‘True Blood’ too draining? Charlaine Harris says Sookie Stackhouse novels must end [updated]

Feb. 09, 2011 | 3:28 p.m.

Dead Reckoning,” the 11th installment in author Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse mystery series, is set to arrive this May — not long before the hit TV series inspired by the franchise, HBO’s “True Blood,” returns for a fourth season — but the novelist now is looking ahead to the conclusion of her long-running saga. [FOR THE RECORD: An earlier version of this post misstated the numeric place of  “Dead Reckoning” in the Harris series.]

“Truthfully, the next two books will probably be the last two books in the series,” Harris said last week. “I still love Sookie, but I’m beginning to want to write something else, and Sookie’s kind of taken over my life. I was able to write other things for the first few years I was involved in Sookie, but then after the start of the television show she took over so much of my time because of my increased publicity obligations that it’s been very hard to write other things, and I really need to do that.”

To satisfy her creative urges, Harris has embarked on a new endeavor, an online game called Dying for Daylight, that prominently features her vampire protagonist, Dahlia Lynley-Chivers, a ruthless, fashion-conscious vamp who has appeared in several of Harris’ short stories. “She’s one of my favorite characters,” Harris said. “Since HBO owns all the development rights to anything related to Sookie, Dahlia seemed a natural choice for this. She’s so visual, she’s so proud of the way she looks and she’s so adventuresome that it seemed like a really good match.”

In the game, available Friday at casual games publisher iplay.com (which previously has fashioned games based on the works of such other authors as James Patterson, Nora Roberts and Agatha Christie), Dahlia embarks on a mission to find a special potion that will enable her kind to spend some time in the sun. The venture was one that Harris had been interested in pursuing for some time. “I had been quite hopeful that someone would approach me about doing a game since some of my fellow writers had been involved in that,” Harris said. “I thought that would be neat. Of course we had to talk a little while to decide what character would adapt best to the medium. I-play just had such a good idea and they were so enthusiastic it was very easy to make the decision to go with them.”

Harris said the company was eager to collaborate with her on the project, and she consulted on the overall look and feel of the game. “They did show me the character drawings, and I had some input into how Dahlia should look and act and they did run the storyline past me,” Harris said. “We talked about several different storylines; I ended up saying that this one appealed to me most. But of course the design and everything has to be left to people who understand how to do it. I feel that way about everything I’m involved in.”

That doesn’t mean that she’s had an easy time navigating Dying for Daylight, though; Harris says she’s already gotten stuck: “To tell you the truth I’m not much of a gamer myself — I’ve got Dahlia dressed in a nurse’s uniform and now I don’t know what to do with her,” the author said. “The part I’m in takes place in the vampire quarter of New Orleans. Dahlia’s on a mission to find the sun potion which will enable vampires to go out in the daytime, and she is searching through all the grotesque parts of New Orleans to find clues as to where the sun potion might be in the first part of the game. That’s where I am, since I seem to be an endless loop. My assistant was helping me this morning.”

true blood1 True Blood too draining? Charlaine Harris says Sookie Stackhouse novels must end [updated]

A screen grab from Dying for Daylight

Harris’ fiction, of course, has been enjoying increased interest from not only game companies but also television networks and comic book publishers; IDW has a series of “True Blood” comic books spun off from Alan Ball‘s series; and another of Harris’ characters, Harper Connelly, is going to be getting the graphic novel treatment soon. Also, the Connelly mysteries were optioned by CBS with an eye toward developing them into a prime-time series. Seeing her characters adapted for various media has, she said, “added more dimensions to how I view them. I see the game as a different way to approach what I’m trying to do. It’s so interesting to see my characters doing things I didn’t write them doing. It’s been a big learning curve for me, and really kind of fun to challenge myself with seeing what my characters can do in a visual medium. It’s always interesting, sometimes shocking, sometimes delightful to see them translate.”

