Comic-Con International: Ticket problems persist

Dec. 15, 2010 | 9:40 a.m.

Over at Technology, Los Angeles Times reporter Tiffany Hsu gets into the nitty gritty of the new Comic-Con International ticket process.

comic con logo1 Comic Con International: Ticket problems persistLet’s try this again: In a third attempt, Comic-Con tickets are going on sale again Wednesday at 8 a.m. And the process sounds even more complicated than before.  Organizers are calling it a “live test” and will only be releasing 1,000 of the four-day badges without Preview Night, requiring hopefuls to go through two separate sites. Last month, as hordes of fan-boys and -girls swarmed the registration site, sales froze and tempers rose –- twice.

After both aborted efforts, Comic-Con International apologized profusely and promised to look into better methods for supporting the hundreds of thousands of people expected to angle for tickets. This time, instead of relying solely on registration company EPIC, organizers are also bringing in ticket seller TicketLeap. EPIC will send out unique registration log-in codes and process payments after TicketLeap manages the initial badge requests.

That means potential Comic-Con attendees will have to visit two separate sites. If it sounds convoluted, that’s why organizers are trying it out first with a relatively small number of tickets. Here’s the rundown…


— Tiffany Hsu


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2 Responses to Comic-Con International: Ticket problems persist

  1. luckypaul says:

    Comic-Con fails again! Ticket seller crashes at 9:07 when tickets went on sale at 9:00! So far past pathetic at this point. I will soon have spent more time trying to buy tickets than waiting in line to get into Hall H (and getting shut out by line cutters for a Harry Potter program when only Draco Malfoy showed up).

    If Comic-Con wasn't an annual trip with my son, I'd skip it at this point.

  2. taylor is ANGRY says:

    i cant buy the ticket i just wont let me. this is a waste of time god forbid the use the incrediable.
    when i select how meny tickets i want to buy i says right after thats its full. i am SOOOOO pissed

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