Wonder Woman at 70: DC’s icon gets new origin (but still no film)

Nov. 04, 2011 | 11:18 a.m.
ww cv1 final Wonder Woman at 70: DCs icon gets new origin (but still no film)

Wonder Woman #1 cover (DC Comics)

Hollywood is working on new movies featuring Superman and Batman and they will give the iconic DC heroes 16 theatrically released feature films between them.

But Wonder Woman, the third most famous name in the DC vault, will celebrate her 70th anniversary this December with exactly zero feature films as well as the lingering ignominy of the live-action television pilot that NBC and Warner Bros financed but then deemed too awful to air.

What’s the problem? That’s one question our Geoff Boucher asked writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang, the new creative team chronicling the adventures of the Amazon princess in the pages of DC Comics.

The pair, who took over the title under The New 52 initiative to revamp or revitalize their entire DC line,  caused a stir right away by changing the heroine’s classic origins story  and giving her something that she’s never had in any of her adventures in any medium — a father (who, it turns out, just happens to be the Greek god-king Zeus).

GB: There are some interesting things to balance with Wonder Woman; her heritage makes her a sort of hero of antiquity, but she needs to appeal to today’s young readers. There’s also the balance between the portrayal of her femininity and her warrior spirit, which seems to trip up some creators.

BA: It’s a challenge but it’s not insurmountable. When you look at antiquity that’s shiny, it gets boring.  Look, antiquity has been around a long time there’s a lot of dents and bruises in it and a lot of dirt. I think the whole white toga thing — yi-yuh-yi.

ww 2 cover solicit only Wonder Woman at 70: DCs icon gets new origin (but still no film)

Wonder Woman #2 cover (DC Comics)

CC: We’re striving for something that speaks to a certain timelessness but at the same time doesn’t get bogged down with older notions of the Greek gods. We’ve done away with togas and sandals and stuff like that in order to make you look at them with new eyes. We want the characters to look and sound different, we want them to act different than you would expect if you were watching “Clash of the Titans” or something like that. The fact that all of the Greek myths are really rooted in human behavior is great. Universal themes get played over and over again and Brian is so great at writing that kind of story. It makes it easier to keep it as timeless stories as opposed to stories that are dressed up to be ancient … sometimes we go for the real fantastic too and sometimes it’s more mundane and the fun is in having that huge swing.

GB: This is a character that dates back to the Roosevelt administration and all the history can be a vast resource to draw from but, I suspect, it could also be somewhat paralyzing when you’re trying to decide on your tone and responsibility to the heritage. What was your view coming in — and did you do a lot of research?

CC: I looked back at some of it but I didn’t go through it obsessively. I wanted to see some of what had been done before but with the mandate of this [company initiative] and its need to feel new, it was less of a priority. We knew we were going in a different direction with things. The fact that Jim Lee had already designed the new costume [last summer], that part of the problem was solved for me and more of it was trying to figure out how to design the gods and the rest of her supporting cast so they would fit the tone of the book.

ww cv3 Wonder Woman at 70: DCs icon gets new origin (but still no film)

Wonder Woman #3 cover (DC Comics)

BA: I steered clear of a lot of it. We wanted to do something new. We didn’t really want to bring too much of the old stuff. There are certainly nods to it but I’m sure there will people who will disagree when I say that we’ve been respectful. We’re kind of forging our own trail right now. We’ve cleaned her up. You can describe who she is now. She’s got the specific description now just like Batman or Superman.  She’s the daughter of a god. It’s weird, through the years people don’t have a strong grasp of her. In the general popular culture, she’s huge, not that anybody really knows anything about her. I’ve asked people –what do you know about Wonder Woman and they say, ‘The Amazon, right?’ And that’s about as far as it goes. They don’t know what her origin is. The idea of the character is bigger than the character herself. She’s recognizable but not known. And when that happens they go to the side stuff, they talk about [the accessories] like the lasso and the bracelets.

GB: That’s a big change. The classic version of the Wonder Woman origin was that the Queen Hippolyta longed for a daughter and shaped a youngster out of clay and the goddess Aphrodite then brought that statue to life. You guys are going in a very different direction by making her the daughter of Zeus, which means she’s the half-sister of Heracles, Perseus and Helen of Troy.