In the case of “True Blood,” it’s sometimes very shocking: case in point, last season’s (literally) head-turning sex scene between Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Lorena (Mariana Klaveno). Harris says even though she’s a regular viewer of the show, she sometimes is surprised by how graphic it can be, particularly when it comes to the amorous adventures of Sookie’s brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten).  “Of course, the television shows things that I only allude to,” Harris said. “I’ve had some moments where I have kind of covered my eyes a little bit. My gosh, there is a huge amount of skin. I guess I just don’t see that when I’m writing so much. In the books, you know Jason’s a horndog, you know that, but knowing it and seeing it are two different experiences.”

She was quick to praise the cast of actors, though, which, with Season 3, grew to include werewolves, shaman and the scene-stealing vampire king of Mississippi Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare). “I think all the actors are very fun,” she said. “I think Alan’s genius lies in picking the right person for the right role. They’re all talented and doing a great job. There are some plot lines that have surprised me, but I know that they know where they’re going — I just don’t know because it’s not where I went. So I can only wait to see what’s going to develop.”

— Gina McIntyre


78 Responses to ‘True Blood’ too draining? Charlaine Harris says Sookie Stackhouse novels must end [updated]

  1. Nathan Daniels says:

    While I would hate to see the books end, her last Sookie novel was weak….it felt like a place holder. But I hope she leaves the door open to write more at some point in the future….and I hope she reunites Sookie and Bill in the books.

    • Stokes says:

      Yes, I agree. The last few books have gotten weak. I suspect she will end the Sookies series in a mundane sort of way. Rather than Sookie walking into the Fae world and never seen again, Sookie will just settle down with warm blooded man (Sam?) and continue living in her old house. (Yawn)

    • christina Foster says:

      The last book was weeker yes but I still enjoyed reading it. I don't think I'll ever not want to read them. I wonder how there going to end. No Bill! Sookie Belongs with Eric. He is my fav character! The show is staying so far away from the books its unreal! Thisseason was so disapointing to me cus the 4th book was on of my fav. I didn't see alot of the book in it. Everything was wrong! In my opinion they are ruining the story.

  2. Theresa says:

    Won't Dead Reckoning be the 11th installment, not the 12th?

    • VL4Ever says:

      Yes DR will be the 11th installment. in the SSN.

      Ch did say "Probably" in her statement, so anything is possible. I adore this series and am looking forward to reading about the adventures of Sookie and Eric come May.

    • danny says:

      thats what i thought

  3. Cindy says:

    Nothing against Ms. Harris but the books are getting weaker which is a sign they are overdue for an ending. I do agree with you and hope Bill and Sookie are reunited. They belong together.

    • Susan says:

      Cindy, maybe in True Blood., but the books are different. People hoping for Bill and Sookie forget that. Don't expect Bill and Sookie in the books, only because they are together in the show.

      • Cass says:

        Sookie has forgiven Bill in the books, so anything is possible. Bill and Sookie could be reunited. Charlaine Harris has said that NO ONE is out of the running, that includes Bill.

    • Jenn says:

      These book are STRONG……… I hope so much eric and sookie end up together. They have more of an honest relationship than Bill and Sookie…. They belong together. Bill went into it using her. Eric did not. And she loves Eric. I have no doubt that Bill and Sookie will make an "attempt" to sleep together but I also feel in the end Eric will be the one. Afterall, she has never said she was his but she gave herself to him "completely" and that never occured with Bill.

  4. Ginny says:

    Anyone but Bill…certainly not Bill….NFW

    DR will be #11 in May/11 then 2 more.

  5. Dorothy says:

    I would love to See Ms. Harris end this brilliant series with Sookie and Eric – thier story was so central to all the novels and is what made me want more and more.

    The show absolutely pales in comparison to the Sookie Stackhouse Novels.

