DC Universe Online: Five Easter eggs in Metropolis, Gotham … and Smallville?

Jan. 11, 2011 | 6:23 a.m.
ace o clubs metropolis DC Universe Online: Five Easter eggs in Metropolis, Gotham ... and Smallville?

Bibbo Bibbowski's Ace O' Clubs Tavern in DC Universe Online. (Sony Online Entertainment)

DC Universe Online, Sony Online Entertainment’s massive multi-player online game debuting Tuesday, features two cities, Metropolis and Gotham City, each spanning more than 1,000 city blocks. And they’re full of insider references to the DC Comics mythos — for those who know where to look. Comics nerds will be able to wander for days on end in the game’s virtual world and still not catch every detail — or the Easter eggs that were crafted by the game’s developers at Sony. Here are five to find:

  1. The Ace O’ Clubs — A dive situated in the seedier parts of Metropolis, the bar is where Superman meets, and befriends, the belligerent character Bibbo “Bo” Bibbowski. A former boxer, Bibbowski later buys the Ace O’ Clubs from the proceeds of a winning lottery ticket and begins to help the down-and-out.
  2. A rose and playbill dropped by Batman’s parents — Young Bruce Wayne watched helplessly as Joe Chill murdered his parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, as they left the theater through a back exit and into the notorious Crime Alley. Players who stumble into Gotham City’s Crime Alley (and manage not to get mugged) can find the artifacts left there by his parents that fateful night.
  3. Big Belly Burger — Nothing stirs up an appetite like a night of crime-busting (or, if you’re playing a villain, making trouble). Look no further than the fast-food king of Metropolis, Big Belly Burger. Or if it’s a nighttime stimulant to stay vigilant, try the vanilla non-fat latte at the city’s dominant coffee shop chain, Sundollar.
  4. The impact scar from Superman’s spacecraft — Baby Superman had a smokin’ ride, and when it crashed into a little planet called Earth, it left one heck of a scar. You can still see it in the cornfields of Smallville — but how do you get to Kansas? That journey is part of a special mission within the game. Hint: You’ll needs some friends to get there.
  5. Ace Chemical plant — The birthplace of Gotham City’s most infamous villain — the Joker. Once just a common thief, the Joker fell into a vat of chemicals at the plant while being chased by Batman. The accident turned his hair green, his skin white and his antics deadly serious.

— Alex Pham


dcu DC Universe Online: Five Easter eggs in Metropolis, Gotham ... and Smallville?

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5 Responses to DC Universe Online: Five Easter eggs in Metropolis, Gotham … and Smallville?

  1. gary says:

    typical of a SOE game title..thier website is not working as intended..

  2. Storm says:

    ya i know i hope this game dont bomb SOE is not very reliable.

  3. Mike says:

    So you know that the rose and such are actually dropped there by Bruce Wayne every so often in memorial to his parents, right? As if a rose would stay there ever since the night his parents died…….

  4. JOHNNY says:

    where is superman & steel in dc universe online

  5. yousof says:

    when he said in the scar of spacecraft : you need friends to get there i think it an event 2-8 players

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