‘Superman Unchained’ No. 7 preview: Man of Steel prepares for battle

June 29, 2014 | 10:00 a.m.
smund cv7 1 100 var1 Superman Unchained No. 7 preview: Man of Steel prepares for battle

This variant cover for "Superman Unchained" No. 7 shows Jim Lee's pencil work. (DC Entertainment)

smund 7 11 Superman Unchained No. 7 preview: Man of Steel prepares for battle

Time's up: Things get rolling in a hurry on the opening page from "Superman Unchained" No. 7, written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jim Lee, with inks by Scott Williams and colors by Alex Sinclair. (DC Entertainment)

smund 7 2 31 Superman Unchained No. 7 preview: Man of Steel prepares for battle

The "dogs of war" make their approach while Superman readies himself in "Superman Unchained" No. 7. (DC Entertainment)

smund 7 41 Superman Unchained No. 7 preview: Man of Steel prepares for battle

Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Batman readies for a battle of his own in "Superman Unchained" No. 7. (DC Entertainment)

smund 7 51 Superman Unchained No. 7 preview: Man of Steel prepares for battle

Superman readies himself for the worst in "Superman Unchained" No. 7. (DC Entertainment)

All along, “Superman Unchained” has considered the question of what it means to be a hero.

The Scott Snyder-written, Jim Lee-drawn series, which debuted June 2013, harkened the arrival of Wraith, an all-powerful alien who has been working with the U.S. Army in secret since World War II. The character represents a sort of alternate Superman whose existence has forced the Man of Steel into pondering his own methods and motivations, leading to a higher degree of  Sartre-level existentialism than typically seen in the average comic title.

But judging by the preview of this week’s forthcoming Issue No. 7, it appears that the series is also about to ramp up its action quotient as well.

Hero Complex readers can check out pages from “Superman Unchained” No. 7  in the gallery above or by clicking on the links below.

Cover | Andy Kubert variant | Jock variant | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 4 | Page 5 |

Raising the philosophical stakes for the Man of Steel was always part of the plan for writer Snyder, who spoke with Hero Complex about the “Unchained” series before its debut. He said his aim was to have readers “see things both artistically and story-wise that are going to knock them over and say, ‘I’ve never seen Superman done this way before, ever.’”

Jock's variant cover for "Superman Unchained" No. 7. (DC Entertainment)

Jock’s variant cover for “Superman Unchained” No. 7. (DC Entertainment)

To that end, Snyder and Lee have been successful, crafting a Superman tale that questions the very nature of the hero’s decades-long quest to protect his adopted planet (now 76 years and counting).

With his uneasy alliance with Wraith fully dissolved into an all-out battle at the end of “Unchained” No. 6, the Man of Steel is now facing an attack from multiple foes, with events irrevocably sliding toward a final showdown.

As Issue No. 7 opens, trouble is everywhere, with Batman facing a siege from Wraith in the Batcave and Superman and Lois preparing for an all-out assault. (Snyder also writes the Dark Knight’s flagship title.)

“Superman Unchained” is slated to end with Issue No. 9 in September, which means this issue marks the beginning of the third act of the series. Judging by the action in Issue No. 7, Snyder and Lee are promising no let-ups as they hurtle to the conclusion.

“Superman Unchained” No. 7 hits stores Wednesday.

– Justin Sullivan | @LATHeroComplex


His original name? Kal-El. His legal name is Clark Joseph Kent. (Jim Lee / DC Comics)

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13 Responses to ‘Superman Unchained’ No. 7 preview: Man of Steel prepares for battle

  1. Mike says:

    Just give him back his iconic red and blue pants!

  2. Centurion13 says:

    Ah, just more superhero deconstruction. Turning Superman into another version of The Authority? Really? Warren Ellis, Allan Moore, and Garth Ennis have beat this existential horse to death. Will Superman kill? They did this better in Kingdome Come. Too bad Busiek hasn't the time for stuff like this.

  3. selfhelplegal says:

    I want a Boy Scout Superman. If I want brooding angst, I'll read Batman. I've had very little interest in DC since the New 52 nonsense started.

    • Claus Talon says:

      THANK YOU. I could not agree with you MORE. It's okay for his occasional introspections, but Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El is NOTa BROODER. He's the one shining optimistcal constant of the DC universe and SHOULD always remain that way. There are a plethora of other characters that can be used for varient moods, without tampering with an ICON.

  4. Crumbhead says:

    I watched a pretty entertaining Superman animated movie last night titled "All Star Superman". Check it out if you have a chance.

  5. RY33 says:

    More reasons I left DC Comics at the "New 52" and haven't missed them a bit. Looks like every other comic book being produced today. Over colored, too much in every panel, no clear story telling.


  6. Droppo says:

    Modern comics look awful. You have a good artist like Jim Lee doing the pencils and by the time the coloring and printing process is done, it looks like a cheap cartoon. The old fashioned process was low tech, but ended up looking ten times better. Cheaping out on us to skimp every penny… I have lots of money to spend on comics but I won't touch anything printed since 2000. My money is going to the classic comics from 1978 to 1990 mostly. When I flip though boxes of comics in the story, I can tell with my eyes closed which are classic comics and which are the cheap new ones on slick ugly paper with cheap Photoshopped coloring.

  7. Michael Bay sucks says:

    The Michael Bay approach to comic books…action, explosion, action, explosion….

  8. george says:

    the new 52 sucks ,most of the art work is terrible .I am a big green arrow fan and that series has bored me to death ,jim lee the best go back to the old ways clark and lois together classic justice league .the movies are influencing comics to much should be the other way around

  9. Joseph D says:

    I for one am loving the New 52. Yeah, there's been some not so good comics, but that's they way it's always been. Superman Unchained has been awesome from the 1st Issue. I applaud both Scott Snyder and Jim Lee.

  10. Bruce5476 says:

    Jim and Scott we got your backs. Keep up the great work.There is always going to be haters just like they are going to be people who love your work. Each issue makes me want to read the nest one. Love it!

  11. Lemae says:

    Now try putting out a book in a timely manner. September? Really? Why not next March?

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