1. “X-Men” No. 1 (1963)

Aug. 28, 2013 | 3:11 p.m.

1. “X-Men” No. 1 (1963)  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduce “The Strangest Heroes of All” -- and their archnemesis, Magneto. The first mutant power readers saw? Professor Charles Xavier telepathically calling his teenage students to class. They were: the optic-blasting Cyclops (Scott Summers, introduced here as “Slim”); superstrong and agile Beast (Hank McCoy); frost-wielding Iceman (Bobby Drake); flying Angel (Warren Worthington III); and, a few pages later, the telekinetic Jean Grey, a new arrival the professor declares will be called Marvel Girl (it wouldn’t stick). The “X” in X-Men is for “Ex-tra power,” Xavier says (that too would change). Before the Magneto threat arises, Jean must first deal with the attentions of her new classmates. Their first mission finds them fighting the master of magnetism off a military base – and when they succeed, a general exclaims “Uncanny!” No one could have guessed how rich and complex these heroes’ and this villain’s relationships would become. (Jack Kirby / Marvel)

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