CC: If you went to the average person on the street and showed them a picture of Wonder Woman they would recognize her immediately. Ask those people her origin story and some of them might know the clay story but many, many others would not know that at all. That’s not a problem you have with Superman or Batman; everyone knows their origin. By making her the daughter of Zeus, we’ve gotten a big driving force behind our story. It gives her a motivation and it’s a key to character that we now feel is very important. She’s a child of the gods who defends us from them, in the same way that Superman is from another planet trying to save humanity and Batman is the orphan who is protecting us from the criminals who killed his parents.

ww 4 cvr solicits Wonder Woman at 70: DCs icon gets new origin (but still no film)

Wonder Woman #4 cover (DC Comics)

BA: It’s going to be key to a lot of things. We can’t just make this change and leave it hanging. It’s going to inform the first year of stories. She’s got a whole family she’s got to meet. Some are looking forward to meeting her and others aren’t. We’re heading toward the family reunion. Ever been to one of those? At the same time she is protecting this young woman Zola, who happens to be carrying a baby — we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet — who is another one of the children of Zeus. So she’s protecting her half-brother or half-sister who is on the way.

GB: Wonder Woman has been pretty stiff at times in the comics. Some writers and artists don’t seem to know what to do with her and they treat her like a museum piece they’re afraid  they might break. 

CC: I agree and it goes to what you mentioned before about classic femininity versus Amazonian femininity and that crosses some people up. A lot of people have these ideas about Wonder Woman and that she would act in a certain way– very prim and proper, almost Victorian notion of femininity — and we’re trying to bring to something that brings it closer to an older warrior culture. Wonder Woman is extremely self-confident.  When we introduce her in the first issue and she’s in her bedroom and she’s sleeping in the nude, that’s not a sex appeal thing, it’s a character thing. She’s so confident in herself of course she’s going to sleep in the nude and the wardrobe she has across the room isn’t going to be full of clothes, it’s going to be full of weapons.

BA: She has a really dry sense of humor. A lot of these characters in comics, if they’re funny it’s because they’re wiseguys. That’s the way people write them. I wanted to write it right a little more seriously. She’s very confident so she makes jokes and they kind of go over other people’s heads.

lynda carter as wonder woman Wonder Woman at 70: DCs icon gets new origin (but still no film)

Circa 1976: Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in “The New Adventures of Wonder Woman.” (CBS/Los Angeles Times archives)

GB: Superman and Batman are taking flight again on the big screen but Wonder Woman is still waiting her turn. It sort of boggles the mind especially when you consider the fact that Ghost Rider, Swamp Thing, the Punisher and Hellboy each have made it to the screen two or more times. Do you think that speaks to something in the audience or in the creative world? In other words, is it the fact that we don’t want to see a movie bad enough or is it the fact that Hollywood can’t make it good enough?

CC: Wow, that’s a big one. I would say that the audience has wanted different things out of a Wonder Woman movie over the years and that the creative side hasn’t quite figured out the way go. Wonder Woman presents a thorny question: How are you going to show the premier female superhero to the audience in a way that will satisfy that audience? I think now is the time for a Wonder Woman movie. I think it would be great. I think people’s ideas of what a woman can do and the way women heroes can be presented is much broader. You think back to the old TV show, it was pretty campy, but it was the ’70s. The thing is Lynda Carter never made fun of Wonder Woman, which was great and it’s one of the reasons the show really inspired a lot of people to fall in love with Wonder Woman. She did it with a straight face and one of the things we want to do is sort of present this no-nonsense woman warrior. That’s not to say she isn’t compassionate, she’s just ready to get down to business.

BA: I don’t know, they like her on TV. At the theater? I don’t know the answer. I think when people go to comic-book movies they’re going with a preconceived notion of the characters, although I guess “Iron Man” broke that mold. But you go to a Superman movie or a Batman movie and you know who they are. What sold the first Superman movie was the fact that he could fly and the special effects were so great — ‘You’ll believe a man can fly,’ that was the tagline. They are kind of these clear niches where they work, Batman in Gotham City and has seriously creepy villains, Superman is in Metropolis and he fights with the smartest man on Earth. With Wonder Woman, I don’t think people know what they would get out of that right now. Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor?