    • Tara says:

      I disagree. The books are very boring and seemed to be wrote for a 6 year old girl with a learning disability. The show has increased book sales and is way better. these books appeal to older fat women who have no love life. Thank the stars for the show. Awesome

  6. Charlatan says:

    I have been reading the SSN for the past 10 years! 10 years….I will miss the series so much.
    I trust Ms. Harris to bring it to a close in an imaganitive way that will leave readers satisfied.
    Of the hundreds(+) of books I've read, the story of Sookie and Eric was so compelling and well written. The angst, the drama, the love. It's a great story and I'll be sad to see it's conclusion.
    I do look forward to what Ms. Harris has in store for her Charlatans in the future.
    Sookie <3 Eric :)

  7. Gretchen says:

    Yes, it is the 11th novel. Fact check your stories LA Times!

  8. WKW66 says:

    I disagree about the books getting weak…in fact besides book four, imo, the best novels were 7-10.
    I also enjoy Sookie and Eric's journey throughout these books. For a lighthearted and fun read, they are an amazingly captivating couple. I'll be sad to see it end.

  9. CHFan says:

    I will miss the Sookie – Eric dynamics of the SSN. A spinoff series about the adventures of the~ 'part fae telepath and the viking vampire' ~ would be a best seller!!

    The show tides me over until the next book is released, but I agree with the other poster who said the show pales in comparison to the books.

    Looking forward to Miss Harris' future endeavours.

  10. Jen says:

    This is a quote from Charlaine Harris in Vanity Fair from June 2010: “How are they different? Bill turns out to be betraying Sookie the whole time. Sookie finds that out and it’s devastating to her." Bill and Sookie are not going to get back together in the Sookie novels. Even if you don't want to see Sookie with Eric or Alcide or Sam, how can anyone possibly think that the man who had been lying to her the entire time they were together, then cheated on her with his maker, then raped her in the back of a trunk would be the person she belongs with? How would that be a good thing for Sookie?

    Yes, Dead Reckoning is the 11th installment; the article is incorrect there.

  11. Judy says:

    Sookie and Bill don’t belong together if you read the books and follow the plot trajectory. It will be either Eric or Sam.

    And Dead Reckoning is definitely the 11th novel. Maybe they are counting A Touch of Dead, which is just a collection of previously published short stories.

  12. Niki says:

    I am sad that they will end, for they were a good read. I hope you don't reunite Sookie with Bill. She needs to go to Eric. The bond they have is stronger than words can describe!

  13. Marie says:

    Dead Reckoning is the 11th book, not the 12th! Does "the next two books" mean Dead Reckoning plus 1 or Dead Reckoning plus 2?

  14. Jen says:

    This is a quote from Charlaine Harris in Vanity Fair from June 2010: “How are they different? Bill turns out to be betraying Sookie the whole time. Sookie finds that out and it’s devastating to her." Bill and Sookie are not going to get back together in the Sookie novels. Even if you don't want to see Sookie with Eric or Alcide or Sam, how can anyone possibly think that the man who had been lying to her the entire time they were together, then cheated on her with his maker, then raped her in the back of a trunk would be the person she belongs with? How would that be a good thing for Sookie?

  15. Nite says:

    Frankly, if she does end them, I hope there is a happy ending and closure for all the characters. The Harper Connelly books did not end well. Dead Reckoning looks really good. I have re-read the first chapter on her website, and it was excellent. As far as I am concerned, Bill can take a hike. Nite

  16. the sookie fan club says:

    i really enjoyed the sookie books. I am glad that there are 2 more before this seires ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have quite a few friends thay would agree. . . we hate to see them end:(

  17. Susan says:

    Bill and Sookie are over. if you are reading the books, you know that. For me, Eric is Sookie's Happily Ever After.

    • Tammy says:

      I respect your opinion, and I have read the books…several times. I am not convinced that it is over, but I don't see her ending up with any vampire…not much future in it. I personally think Eric is worse than Bill. Even though I really like the character of Eric, I don't think he has been any better than Bill in manipulating Sookie.

