Superman comic covers: ‘Secrets in the Night’

June 10, 2013 | 5:00 p.m.

6. “Action Comics” Vol. 1, No. 662, 1991
Lois Lane’s shocked face fills the cover of 1991’s “Action Comics” Vol. 1, No. 662, by artists Brett Breeding and Kerry Gammill. In the issue’s story, “Secrets in the Night” by Roger Stern, Clark Kent finally reveals to his fiancée Lois Lane that he is Superman. “Did you ever have a secret, one you’d kept for so long that when you did finally confide in someone, you were afraid that they’d take it the wrong way?” Clark asks Lois in the final pages of the issue. “Lois, for the past few years I’ve lived a double life — using the name you gave me after I was forced to use my powers in public…. Ever since that day, I’ve been both Clark Kent … and Superman!” (DC Entertainment)

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