— Geoff Boucher


adrianne palicki as wonder woman Wonder Woman at 70: DCs icon gets new origin (but still no film)

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42 Responses to Wonder Woman at 70: DC’s icon gets new origin (but still no film)

  1. Peter says:

    I dont mind that Brian has decided to change her origin. Its practically a requirement givent he editorial direction for the new 52. I do fid it of note though the manner in which he rationalizes it. While he is correct, maybe the average person on teh street a year ago wouldnt know her detailed origin (the clay, aphrodite, etc) how is that remedied by changing said origin?

    Also, while "Amazon" is not an identity, neither is "Demigod."

    Still, I am reading it and enjoying it, so I will cut them a little bit of slack here.

  2. dopper0189 says:

    I'm in wait and see mode on the changes to her origins, I don't mind the Zeus angle just wish they still could ad a bit of the clay into it (maybe have Zeus breath into the clay?).

    I think Wonder Woman should be a cross between Buffy the Vampire slayer, Storm, and Thor. Buffy's attitude, Storm "aloofness", with Thor's cosmic scope. I think too many writers get caught on playing up her sex appeal. I think it will come through naturally through her powerful woman visage, don't over sell it.

    The movies keep stalling because they think they need to write it to sell to the Maxim magazine set, when they should be writing it as another super hero movie.

  3. Ally says:

    "She’s so confidant in herself "

  4. trajansaldana says:


  5. Kya says:

    I wish they hadn't made Wonder Woman be the daughter of Zeus. Why not the daughter of a Goddess, not a God? If she is not going to be made of clay and Aphrodite, at least let her be the daughter of an Amazon. Putting the emphasis on her father rather than her mother just pushes the patriarchy. Don't destroy her history, add to it.
    Why is she being re- conceived, illustrated, and changed, by men? Is there no woman on the team?

    • Richard says:

      Kya, don't forget the character was created by a man in the first place.
      You have women that are the anti-thesis of feminism and you have men that are
      adamant in their belief in equality. Judge them by their character and actions, not gender, K?

      They keep drifting from her origins. Wonder Woman was originally a mortal with skills earned
      from hard work. She sacrificed her position of safety for the man, and eventually country she loved.

      I HATE that they forget that she is a PATRIOTIC symbol. Her uniform is literally the flag refashioned.
      They keep trying to make things more popular for the world market at the expense of whoring out
      the characters to fit their sensibilities rather than staying true to their nature.

      WW was always feminine without being weak, at least when the stories followed her creators
      intent rather than some of the stuff that came later on. WW was never intended to be a weepy
      person not was she supposed to be yet another superman. It's about doing stuff despite the
      risks of getting hurt. It's about doing the right thing even when it may not work to our advantage.

      • bam says:

        appreciate your point to not judge by gender. Agreed. As Marston was a ardent supporter of women's equality. But in fact behind the scenes and very much involved with the creation of Wonder Woman were not one but two women in the life of William Moulton Marston. They influenced the character greatly.

    • Georgina says:

      I agree with you 100%… I thought her origins were clear already to me… Aphrodite and Athena gave her life, right after Hippolyta formed her out of clay. Why could they ad to that story? I would think Athena is a pretty cool Goddess to had been WW's mother and creator… she is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, warfare, strength, strategy, female arts, crafts, justice, and skill. I just think Zeus fathering so many children is kind like "it gets old fast"… you know what I mean? "OH another Zeus child with powers"! Is like when ever they want to create a half human and half god savior they ask Zeus to father it! lol… I mean so far I have enjoyed the two new 52 issues but I'm still skeptical about this new origin… I just hope the story really works.

      • Alex says:

        I agree with you. The rationalization for changing the origin is total BS. While most people probably know that Superman came from another planet, how many would really know that Batman’s origin is that his parent’s were killed? Not many I think. They’d know of the joker, the Batmobile, the Batcave, and his gadgets — just like how most people know of Paradise Island, the Invisible Jet, the Lasso of Truth, and the bullet-deflecting bracelets.

        And here’s the kicker. He says the change was needed in order to give her some kind of unique identity. But it did exactly the opposite. Superman = last son of Krypton; unique. Batman = billionaire, extraordinarily trained human with amazing tech; unique. Wonder Woman = clay brought to life and imbued by Greek goddesses; unique. Wonder Woman = yet another bastard child of Zeus; NOT unique. Yawn.

        Since neither of these artists, or Jim Lee, or anyone else at DC seems to give a crap about Wonder Woman, why should we give a crap about this “new” series? I’m fine with waiting until the whole stupid thing crashes and burns, Lee and Didio are kicked to the curb, and intelligent people are brought in and undo this mess.