  18. eve says:

    Oh gosh NO for Bill and Sookie, NEVER! Bill's betrayed her in so many levels it would be just wrong. They are NOT meant for eachother.. the queen is the reason they ever met.. get real..
    Id hate to see the books end but I agree on the last one being weak..

  19. Missy says:

    I love Sookie and I will miss her, but I agree with CH. The books have run its course, Sookie is getting to the place she wants to be in life. I'm going to miss reading all her funny thoughts and her banter with Eric though and the vampire politic :)

  20. Emma says:

    It’s a mistake to conflate Bill and Sookie from True Blood with Bill and Sookie from Harris’ novels. As Harris wrote him, Bill is Sookie’s rapist. Not exactly the ‘soulmates’ of Alan Ball’s interpretation.

    I agree that it’s high time for her to wrap up the Sookie series, however. The last two books have been off-note, to say the least…her dwindling interest is obvious and True Blood’s increasing influence on her writing is an unwelcome development.

  21. Taegel says:

    It's just too bad they're not teen vampires…

  22. Rafaela says:

    Last book I read of the series sãs Dead and Gone, and I agree with the comments above about each new installment being weaker as they come. Hope she’s serious about coming to an end. But unlike the others here, I’m team Eric! Best character on the novels and show.

  23. Anne says:

    Dead Reckoning is the 11th book. I hope Sookie stays with Eric who has protected her, loved her and been honest with her.

  24. Kira says:

    After the 8th book this series started to fade. She removed too many characters with potential from the books. And the remaining ones lacks fantastic traits. Too much politics and simply human issues.

  25. DeadRight says:

    I've read several reviews that say True Blood has been "Bleeding" into CH's writing.
    I disagree. CH is the queen of all things Sookie and I trust her to end the series as she sees fit.
    Alan Ball has merely turned CH's story into some cheesy fan fic. The books tell a much better story.

    While Bill was a great character to read about, I didn't care for him since the very first book.

    Personally, I hope she ends the series with Sookie and Eric. It feels like I have invested years into this coupling! While the books are about Sookie and her journey, I couldn't help but fall in love with the ERIC character along the way. Best paranormal/romance/mystery character I have read about in years – and I work in a library LOL!

    Best of luck to CH in the future!

    • rebecca says:

      I agree anyone other than eric would seem wrong – bill definite no no and sam would be a cop out as it would be an easy normal future! – invested time in eric and sookie!

  26. HelenaHandbasket says:

    Congratulations on the launch of "Dying for Daylight". I can't wait to check it out! My daughter and myself are both gamers and we enjoy the type of games where you have to search for clues and use your brain to move ahead.
    I enjoy all the short stories featuring Dahlia's character.
    Miss Harris writes strong female characters with flaws so realistically well.

    I will be SO sad to see the SSN come to an end, but I trust CH to make it great!
    If she does decide to write more Sookie – then count me in!

    I too, am partial to Sookie/Eric.
    This literary duo has captured the hearts and minds of millions of readers and is a true testament to CH's imagination and originality in a genre that is often fraught with stereotypes.
    And while I do enjoy True Blood and am thrilled at the success of it, I agree with the other posters that say it pales in comparison to the books. The source material is just so good, it's hard to replicate that.

    Again, congratulations Ms. Harris and I look forward to any and all future books!

  27. Drew Patrick Smith says:

    I love the part of the interview where they talk to Harris about True Blood and her new video game launch. Harris isn't at all a nerd – her wonderful appearance at last year's ComiCon made that obvious when she had no idea what she was getting herself into – but it's nice to see authors exploring new avenues for stories, especially an author whose at the top of the bestsellers. Video games? TV shows? Graphic novels? Harris has done them all.

    If anything, Harris is a prime example of what an author in the twenty-first century must be: a master of all narrative media.

