32. “The Age of Apocalypse” crossover (1995)

Aug. 28, 2013 | 3:11 p.m.

32. “The Age of Apocalypse” (1995)  What would the world be like if Charles Xavier died before founding the X-Men? Bad. Very bad. When Xavier’s mentally ill son, Legion, travels decades into the past to kill Magneto, Charles instead dies saving his then-friend. Apocalypse then conquers much of the world. This popular crossover event encompassed eight miniseries that temporarily replaced the regular X-titles, plus two special issues, featured radically reconfigured teams in its alternate reality and involved talents including Scott Lobdell, Andy Kubert, Mark Waid, Adam Kubert, Warren Ellis, Chris Bachalo, Jeph Loeb and Steve Epting. (Marvel)

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