Comic-Con: Fangirls find fashion Force in Her Universe

July 03, 2012 | 8:46 a.m.

No matter how many female fans come onboard the Millennium Falcon (or the USS Enterprise, or the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, or the Serenity, or the TARDIS…) it’s hard to change old perceptions.

“People outside of the sci-fi genre think that the average fan is the guy in the basement, and that’s just not the case,” says actress Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

With Her Universe, Eckstein is trying to help women change minds and look good doing it. Eckstein joined with the Araca Group to create a merchandising brand (clothing, accessories and cosmetics so far) geared toward female sci-fi fans — and they plan to debut a limited sampling of their newer material, including highly requested “Dr. Who” wares, on July 11 at Comic-Con and online at

'Star Trek' - Uhura Tee

‘Star Trek’ – Uhura Tee. (Her Universe)

“For us, the challenge is getting the retailers and the companies that make decisions out there to allow us to bring our merchandise in the stores,” Eckstein said. “If they open up to us, we will support it. They just have to give us the space. Pretty much almost half of all sci fi fans are women, and most people don’t realize that, so Her Universe caters to this underserved market. It’s also a community for female fans for their voices to be heard.”

Eckstein will be heard herself while co-hosting a panel (July 14 from 6-7 p.m. in room 25ABC) at Comic-Con aptly titled “Are You a Geek Girl Trendsetter? Show Off Your Style to the Fashion Experts and Win Prizes.” Geeky fashionistas will be able to show off their custom-made outfits before an expert panel.

Serving fangirls, and growing her brand, Eckstein’s most difficult obstacle is something that plagues the fan community as a whole: changing old perceptions.

“Star Wars” hoodies, “Dr. Who” pajamas, “Star Trek” Uhura T-shirts and more will be available during Comic-Con at booth 2913-F in the Lucasfilm Pavilion. The “Star Wars” company was one of the first to sign on, but others may be starting to understand fangirl power: CBS Consumer Products even created a unique “Star Trek” logo, which will appear only on the Her Universe collection.

Other television shows inhabiting Her Universe include Syfy original movies and shows like “Warehouse 13” and “Battlestar Galactica.” Speaking of shows, Eckstein’s “Clone Wars” character Ahsoka Tano is also undergoing a fashion renaissance of sorts, but her accessories are still killer.

“Yeah, people had their opinions when she first came out in her tube top and mini skirt — not very fitting for a Jedi. Her season 3 update is flattering and a little bit sexy. It’s age-appropriate, though, since she’s 16 going on 17. I’m really happy with it — but she also got another lightsaber! Two are always better than one.”

— Jevon Phillips


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3 Responses to Comic-Con: Fangirls find fashion Force in Her Universe

  1. @OakMonster says:

    Nerd girl high five! I hope the store does well and expand to offer more stuff.

  2. Arsonette Artworks says:

    About time! I'm tired of having to customize the men's cut t shirts to fulfill me sci-fi t shirt needs! I can't wait to check out the merch! Thanks for sharing!

  3. David James says:

    It takes a certain amount of courage, or geekiness to wear a sci-fi themed attire out in public. Very few of such clothes can be labelled as fashionable, and most people dismiss them as too geeky. If there is anyone that can help change this perception. It should be her.

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