ZombieLab: Zombies invade London’s Science Museum

Feb. 01, 2013 | 4:47 p.m.

Our culture is in the midst of a distinctive zombie moment. The zombie romance “Warm Bodies” opens today, “The Walking Dead” returns to television Feb. 10, and we’ve got the Brad Pitt zombie thriller “World War Z”  hitting theaters in June.

So we should not be surprised that the savvy curators at London’s Science Museum have picked this weekend  to stage ZombieLab, a two-day interactive exhibition that looks at “the science of consciousness,” and what to do if a zombie apocalypse should ever … you know … occur.

The exhibition is a mix of interactive zombie games, and some real-life scientific experiments.

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In the “Quarantine” activity, visitors will be asked to complete certain tasks that prove they are fully conscious, and not a zombie. In the “Horde” activity, they can ask scientists who study collective behavior the best way to hide out in a zombie horde, should that become necessary.

A faux court trial will pose the question, “Are zombies accountable for their actions?” with solicitors arguing both sides of the case, and technology from the University of Cambridge’s Division of Anaesthesia will show what we would find if we measured the activity in a zombie’s brain.

The serious goal behind all this zombie goofiness is to explore the idea of consciousness, the museum says.

“ZombieLab will examine recent advances in consciousness research, including how the study of conscious experience can help our understanding of how we perceive the world,” reads a statement on the museum’s website.

The museum will even screen “Warm Bodies” in its Imax theater as part of the zombie fun.

–Deborah Netburn


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