    More thoughts on the blog: http://www.pfspublishing.com.

  28. KCS says:

    "I will miss the Sookie – Eric dynamics of the SSN. A spinoff series about the adventures of the~ 'part fae telepath and the viking vampire' ~ would be a best seller!!"

    I'd buy that series.

    I'll miss book Sookie but I wouldn't mind if Bill got staked in the end…

  29. Veronica says:

    Well, we all knew this was coming. While I'll be sad to say goodbye to new adventures with Sookie I am very interested to see how her story ends. Hopefully it will be with her Viking love at her side, Eric. They have both grown and changed so much and their love is real. Not that starry-eyed high school type of love, but an honest, mature love that has been tested in fire.

  30. D. Reilly says:

    Fell in love with Harris,; her southern 'vamps' and the 'Sookie Stackhouse Novels'. !! I first came to read Harris…because of ALEXANDER SCARSGARD !! … I was watching HBO..on Sunday night… happened to catch True Blood…was not really …interested…'til…ERIC…wow then I started to REALLY WATCH THE SHOW…and went out and bought the books !!! I wanted to know WHO these 'characters' were !!…especially..ERIC !! ( I'm dissappointed that True Blood did not make Eric as good as Harris did…they gave Bill a lot of his 'scenes'../ they don't let him BE much of a 'viking'!) BUT …ALEX SCARSGARD is FANTASTIC !!! He is the BEST ERIC…exactly what we picture…Would like to see MORE of him with Sookie !!! ( as in novels !!)

  31. kim says:

    Alcide is the one who called it a rape, Sookie didn’t. I am not an Eric fan. I find it amazing so many find what Bill did as deceitful, but what Eric did as not. She was tricked, bonded, and manipulated by Eric on a much larger scale than Bill.

    • Emma says:

      Alcide called it what it was. Bill forced himself on her, and continued even though she was screaming and begging for him to stop. What is that but rape? Yes, he had been starved to the point of blind instinct and he finally does stop – once he has drained her of enough blood to bring him back to his senses, that is – and he has been remorseful. But it doesn't change the fact that he violated her body against her will (and stole her blood almost to the point of death). Sookie's reluctance to acknowledge that the violation she experienced was indeed a rape is consistent with her character – she downplays the years of molestation she endured as a child to a certain degree and seems unable to hold those who didn't help her (her parents) as fully accountable as she should. Not surprising, then, that she is almost apologetic about calling what Bill did to her rape. It's called denial, and it's all-too-typical behavior from a traumatized victim of sexual abuse.

      • Kim says:

        I am capable of seeing and appreciating another person's opinion. And I do agree that it is what it is – rape is rape. HOWEVER, this is fiction…we are talking about a woman who can read minds and a bunch of vampires. So textbook psychoanalysis really doesn't apply. I read for entertainment – they are not real people. Being fiction, the author could have her marry Big Foot after being held captive for 10 years by him – it's her story.

      • Kim says:

        PS – Based on this theory, murder is murder and the CHARACTER of Sookie has done that herself. I find it very interesting for people to be very judgemental of all the wrong doings of the CHARACTER of Bill, but accepting of the same or similar behaviors of other CHARACTERS in this fictional story. As I said before, it is what it is…If you're a fan of the FICTIONAL CHARACTER of Eric, then great, cheer him on. But it is interesting that so many Eric fans find the only way to cheer him is by bashing the CHARACTER of Bill.

  32. kim says:

    The quote from Vanity Fair is wrong in previous comments…someone added their own twist to it. She was comparing Sookie and Bill to Bella and Edward. There is nothing about Sookie and Bill not getting back together. It just said their romance was not the Romeo and Juliet of Edward and Bella.

    • Jen says:

      The Vanity Fair quote isn't wrong, it was quoted verbatim. Yes, she was comparing Sookie and Bill to Bella and Edward AND she proceeded to say that Bill had been deceiving Sookie during their entire relationship and that Sookie was devastated by that.

