Exclusive: Stan Lee serenades Geekie Awards with ‘geek hymn’

Aug. 21, 2013 | 11:47 a.m.
the geekie awards photo by bnatural photography geek cred award nasa jpl marce curiosity rover presenter marc evan jackson Exclusive: Stan Lee serenades Geekie Awards with geek hymn

The NASA JPL Mars Curiosity Rover team, which won the Geek Cred Award at Sunday's Geekie Awards, and presenter Marc Evan Jackson, far right. (BNatural Photography / Geekie Awards)

Stan Lee brought his singing voice to the Geekie Awards.

Lee, who received lifetime achievement honors at the inaugural event Sunday, serenaded the audience at Hollywood’s Avalon Hotel with an ode to geekdom.

“I’m very thrilled to get this whatever the hell it is,” Lee said, accepting the trophy — a blue phaser he promptly tucked in his waistband. “I was thinking to myself, you probably want a speech…. I have written a geek hymn, and since I have a captive audience, it’s a song.”

Then, to the tune of “Yankee Doodle,” Lee sang:

“Let us praise those who are geeks / And pity those who aren’t. / We’re a very special clique. / All else is just abhorrent. / Only geeks know what is in — / That’s why we’re so admired. / You could hear geeks speak all day / And never once be tired. / That’s why I’m so proud tonight, / Because I’m with my peers. / All of those who aren’t geeks / Are crying in their beers. / So here’s a toast to all things geek, / So hip, so in, so clever. / My heart is filled, I can’t speak, / But I’ll be geek forever!”

After his song, Lee left the stage, raising his right fist as he spoke his trademark motto.

“I still have no idea what a geek is, but I’m glad to be one. All I can say, and it comes from the heart, is excelsior!”

Sunday’s Geekie Awards, launched by actress and producer Kristen Nedopak, aimed to celebrate independent creators, artists and filmmakers in the “geek genre.” In addition to Lee, the event honored “Firefly” star Nathan Fillion as well as NASA JPL’s Mars Curiosity Rover team. Check out the complete list of honorees at the Geekie Awards website.

– Noelene Clark | @NoeleneClark | Google+


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