VIDEO: Jim Lee, artist at work, explains why eyebrows matter

Jan. 12, 2011 | 7:28 a.m.
jim lee superman VIDEO: Jim Lee, artist at work, explains why eyebrows matter

Superman in space by Jim Lee. (DC Comics)

In the world of heroes and villains, eyebrows matter. Just ask Jim Lee, the 46-year-old DC Comics co-publisher. Lee, arguably the most popular comic-book artist of the last 25 years, creates images that combine polished power with crackling energy in a style that possesses fierce majesty and dynamism.

jim lee VIDEO: Jim Lee, artist at work, explains why eyebrows matter

Superstar comics artist Jim Lee (Alex Pham / Los Angeles Times)

Lee dove into comics in 1986 after graduating from Princeton University, much to the dismay of his parents, who had wanted their son to continue on to medical school.  At Marvel Comics, Lee illustrated and co-wrote X-Men before starting his own studio, Wildstorm Productions. Lee sold Wildstorm to DC Comics in 1998 in order to focus on his artwork.

Last year, he saw the release of a lavish hardcover book,  “Icons: The DC Comics and Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee.

The Korean American illustrator recently sat down with us to talk about the release of the DC Universe Online game (he’s the executive creative director of the massive project) and ended up giving us an impromptu course on his artistic style. It’s flip-cam footage so bear with us a bit on the lighting. Among the many lessons he imparts: “Realistic” is a pliable term in comics, and deceptively simple lines can lead to intense illustration.

— Alex Pham


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9 Responses to VIDEO: Jim Lee, artist at work, explains why eyebrows matter

  1. Tristan Child says:


  2. Sol says:

    This is could be a great video, but the video compression makes it almost impossible to actually see the detail in what Lee is doing…Too bad – love his work.

  3. Logiatos says:

    I like this video ^^ very interesting but as Sol pointed out it's too bad for the quality would have been an excellent video otherwise. It still was good and had some useful information for example the fact that you don't have to force yourself to always draw realistically.
    I hope that one day I can be as good an artist as he is.

  4. Chris R says:

    I really enjoyed the video and everything he said I need to keep in mind. I only wish I could see what he was drawing.

  5. Ken S. says:

    Same as everyone here I really enjoyed Jim Lee's insight but I could not see any of his drawings. Perhaps you could upload it at a higher quality or direct us to a place where we could see it at a higher quality.

  6. Pedro says:

    Cmon guys you can see enough for the quick lesson its suppose to be. Be thankful.

  7. Maya says:

    He seems like such a cool laid back guy, and from what we could see – his quick sketch looked amazing, but yeah I agree the quality of the video itself could have been much better so we could actually see what he was doing. But even in that short video, I learned something. Thanks Jim!

  8. julian says:

    where is it ?

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