      • Kim says:

        Exact quote from Vanity Fair: “Her books are very Romeo and Juliet; I think mine definitely aren’t.” She adds, “How are they different? Bill turns out to be betraying Sookie the whole time. Sookie finds that out and it’s devastating to her. But this leaves her to look in many different directions for love.”

        I was referring to the part of previous comments where people have gone on to insert their own opinion and tried to make it sound like it was part of the author's quote.

  33. jen says:

    i hate to see it end, that bites. however no matter who sookie ends up with either bill or eric alan ball has the copyright to mold the story anyway he likes

  34. Helena says:

    i'm fed up with how silly CH has made Sookie & look forward to Sookie either dying/ (becomming an angle) or simply moving on & Eric LIVES :-)

    Sookie is a twit IMO throughout the 10 books already.. How much more can CH do to her protagonist other that letting her live eternal life as an angle??

    Eric remains as a vampire & i really dont care what happens to Bill..

    Bill was a jerk in the books & frankly no matter the "good vs. evil" aspect on a Christen level Bill in the books past CD has been a waste of CH's pen on paper IMO..

  35. Tina says:

    Bill will be Sookie's Happily Ever After! I cannot wait to read it, I hope she kicks boring Eric to the curb in book 11.

  36. Ordinaryfool says:

    I too am with team Sookie and Eric although I highly suspect that Sookie and Sam will end up together. I just hope that the split from Eric (if it is to be) is kind. In the books, the Eric character has been delightful with how he changed from not caring much one way or another for humans to putting himself at great risk to help Sookie out of trouble. I loved it when he showed up to save Sookie from — a bomb??? Eric commented on how he himself was surprised that he was putting himself at risk. That's been the fun… I disagree that the last two books were bad, they were just dark. But, I do agree that Sookie has been more annoying. I mean, how can she STILL think her feelings for Eric are only the "bond." One minute she says it's real the next it's the bond. Jeez. Make up your mind already CH. When I saw CH last year here in LA for a book signing at Borders, she then said she'd be ending the Sookie series with book 13, How appropriate a number really. But, I hope she doesn't disappoint me….

  37. BoutTime says:

    I wonder if CH even realises how invested the fans have become in the SSN series?


    Though I do feel lately that the almighty dollar is her motivator.

    True Blood has bled into her writing. It's unfortunate that the series was not completed before Ball/HBO bought the rights.

    No matter how it ends, some of the fans will be disappointed, though I hope it is not the majority.

  38. GetALife says:

    Perhaps CH resents her fans who care more for a certain blonde vampire than a certain blonde telepath? Perhaps she resents Eric for it as well. But then again, CH *IS* Eric.

    Seriously, CH struck gold with the Viking. And now HBO will reap the rewards as well.

    I think she knows how invested her fans are in the series, she just may not care that much.
    After reading "Blue Wiki" where the BL's constantly praise AB for getting it "Right" and "Correcting" CH's mistakes, I wouldn't blame her if Bill met the blunt end of a stake.

  39. Leif says:

    I also read Blue Wiki ( I must quit reading that drivel)…damn are they hard on Charlaine!

    It's true that TB has brought much success and recongnition to the SSN, but PLEASE! Without those wonderful novels there would be no show. AB & HBO should bow down to CH.

    PaleyFest this weekend should be interesting.
    I think season 4 is going to be the season that will decide for many many fans if they want to continue to watch the show based on what AB does with DTTW.

    As much as I adore the Viking and am dying for season 4 (and Dead Reckoning), my wish for season 4 of TB is for SOOKIE to be more like SSN Sookie, i.e… lighthearted, more humorous, more joie de vivre and much more self sufficient and kickass. I'm over angry, angsty, Bill-driven -clueless Sookie. ugh.
    TB Sookie needs to take a page from Lisbeth Salander – now that's a heroine!
    Much like the books

  40. Kerry says:

    I have enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse novels for years now – and its the relationship between Sookie and Eric that has kept me coming back for more. Bill was fine, but I feel that far more of the story has been invested in the relationship between Eric and Sookie. Besides, Bill is a softie and Eric is uber cool!!