  6. anonymous says:

    I'm with Kya. I don't have a problem with the original narrative in which Wonder women is created from clay by a Goddess and breathed to life by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. What is wrong with that? Why does she have to be born by Zeus without a mother? To me that narrative is, again, as Kya suggests, in the service of a patriarchal narrative in which we see male as sole creator. As a woman I find it more empowering and affirming to have an image of a female heroine that comes from a long line of female warriors, because like men, we too have strengths and the capability to fight if it is a necessary line of action. Her matrileneal lineage does not have to be in conflict with the masculine, but it appears as though our husbands, lovers, friends and brothers still maintain the fear that women want to take over and dominate. The feminist movement is about equal opportunity my friends not about dominance.

    • adric says:

      Well you know there was such a big issue with some fans when Diana was given a male romatic interest as well. Trying to "limit" who she is tends to be the main problem.

  7. Vivian Cruz says:

    I think they could run through the roots of the Amazon myth in a movie. I love the way Cliff Chiang draws her, and really like the argument of a warrior that don't need clothes. Kya has a good point that they shouldn't give emphasis on her father than Hippolyta to explain something of the character that is a symbol of feminism. However, as they brilliantly used the old origin as a myth, I think that she, as Zeu's daughter, should be just a figurative idea or another myth. If you read the Amazon's myth, they had relationship with man when they wanted to have children. Diana's father could a man that Hippolyta choose, but hide his identity.

  8. mk2230 says:

    @ kya

    Women wrote her twice (Picoult and Simone) and they wrote mediocre stuff. Oh and men and women can both write good and write bad. Some of the best female characters are written by men.

  9. David says:

    I don't mind campy TV shows. Wonder women was fun. Changing her origins – I don't know. I'll need to read the comics. But I have seen all of the wonder women shows to date. Part of the problem for those women is running in high heals. Truth be told I don't think any amazon would run anywhere in high heals. And it shows in the TV films – running down a hill in high heals the women look like they are concerned with falling and breaking their neck. Perhaps it is time for the boots to have sandal bottoms.

  10. Darna says:

    I think the main problem is sexism. Warner Brothers would take risks for their MALE SUPEHEROES like Superman and Batman

    Eventhough some of the Superman and Batman films had flopped at the box office. But they would still give another chance for Superman and Batman to be back on the silver screen, same with Green Lantern. the film didnt do well at the box office but he has 2 animated movies and an upcoming animated series.

    WB won't risk for a female superhero unlike men

    and DC and WB SUCKS! the only character they know is Superman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman BatmanSuperman Batman

    Unlike Marvel , I mean almost all their comic characters has been made into films

    • Vivian Cruz says:

      You said everything! lol!

    • adric324 says:

      It isn't sexism. It is the fact that Wonder Woman is more complex than Batman or Superman. She isn't necessarily a "hero". The fact is she will kill if it results in the ultimate good of all. Everyone likes that Batman is so "dark", he is but everyone knows his limits. They even had the added line to make him seem like he would kill in the Batman movie "I won't kill you…but I don't have to save you.." (not a direct verbatum quote). Wonder Woman, would kill. She often is at odds with both Batman and Superman because of her beliefs, and that is where there is so much difficulty in trying to "box" her into an easy story line.

  11. Steven says:

    Wonder Woman has been given wonderful treatments in the past. Her re-imagining post-Crisis/Legends by George Perez was excellent, and her appearance in Kingdom Come was nothing short of stunning. Why can't writers for film/tv get what makes the character great, and put something together that really encompasses what the character is about, instead of trying to either squeeze her into the mold made for other superheroes, or playing up the sex appeal?
    The problem isn't sexism, it's lack of vision. Other heroes have gotten crappy treatments in film/tv, usually due to the same lack of vision. The writers and producers need to look at the things that made the great Wonder Woman stories what they were, and focus on that. When they do that, they'll have a product worth watching.

    • adric says:

      I think her Kingdom Come role was awesome. It portrayed her complexity perfectly.

      WW is not necessarily a superhero. Her decesions to be "good" have nothing to do with an established story-line of an "arch-villan". She is an ambassador in the "world of man" and she will defend her beliefs. Reading The Hiketeia shows her facing off with Batman. She isn't as hard a character to understand, but yes is more complex than either Batman and Superman, and that is what seems to be difficult for DC.

