’s cosmic Shakespeare

Oct. 24, 2011 | 10:28 a.m.

This post has been corrected, as detailed below.

Stan Lee has been writing in a sort of breathless, everyman version of Shakespeare jive for decades — the Asgard that he and Jack Kirby created in the 1960s was based in Norse myth but the tonal aspiration was galactic Olivier — so when I watched the video above I had to smile a bit. It’s a trailer for Lee’s sci-fi graphic novel called “Romeo and Juliet: The War,” which is a very traditional revisiting of the tragedy except with, you know,  laser blasters, starships, genetically enhanced superhumans and  malicious cyborgs. The book, from 1821 Comics and co-written by publisher Terry Dougas, comes out Nov. 30 and features the high-gloss images of  Singapore-based artist Skan Srisuwan.

[For the record, 11:59 a.m. Oct. 24: A previous version of this post misspelled Terry Dougas’ last name as Douglas and incorrectly referred to the book’s publisher, 1821 Comics, as 1812 Comics.]

— Geoff Boucher


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3 Responses to ‘Romeo and Juliet: The War’: Stan Lee’s cosmic Shakespeare

  1. Eric says:

    I'm really excited to hear about Stan Lee's graphic interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. I only wish it was coming out sooner. I've been working on analyzing different interpretations of Romeo and Juliet (film, documentary, music – http://becksteaderic232.blogspot.com/) and how it affects the themes presented in the original play, and I would love to have been able to use Stan Lee's graphic novel as a medium of interpretation. I'll just have to wait for it and read it for pleasure.

  2. katrina says:

    its good to have diffrent tyes of the story .. comic.. realistic.. ect more ppl would enjoy and learn about it. :)

  3. dahak says:


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