    I must agree and say that book 10 was fairly weak, but have pre ordered book 11, and will read it the minute I get my hands on it.

    I hope that the series ends with Eric and Sookie together, but that decision lies with Ms Harris I guess. I just hope that she keeps writing, I love her writing style.

  41. Sam Fan says:

    Can't believe no one thinks that Sam is really the man for Sookie – down to earth, honest, dependable, not wanting to play politics.

    • catty says:

      i love the sam character. he is all those things you listed and more. but sam cannot protect sookie. she will never be the housewife with a picket fence. ms harris has made that clear with all the supernatural experiences & gifts she has created in sookie. sookie must have someone who can protect her and eric is the only one who fits the bill. and he truly loves her in a mature, through thick & thin, long ter m way.

  42. E Litster says:

    My son bought True Blood series one as a birthday gift for me as I love the books. I asked that he didn't bother to get me the next series. As far as I could see the only resemblance between the books and series is the character names. One of the worst adaptations I have ever seen. The new book is disappointing, too many cliff hangers and it looks like the removal of Eric from the scene (not happy)

    • ELJ says:

      I finished Dead Reckoning and I liked it plenty. I'm sad to hear the series will end after two more books but I understand the need to do so. If Sookie and Eric can't be together for good by the next book there is no where for that story to go that would interest me. Also, how much more vampire politics can really be explored. Based on the cliff hangers left at the end of Dead Reckoning I could see the series endind after just one more book but I'm glad to hear they'll be at least two more. I think they are all great and I think the TV show has taken far too many liberties, runing a lot of the mythos in the books and eleminating a lot of potential stories and characters that would be great to see on camera.

  43. Amanda Ashley says:

    Sookie and Eric – Yes!!!!! I never liked Bill.

  44. Kat says:

    2 more books right? maybe she is going to end in in 2012 like the world is supose to end at?

  45. Tabb says:

    I love the books and the series. I can't get enough. I am only on the sixth book and I think they are great. Charlaine Harris is brilliant. Keep it coming.

  46. Donna says:

    My least favorite book was 10. 11 was a little better. I, too, have been reading them for about 10 years now and feel I know them so well. Even through I enjoy True Blood, it is the books I love. I have a vision of how I want them to end. Eric as king and Sookie as his fairy queen. But I have the feeling Ms. Harris does not agree. She will not end it that way. I do not believe she will end with Eric and Sookie together. Especially after the last two books. Oh well, I will live with that. Sam maybe, but never Bill. As others have said. He raped her, lied to her and was basically an Ass to her. Never, I hope.

  47. Ceciley says:

    ERIC ERIC ERIC!!! I cant say it enough. I want him for myself but because he is fictional i guess the next best happiness would be well spent with sookie. His character has this deep unrevealed devotion. Not only to her but all the many people he cares for throughout the books/seasons. Everyone he has loved or respected has never been betrayed even in the hardest of circumstances. He is true blue, with the exception of having a loss for words. Simplest way to put it. If anyone else aside from sookie deserves their "happy ending" it him. Hands down.

  48. Dedra says:

    I want to see Sookie walk away from this series her own woman! She is so self sufficient, and it's been nothing but trouble since she took up with Bill Compton! I would love to see her come out of the battle in tact, and just walk away into the bright morning sunlight! :)

  49. Suzie says:

    I agree that Sookie should just go off into the sunshine, maybe to establish her own Fae court. I hope that her grandfather opens the entrances again after taking control of the Fae lands. As for the books it good that they end. The True Blood series isn't really like the books maybe I'm wrong but I don't remember things like Eric killing Claudia, Sam being portrayed so negatively, and the tv version of Pam doesn't totally fit the version of her in later books. I have enjoyed Several of Charlaine's book series and look forward to a new series. Keep the new series spooky though!

