22. “Mutant Massacre” crossover (1986)

Aug. 28, 2013 | 3:11 p.m.

22. “Mutant Massacre” (1986)  It’s the dawn of the mega X-crossover era as this 12-issue story spans six series, even pulling in “Thor” and “Daredevil.” The Marauders, including Sabretooth, who becomes a regular Wolverine antagonist, are slaughtering the subterranean mutants known as Morlocks. The X-Men, X-Factor, Power Pack and Thor all come to the Morlocks’ aid. Angel’s wings are so badly damaged in battle that they must be amputated. Sabretooth mentions the name of the Marauders’ shadowy leader, Mr. Sinister. He would make his first full appearance later and play a major role in the 1989 crossover “Inferno.” Creators included Chris Claremont, Louise and Walter Simonson, John Romita Jr., Ann Nocenti and Sal Buscema. (Terry Dodson / Marvel)

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