  12. Mo Eason says:

    Wonder Woman’s history has always been clear. Perhaps it would be clearer to people if she had as many movies as Batman and Superman. It seems Wonder Woman is destined to be a camp film without anyone really taking her seriously. I think hollywood does not want to show her as the intense warrior that she is. She has been known to hold her own along side batman and superman. Why can we not find a great director for Wonder Woman. Are we afraid to show the darker side of battle? Do we not want to see her bleed outside of her comic pages? I believe people have been afraid to show the real Wonder Woman.

    I believe the men who are attempting to rewrite an icon should be brave enough to write the real Wonder Woman first and be true to all that makes her Wonder Woman and an icon. It isn’t all pretty and campy. Like Batman and Superman, she faces life threatening foes and must deal with the chaos and psychology of criminal lunacy, world terrorism and life and death decisions.

    I don’t think Wonder Woman has really been given her due. I don’t think hollywood really believes in her star power and yet she is an icon.

  13. MichaelR says:

    I just do not understand the people at DC comics.
    They know that in Greek myth Hippolyta the mother of Wonder Woman is Ares the god of war's daughter.
    They know that Hercules during his 9th labour had an affair with Hippolyta.
    They know in DC comics Zeus tried to rape Wonder Woman.
    yet they still do this

    What is this some kinda father, son tag team on Hippolyta the mother of Wonder Woman?

  14. adric says:

    I have a problem that Zeus is her father…period.(and MichaelR is so right…there is already a HISTORY with the gods – not to mention she has ALREADY been down the "goddess" road before!) She was given life by a goddess…so why do you need to change that origin.

    It seems as this is going into a realm where the folks are trying to get an "easy road" to writing for Wonder Woman. The issue with WW is NOT her heratage. It is that no one seems to get their hands on how to write for a storyline that does not have ONE starting point. And that WW is OLDER and has been around longer than Batman or Superman. They have been able to do so much with Superman's heratage from Krypton, why can't they do the same with Wonder Woman? She isn't that hard to understand.

  15. adric says:

    WW interacted with "man's world" more than once. One of the annimated films did well with the modern day WW meeting an old Steve Trevor and they still having a good friendship. DC needs to get off the "change" bus and get on with being true to her story (They already "killed" her in the original Crisis by having her return to her clay form) and tackle from the perspective of being the third part of the Trinity who is all about shades of gray…one step more than Batman, because she will kill as any warrior will.

  16. jsrichardson1 says:

    I don't feel like her origins had to be changed in order to maker her relevant to today's audience. A woman created from clay and come to man's world to teach the Amazonian ways is just as compelling as Zeus' daughter come to do it..

  17. adric says:

    Also, sadly, people have been too exposed to Xena:Warrior Princess who was such a WW rip off that that is another feather in the "campy" hat.

  18. Vivian Cruz says:

    I think they should had put Diana and Hippolyta at Immortals and we could get a croosover with Superman/Henry Cavil. One big step for the Justice League movie. lol!!!

  19. Sam says:

    George Perez gave Wonder Woman a father back in 1987. This was canon for her story until the DC reboot. Proof: http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c149/scarecroe/

  20. Kent Milton says:

    Moulton created her as a "distinctly feminist role model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to a world torn by the hatred of men." Her being molded from clay was a huge part of the feminist aspect of the character. The idea was that she NOT be conceived from a man/male figure. This small twist gave even more relevance to the fact that she was indeed the champion of the amazon women – one conceived entirely from love (that of Hippolyta as granted by Aphrodite). Sadly the aspect of her character which distinguishes her so much from other super-heroines (where the formula was to take any male hero and add "girl" or "woman" after) has been taken away b/c the writer felt it helped aid HIS story. A story which honestly will be forgotten in the big picture of the history of Wonder Woman. Ask a the average person on the street if they will remember Brian Azzarello's run and they probably won't even know who or what the hell you are talking about. Eventually someone will take her back to her roots, as her true fans patiently await a writer who can build upon her strengths as a character and not tear them down.

  21. Power Guy says:

    If these guys want to change certain characters so much, why bother using these characters at all? I liked the Greek gods better before the DCnU. Wonder Woman's new book was one that I was really looking forward to with the relaunch but will most likely be the first one I drop due to the lack of Artemis, Donna Troy, Steve Trevor, Nemesis, her human rogues gallery, and the apparent abandonment of the Invisible Jet. Wonder Woman just doesn't seem fun or like a superhero book any more. These guys could take a few notes from Jimenez and Heinburg's runs.