  50. Kiki says:

    True Blood is mere a poorly written fan fiction and I don’t even take it seriously anymore.

    I love the books and I am eager for a conclusion. I have enjoyed the development of Sookie and Eric’s relationship and I do hope that they end up together. As of book 11 she is still in love with him, but there are plenty of obstacles in their way. However, if she ends up alone or with Sam, I will be okay with it. But NEVER Bill!!! Why would anyone want her to end up with the guy who lied, cheated on, and raped her? That’s awful.

  51. Katryn says:

    Love Bill. Always have and always will. Though I cannot see him returning to Sookie in the Novels I have high hopes they will be reunited in the HBO series. Eric is dreamy and I love his character as well but Bill all the way. Why couldnt they meet in the middle and she have both? :)

  52. music note says:

    I am on the 10th book, and although I enjoy reading them….I would like some closure. It feels like every book is too much like the last. I would love to see Sookie end up with Eric, because that is where I see her. I would love some amazing super natural thing to happen and Sookie &Eric end they end up pregnant ( like Twilight). Or Sookie's Fairy blood could keep Eric around during the day, and they could live a ?somewhat? normal life together….just a thought.

  53. Holly says:

    Honestly, I hope that Sookie and Sam get together in the end. They would be so awesome together! Besides, they already know each other quite well, Sam really likes Sookie, and Sookie doesn't think that Jannalynn is good enough for Sam, so why not have Sookie and Sam get together?

    I just started reading this series, maybe about 2-3 weeks ago. I haven't been able to put the books down. It's sad that I'm already on the 12th book which I have yet to get from the library.

  54. love Sam says:

    I hope that Sookie ends up with Sam. He has loved her since the beginning, and with him she would have children and a semi-regular life. His family loves her, and he is still a shifter so she would have some peace when she was with him. Who better to spend your life with than your best friend.

  55. aimee says:

    I'm probably one of many who is rooting for either Alcide or Sam, I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse series when i was about 14, I'm 20 now and it only took this long because i couldn't find the rest of them, thank god for amazon these days, and thank you CH for giving us your stories!!!

  56. Adama says:

    I'm still pulling for Sookie and Quinn. Why? wecause even though I love her and Eric.. the truth is that she will get old and Eric will not. That is why she needs to be wit a shifter as opposed to a vampire, unless she becomes vampire, which Harris has already said that she would never do. Moreover, Sam to me doesn't have enough sexual chemistry with Sookie compared to Quinn, Eric or Bill.

  57. Jessica says:

    I think the books are wonderful. Anyone who thinks they're getting weaker is self-deluded. I love the take on adding more supernatural beings every book, and I love how the different sects interconnect frequently. I can't wait for the next book, which by this interview should be the last. I bet it'll be a spectacular ending!

  58. Vicki says:

    I've enjoyed all the books, and from what I've seen of the show, it doesn't seem to follow the novels very well. I would hate to see the series end, but I can see her point about Sookie "taking over her life". I can't seem to put these books down when I'm reading them, though! I will miss Sookie and her predicaments!

  59. Mel says:

    I'm team ERIC all the way! Bill is such a bastard in those books. I just wouldn't stand the books or even the TV show if Bill and Sookie got together! I really really hope the TV show won't end with Sookie and Bill…

  60. Ikechukwu says:

    I'm commending the film….The actors really did a very wonderful job in portraying the real characters.i'll give it to them.

  61. Nana says:

    She should have quit while she was behind. Phoning in the final books was not a good way to end the series. And flipping off her fan base by making commentary about 'literary fangbangers', when the series was the Southern VAMPIRE Mysteries, was a poor choice for someone hoping readership would flow over to her other books.

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