  22. Jesse Lykken says:

    Nobody can match Lynda Carter, in my opinion, but the closest I've seen were several black models wearing WW costumes that I saw various places online over Halloween. We enjoyed having a black Green Lantern. Perhaps a black WW would be a heroine that we could all get behind (pun intended).

  23. Veneta Shepherd says:

    It's high time that we had a woman of color portray Wonder Woman. Rosario Dawson would fill out the costume nicely, don't you think?

  24. Troy says:

    I'm so frustrated that WW has been so neglected as compared to her male counterparts. How many Bat/Supe movies do we need before WW gets her due? The arguments she NEEDS a revamp to be better understood is outright ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with her origin story. Just because some loose on-the-street polling shows people don't know the particulars of her origin story, doesn't mean something's wrong with it. What's important is she is immediately recognized with her own distinct identity. Be a storyteller and direct a movie so people can understand her story. Had she been given the same development efforts over the years as her male counterparts, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I realize the movie industry is moving to darker, grittier overtones in general, and there's no reason WW can successfully be adapted to that style with her origin story in tact. I'm sick of hearing this argument about "pristiness" and campiness of the TV series being such a huge obstacle. Just because she starts there doesn't mean she has to end there. Let's not forget Superman and Batman have "shiny" campy roots too. Give me a break. As far as her history, WW is the daughter of Hippolyta, formed of clay and blessed with life by the goddess Aphrodite (period). She grew up on Themyscira amongst her amazonian sisters learning the ways and ideals of the Amazons. She brings those ideals to the world of man and has the warrior skills to defend them if necessary. The TV series theme song says it all. Leave her origin alone! And, I wish they'd stop trying to make her something she's not, which isn't Superman or Batman in a woman's body trying to get out. You start fooling with the mythos of these guys and you end up with a mess like Superman Returns. There are so many possibilities for telling a WW story without screwing with her origin. I'm all for updating for modern times, but this daddy Zeus business is incongruous.

  25. John says:

    I just don’t get it. It’s said that people don’t know her origins? Well, maybe if they picked up a comic book, they would know! Digressing here, but I also get irritated when people say WW does not have any stand out rouges. Of course she does and she always has. Cheetah, Dr. Psycho, Giganta, Ares just to name a few of the high profile ones.

    WW is probably the only DC character that has a real purpose. And if you don’t know it, read a comic book! Geez.

    Diana is an Amazon, a warrior, a princess, a woman. She is kind and gentle, honest and forgiving and when she needs to be she is fierce, unflinching and way more “power”ful than Superman. So many recent writers have had WW questioning who she is. “Who is Wonder Woman?” [dis]graced so many book titles. After a while I was wondering if this was some sort of misogyny going on. Why do we know who Superman and Batman are? Because their origin has been forced down our throats with every movie or book. Before Nolan’s adaption, every Batman movie retold the same friggin’ origin! Even with Nolan we saw it AGAIN. Superman crashed landed here as a baby. And really, what is his purpose? Diana was born to save humanity. Born to teach peace. Pretty friggin’ simple if you ask me. “Uh, we don’t think people know her origin well so we are going to change it up.” Just making it all the more confusing if you ask me.

    Hollywood can’t make a WW movie simply because they don’t know how and are afraid to put a confident woman in charge. They have no idea how to deal with a compassionate character.

    Want a good WW movie> Make “Spirit of Truth”, by Alex Ross and Paul Dini. That story says it all. Describes WW/Diana plain and simple.

    Really do we need another ‘man’ movie showing brute force and gadgetry?

    Last years WW story arc by Strazynski was infuriating! Again her origin was retold/remade. Again Diana questioned who she was. Again some big hoopla about the costume change.

    Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman. George Perez had it right. Closest thing to Marsten’s idea, only modernized and updated. Jimenez brought it back home as did a few other writers, but not many!

    And I won’t write about the idiocy that the TV relaunch was. Other than say it was shear crap.

    Come on people. Read a few early WW back issues. Her story is there. Her purpose is there.

    Stop trying to change it up!

  26. Darnell Johnson says:

    All I have to say is if they pull another AMAZONS ATTACK/FLASHPOINT with her, I am PERMANENTLY banning her comics from my house >=O!

    PS: I think the art is decent, theres quite a few other they couldve gotten, but hey, low bidders are the winners of today =).

    That is all k thanks.

  27. Calvin0007 says:

    I think it is the Hollywood problem again. They want to cast for a super model instead of a warrior. Linda Carter was hot as hell but she also looked healthy enough for combat. Their possibilities look too flimsy to survive hand to hand combat without breaking a nail. Take a look at Xena, a tough woman who had a sexy side. Today they would cast Jessica Alba and it would fail. Rather like casting Roger Moore as 007 as opposed to Sean Connery. Both are sauve and debonair but only one looks like he can kill you with his hands.

  28. lostsoul says:

    The origin was fine as it was, a daughter of the gods, clay given life by a goddess. I'm enjoying the nu Wonder Woman so far but dont see the need to tweak an origin that wasnt broken. Why not have Superman from Mars, saved by an ego mad father? Batman's parents shot for protection money, his mom a prostitue, his dad a pimp, or they made lots of money as drug dealers.. thats relevent to today isnt? No, you wouldnt do that, so why this? I dont get it. Its a huge origin change with unsavoury implications. Then again in a few years time they could say the gods lied and manipulated memories to sell their mind game.. gods are like that, fickle and twisted.

  29. Radndy says:

    I am having trouble understanding what the problem is … it does not seem like a stretch to me to get ww to the screen. There have beeen animated films that do her justice. Instead of changing her origin and reinventing her …… rely on what has worked and what I and many many like me have LOVED over the years. We do not need to reinvent the wheel here! I have been a fan for years … she is my favorite. I get upset when to many changes are made …. putting her in pants .. mistake! Batman and super man did not have their costumes radically changed. Updates to the costume for sure, but not a major change. The drawing of her with pants and a jacket made my blood boil. She looked more like wonder brat that the icon she is. To much change or change just for the sake of change is not going to go over well. Do not fix what is not broken! Update dont radically change her origin and look. Maybe she has not made it to screen because the waters have been to muddied. Go back to the basics .. that is my suggestion. No crap like making her a ceo of a corporation. That pilot left a lot to be desired…. and a bad taste in my mouth. We love her .. and are waiting with bated breath to see her on the big screen.

  30. brettjett says:

    Wonder Woman is actually similar to Neo of THE MATRIX!! That's a direction they can explore, and should. Palicki is very right for WW…I give her a thumbs up.

  31. John Paul says:

    I think the clay thing can easily be modified, if people find it hokey. what´s really important is that Diana comes from 2 women. That has alot of social, political, feminist and mythological implications that make the character fascinating. why change that, and make her a spawn of Zeus. The way I see it is B/A is writing a very interesting story about another character. Not WW. He´s even taken most of her powers. why? is he that scared of a trully powerful woman. I do like some of what he´s done with the gods, but lets make her more of a superhero already? i´d give him 2 out of 10 for a wonder woman story and 7 out od 10 for just a fantasy he´s spun from his head.

    i´ve actually written a WW trailer for a WW script I´m working on. It´s a kind of what if WW actually came to a world like ours, much like Man Of Steel and Batman Begins. Her origin but for our time. check it out.


    it has a cool soundtrack you can listen to while reading.

  32. johnrj08 says:

    The idea of a Wonder Woman TV series or feature film is preposterous. The character is unworkable in the modern era of super-hero films. Daughter of a God? Really? This takes Wonder Woman out of the realm of science fiction, which is where Marvel managed to fit THOR. If THOR had been portrayed as the son of an actual god, forget it.

  33. Claus Talon says:

    I have a BIG problem with this new generation of comic writers that want to change major things about these characters whose mythology has been engraved in the granite linings of our collective memories. There is NO NEED TO CHANGE HER ORIGIN-PERIOD/EXCLAMATION POINT. It seems to me that their ongoing philosophy is," Let's see what we can _ _ _ _ with next." As for "how far have we come"-apparently the poser just doesn't understand that for the most part, males are VISUAL beings. Call it shallow or whatever else you can come up with, but it is a part of a man's make-up, like it or not, and that means preference to that which is visually stimulating. Wonder Woman has always been shown as being a paragon of the Warrior/Woman, and her image should reflect that. If they could've found someone who looked like Alex Ross's depiction would there be any valid complaints?

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